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Do you have questions about Babidi, the evil sorcerer who is responsible for all these disasters? You are at the right place!

In this article, we will focus on Babidi, one of the main antagonists of the Buu saga. He is considered the twin or direct reincarnation of Bibidi, a horrible magician.

Babidi is an extraterrestrial sorcerer from a distant planet who is said to be the son of Bibidi. His goal is to free Majin Buu in order to control the entire universe with the power of this demon. To achieve this goal, he is looking for many henchmen all over the galaxy and wants to steal the energy of strong fighters in order to break the magic seal that keeps Buu imprisoned.

Babidi is a secondary antagonist in the Majin Buu saga and plays an important role in Buu’s resurrection because of his involvement.

In this guide about Babidi you will discover: 

  • A complete description of the character’s life.
  • During the Majin Buu saga, Babidi’s illustrious career is detailed.
  • The supernatural powers and abilities of the evil wizard.
  • Interesting facts about the protagonist.
  • An overview of Bibidi, Pui Pui and Yakon.

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Babidi comes from a distant extraterrestrial race that is small in size. He is as tall as the knees of Dabra, the king of the demons. He has brown skin, huge green eyes and lots of hair on his head. Babidi is seen wearing an orange cape and a sky blue skirt. He also wears a black top with brown pointy shoes. The evil wizard also sports a waist pouch with the letter M highlighted in large black letters.

Babidi is a malevolent wizard who has no compassion for anyone. He has no regrets because he can murder his most loyal followers in cold blood. He sees them as pawns, and they do not prevent him from achieving his goals. When one of his henchmen becomes useless, Babidi gets rid of him immediately. Babidi has no respect for life and likes to manipulate the world around him, so he likes to kill sadistically and enjoys it.

In Dragon Ball Z, Babidi is a malevolent deity who seems to despise humanity. He despises fighting and prefers to run away as soon as he feels threatened after panicking. When Babidi loses control of a situation, he becomes enraged. Buu is ordered to search for the Saiyan by the enraged Babidi, but without success.

Babidi is usually accompanied and protected by high level fighters. When he knows that his opponents are of lesser caliber, he likes to mock them by taunting them while knowing that they are powerless to stop him. He trembles with terror as he abandons his evil ways and is capable of stooping to anything to save his own existence when his life is threatened.

Interestingly, his taunts in the full anime are considerably more insulting and obscene. After a sharp response from Goku, Babidi gives him the finger. In addition to this, there is a passage in the anime where Babidi gives Goku the middle finger in response.

Despite his pride and calculating nature, the evil sorcerer did not foresee that Majin Buu would one day turn against him. Babidi realized that he had made a mistake in allowing Majin Buu to murder Dabra, who was devoted to him.

The evil sorcerer had no one to defend him when Buu rebelled. Babidi never forgave this betrayal in the future. At the end of the tale, Babidi watches from below as Goku and Kid Buu fight other villains. During the fight, Babidi pretends to be on the side of his allies but he really wants Goku to win, because he has not forgiven Buu’s betrayal.



Babidi is a clone of Bibidi. He is considered his own son because he is effectively his double. When Bibidi died, he transferred all his powers to Babidi, who was still alive. After Majin Buu’s imprisonment, Babidi will create his own organization in order to free him and kill the Supreme Kai Shin to avenge his father (or his original double).

The evil sorcerer seeks out people with bad hearts in order to influence them and make them obedient henchmen. Babidi also used his magic to build a spaceship and travel the world in search of henchmen. Dabra, the demon king, is the most powerful and loyal of all the warriors that Babidi has been able to corrupt.



The last time we saw Babidi, he was on Earth trying to free his father’s evil creation with his henchmen. He soon learned that he was being pursued by Supreme Kaio Shin and Kibito, who were trying to prevent him from achieving his evil goal. By burying his spaceship underground, the evil sorcerer was able to easily hide himself on the human world. He even goes so far as to murder all the members of an innocent family who were not far from the ship in order to completely conceal his presence. Babidi locates the magic ball in which Majin Buu is imprisoned and brings it back to his spaceship. He soon realizes that to free the creature, he will need a lot of pure energy to break the enchantment seal.

The sorcerer learns about the world martial arts championship and decides to steal the energy of the fighters to free Majin Buu. He sends two of his minions, Yamu and Spopovich, to the tournament.

The two fighters return from the championship with Son Gohan’s stolen energy, and Babidi thinks he doesn’t need their services anymore. Yamu tries to escape but is crushed by Pui Pui, another servant of the evil sorcerer. As for Spopovich, he is sadistically tortured by Babidi in order to explode from within. The sorcerer tortures him slowly over time, making him swell up little by little until he explodes. Babidi is an uneducated warlord, thirsty for blood and power, who likes to inflict pain on others. He compensates for his limited abilities by subjecting creatures that are inferior to him to agony. The sorcerer, on the other hand, realizes that he has made a mistake, as Son Gohan’s energy in Super Saiyan 2 has only fulfilled half the potential required to free Majin Buu.


The evil magician soon discovers that Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, the great Kaio Shin Supreme and Kibito are on their trail. In order to avenge Babidi’s death, Babidi orders Dabra, his right hand man and most powerful henchman, to attack. The Demon King kills Kibito with one blow and turns Krillin and Piccolo into stone statues, all in the hope of luring Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Shin into Babidi’s spaceship.

Pui Pui is in charge of watching Vegeta, but she dies immediately in front of the Prince of the Saiyans without asking him for any effort. Yakon, a powerful alien, is summoned by Babidi to guard Son Goku. Despite his great reputation, the monster is not a challenge for Goku, who eradicates him without much effort. Babidi sends Dabra to fight Son Gohan in a fight just to get him out of his predicament. When he faces Vegeta, Dabra understands that his master could use this vulnerability and understands that Vegeta has an evil side.

Kibito felt the failure of the Prince of Saiyans, and he rushes to inform Babidi. After doing so, Babidi casts a spell on the Prince of Saiyans which turns him into Majin Vegeta.


To his shock, the black sorcerer discovers that Majin Vegeta is not completely obedient. With the help of Babidi, the prince of the Saiyans has become a Super Saiyan 2 and is only thinking of challenging Goku with this new power.

Finally, the wizard accepts Majin Vegeta’s disobedience because Buu’s power could be enough to resurrect him.

Dabra and Babidi are confronted with Son Gohan and Shin at the same time as the magic ball breaks, releasing Majin Buu.


After Babidi and Dabra realize that Buu is depicted as an obese, childlike monster, they are convinced that he represents the terrible, powerful and repulsive Demon God. They immediately inquire about Majin Buu’s abilities. The evil sorcerer manages to get Majin Buu to obey him by threatening to bring him back into his cocoon once more.

When Buu succeeds in knocking out the Demon King with a single blow, Babidi is overjoyed. By complimenting him, Babidi manages to win back Buu’s friendship. The evil sorcerer then sends Majin Buu against Gohan and Kaio Shin, hoping that they can be used as pawns in his plans.

Dabra gets up and launches a powerful ranged assault on Buu, cutting him in half. The Demon King then vows to end Majin Buu’s existence while he heals.

Dabra understands that Majin Buu is a major threat, so Babidi should lock him up while there’s still time, but the malevolent magician doesn’t heed his words. Without caring about the feelings of others, Babidi reveals to the Demon King that he was only a minor player in his strategy and that his usefulness is now over. Majin Buu takes his revenge by turning Dabra into chocolate and eating it.


Then, Majin Vegeta resolves to face Majin Buu, and Babidi is confronted with Piccolo, who has come out of his petrification. The Namek swears to kill the wizard and engages him in a one-on-one fight that only happens in the anime. Piccolo is protected by an electric slime and surrounded by a defensive barrier created by Babidi using magic. The Namek continues despite the sorcery, shaking off the slime and piercing the sorcerer’s shield before attacking him.

Babidi pleads for his life, stating that Majin Buu will be uncontrollable and capable of destroying everything if he is not there. Piccolo informs him that no matter what happens, it will still happen, and he breaks the magic barrier with a single slice to the waist.

At the end of the battle, Babidi complains about his fate and says that he intended to take over the world while Piccolo leaves.

As he is dying, Babidi witnesses the battle between Majin Vegeta and Majin Buu. The Prince of the Saiyans sacrifices himself in a tremendous explosion to destroy his opponent, but the other survives the attack and regenerates quickly. Although still alive, the sorcerer is close to death, forcing Majin Buu to heal him while threatening to lock him up again in his cocoon. The evil deity clings to his deal with Babidi, but the dark god is furious at having been deceived. He is so enraged that he resorts to desperate measures by embedding himself in Majin Buu.


The magician is irritated that Buu is difficult to control, and he is constantly forced to threaten him to comply.

Babidi, enraged that the Earthlings did not surrender after razing many cities and killing his people, decides to communicate with them telepathically. The wizard orders Son Goten, Trunks and Piccolo to appear so that he can continue the bloodbath on Earth for the Team Z fighters to come out.

When the wizard learns that Trunks has been taken to Kuri, he sends a message to Babidi to tell him where he is. However, due to Buu’s obnoxious behavior, the wizard threatens him with death. Majin Buu and Babidi go to West City to access Capsule Corporation but are stopped by Son Goku on their way. In order to save Trunks’ time, the wizard orders Buu to attack.

As a result, Son Goku decides to show his Super Saiyan 3 form before facing his opponent. Babidi follows the fight, mocking and criticizing Majin Buu every time he makes a mistake or shows a sign of vulnerability.

The Namekian and his son, Goku, start fighting again after their first fight was interrupted by Goku. Buu boasts that he will destroy everyone with his super strength if they don’t submit to him, but the Saiyan simply laughs it off as another failed attempt by Babidi to humiliate a powerful opponent. The evil magician panics at this development, realizing that someone else might be able to defeat Buu.


After the departure of the Saiyan, Babidi taunts Buu for not having succeeded in killing him. This comment, in addition to Goku’s speech, ends up irritating Majin Buu, who no longer wants to be controlled. Buu reveals a secret to his master and stoops down so that he can grab him by the throat. Babidi is unable to recite the spell that can trap the monster, strangled and without a trusted partner like Dabra. Majin Buu then stuns Babidi’s head with a tremendous punch, and obliterates the body with an energy attack. The creature then launches into a dance before resuming its killing spree on Earth.

At the end of the tale, Babidi is again present in the underworld, where he witnesses the confrontation between Son Goku and Kid Buu. He observes this historical fight between Son Goku and Kid Buu with other villains like Freezer, King Cold, Cell and many others.

When the villains ask who Goku’s opponent is at the beginning of the fight, Babidi proudly describes Buu as his former protégé and that he taught him everything. This skill earns the respect and amazement of the other villains, earning the evil mage praise. As Freezer, Cell and the rest of the gang hope for Buu’s triumph, Babidi retreats to angrily mutter about Majin Buu’s treachery. The wizard then tries to silently push Son Goku forward.

When the Genkidama finally kills Buu, Babidi claps loudly, startling the other villains.

After many years, Babidi resurfaces in the Super C17 saga of Dragon Ball GT. He escapes from the Underworld Kingdom with a host of other villains before being defeated a second time. Babidi is definitely trapped in Hell now that he has been imprisoned there for so long.


The Babidi archdemon has no combat abilities. He can’t use his bodily abilities, but he makes up for it with his many magical skills.

After Bibidi’s death, Babidi had only a small percentage of his father’s power. His abilities increased when he tried to resurrect Buu and eventually surpassed his father’s level. At this point, the evil sorcerer believes he can defeat Shin on his own. Babidi is also able to build mystical shields and barriers that help him partially resist the Super Saiyan 2 assaults of Majin Buu and Majin Vegeta.

However, against Super Piccolo, this power proved ineffective, as the magical barrier was quickly destroyed and the wizard was cut in half.

Telepathy: Babidi has been able to use this power to make long distance contact with all humans on Earth on multiple occasions.

Magic: Babidi is a powerful wizard with a wide range of magical abilities. He has no combat skills and therefore relies exclusively on his spellcasting abilities.


Fusion: Babidi is one of the many look-alikes of Bibidi. This magic spell of Bibidi allows him to split into two and surprise his opponent. He is reborn with the other clones when he no longer needs Babidi and the other clones.

Mental Manipulation: This is a powerful technique that Babidi uses to take control of his opponent’s mind and thus influence him. This evil magic only works on individuals with an evil heart.

Explosion Sorcery: The third and final black magic spell is “Shinkonreppa” (demonic breath). It allows you to blow up the head or body of an opponent controlled by Babidi. If the target is a low level individual, he can disintegrate it on the spot.

Paparapapa: This is a mystical technique that Babidi uses to utilize his abilities such as teleportation. This spell is used by Babidi in the video game Budokai Tenkaichi 3 to summon Pui Pui or Yakon depending on the attack the player chooses.

Magic Barrier: A bubble of energy is generated around the user, who can then use a secret formula to defend himself from attacks.

Demon’s Eye: In the anime, Babidi is shown using this spell on Vegeta before he fights him. This is an evil magic in which Babidi summons a slime that can destroy a target in one hit.

Sealing spell: Babidi taught him this technique. This spell allows him to lock up Majin Buu, but he has never had the opportunity to use it.

Resurrection: There are two methods by which a player can lose his life in the game. One is that he is killed in battle, and the other is that he dies after being trapped in a looping sequence of events. In some video games, Babidi has the ability to resurrect individuals. He uses this method to bring Freezer and Cell back from the dead.

Babidi’s Ultimate Power: In this video, you will learn how to build an energy shield in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. This is the last attack of Babidi in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. The magician shouts “Paparapapa”, takes out his energy container and shoots a powerful ki beam at his opponent.



  • Cinderella’s godmother uses magical incantations known as “Bibbidi Babbidi Boo”, and the three names Babidi, Bibidi and Majin Buu refer to these incantations.
  • The middle finger gesture was used by Babidi in the original anime, when he gave Goku the finger. In a later sequence.
  • The difference in appearance between Super Saiyans of different ranks is clearly recognizable by Babidi. In the English translation, the malevolent wizard is irritated that there is not much difference between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. When he sees Son Goku’s long mane in his Super Saiyan 3 form, he jokingly asks Majin Buu to cut it off.
  • Babidi is not Bibidi’s son in the biological sense. When Bibidi died, he left all his magical abilities to one of his many doubles.


Bibidi is an evil alien magician who has lived for millions of years. Majin Buu was created millions of years ago by Bibidi. We don’t see him in the manga, but since he and Babidi are doppelgangers, he has a similar appearance to what we see in the anime. Fortunately, we have more information about his appearance in the anime than in the manga. Bibidi is green in color and has long whiskers like his brother. He wears a black bandana on which the letter M is written in white. Moreover, he wears an orange cape and a dark blue dress with a yellow belt buckle.

Despite the claims of Shin and Bibidi, Buu is not a product of the sorcerer because Beerus the God of Destruction finds that the monster has existed since time immemorial. Bibidi did not know the secret of Buu nor how to wake him up from his deep sleep.

Bibibi is able to conjure Buu in his attempt to dominate the universe. To deceive him, he pretends to be his own father. Majin Buu destroys the planet Alpha and aims to eliminate the Supreme Kais under the orders of an evil magician. He eliminates the Northern and Western Kais and absorbs the Southern one.


Majin Buu will be much more innocent and voracious after taking Daikaioh, which allows him to have a young innocence and a fierce and voracious hunger. Bibidi is forced to feed the monster in large quantities (especially cakes) in order to keep control over it.

Bibidi uses a magic seal to trap Buu after noticing that the monster keeps disobeying. The deal is simple: When Buu behaves well, he gets a treat. If he does not comply, he will be imprisoned with the magic seal. This seal is also used by the evil sorcerer to travel between dimensions until he reaches the planet Earth.

Before he can reach his goal and free Buu in the human world, Bibidi is killed by the Supreme Kai of the East. Despite his defeat, Bibidi survives by creating a Babidi look-alike, who inherits all his abilities and memories.



Pui Pui is a loyal follower of Babidi, one of his many henchmen. His main objective is to guard the first level of Babidi’s huge spaceship, which contains the sealed ball containing Majin Buu.

The shape of his head is quite similar to that of Apple, one of Freezer’s henchmen, and he might be from outer space. His head also has a resemblance to the third form of the Galactic Emperor.

On the left side of this painting, we see a tall, muscular figure in black battle gear with a white breastplate covering most of his body. Two spikes are located at the back of this protection. Pui Pui is also wearing a white helmet that matches his other clothes. This form of protection is worn by various Majin henchmen.

Pui Pui is a brave, loyal but conceited fighter who has little doubt in his own abilities. He has a habit of constantly reminding himself of the power of his opponents, no matter how formidable they are. His tenacity is remarkable; he continues to fight until the end, even though he knows he is inferior to his opponent. This is particularly evident when Pui Pui confronts Vegeta just before he dies. Pui Pui is devoted to Babidi and works hard to satisfy him.


It is likely that before the wizard’s mental domination, Pui Pui may not have been entirely evil, but it only took a tiny amount of evil for Babidi to enslave him.

Pui Pui made his debut when Yamu and Spopovich boarded Babidi’s ship after collecting Son Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 energy. When the collection is complete, Babidi decides he no longer needs the two human Majins and plans to eliminate them. As Yamu runs away, Pui Pui targets him from a distance and kills him. After that, wanting to please his master, Pui Pui is placed on level 1 of Babidi’s ship with the task of defending it.

The Prince of Saiyans arrives on Earth and instantly starts to wreak havoc. When Goku, Gohan and Vegeta arrive in the alien ship to play Rock Paper Scissors, who will be the first to fight? Vegeta wins the game and gets the chance to start the fight. Pui pui is Vegeta’s opponent in this fight. After giving an arrogant speech, Babidi’s henchman attacks Vegeta head on, having no trouble dodging all his punches. Pui Pui is badly beaten throughout the conflict, and is thrown to the ground several times. Dabra tells Bibidi that in order to help the alien, he must change the setting of the fight to Pui Pui’s home planet of Zoon. Despite this modification, Vegeta will eventually kill him.


The Yakon is a massive monster that is known throughout the cosmos. He is tall and has green scaly skin with huge claws on his forearms that he can retract if necessary. The Majin symbol is engraved on his chest, while it is inscribed on the forehead for the other servants.

Yakon is a voracious monster who, like Majin Buu, has a legendary appetite. The creature comes from a place entirely immersed in darkness and has gained a horrible reputation throughout the cosmos, so much so that Shin has personally heard of it. It mainly consumes light and energy, making the worlds dark and chaotic. Babidi eventually enslaved him and gave him his own ship with a dimly lit room.

Yakon stayed in his rooms most of the time, but went out when Babidi needed him. When Majins henchmen came for the monster, they were all eaten by Yakon.

It is when two of Majin’s henchmen come to get Yakon to fight Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Shin in the middle of the movie that we meet him for the first time. The monster probably devours the two henchmen, which requires the personal intervention of the wizard. Finally, it happens on the second level of the Babidi ship. Son Goku is charged to face the devourer of light. The Saiyan believes at first sight that the monster is sluggish because of its size, but he is quickly deceived. Yakon hits him with a huge claw that Goku avoids at the last moment.


In order to help his creature, Babidi moves the fight to Yakon’s dark realm, where it can take place in complete darkness.

In the middle of the battle, the monster spots Son Goku in the darkness and is caught off guard when he dodges the attacks and even retaliates with a blow to the ribs. The Saiyan informs Yakon that he can feel his movements and detect the ki. He then transforms into Super Saiyan, revealing that Babidi, Dabra and the beast are stunned by his brilliance. Son Goku then declares that he will have no difficulty in defeating Yakon thanks to this illumination.

When the light of the Super Saiyan’s aura is absorbed by Yakon, bringing the Saiyan back to his basic form, it’s Yakon’s turn to impress his opponent. Son Goku transforms back into a Super Saiyan when he realizes that Yakon is consuming the light.

The monster, relieved that the food is back, starts to suck the aura of the Saiyan once more. Goku decides to take advantage of Yakon’s weakness and increases his strength, allowing Vegeta to get a glimpse of the power of Super Saiyan 2.

He is not known to be brilliant, Yakon is not aware of the Saiyan’s strategy and continues to absorb light until he swells. Son Goku further increases his strength until Yakon explodes from the inside.



Now you know everything there is to know about Babidi the evil wizard. We hope that this guide to information about this evil character and his henchmen has been useful to you. As the one who unleashes Majin Buu, one of the most dangerous villains in the saga, Babidi is a key character in the current Dragon Ball Z story.

He is a warlord who has killed thousands of people and is as deadly to his enemies as he is to his friends, since he considers his most loyal subjects as disposable pawns. It is also worth noting that thanks to his sorcery, Vegeta was able to increase his strength considerably, allowing him to reach Super Saiyan 2.

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