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In this essay, we’re going to look at Bardock, an important and famous figure of the Saiyan people. He is the father of the mythical Son Goku and had the courage to openly challenge Freezer, despite his fearsome reputation.

Bardock is a low class Saiyan warrior. He is married to Gine and father of Raditz and Son Goku, whom he raised alone after his wife’s death. Bardock, Son Goku’s father, is the main antagonist of the movie. He was loyal to Freezer until he discovered the Emperor Satan’s goals, and decided to rebel.

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  • The complete history of the protagonist is included.
  • Bardock’s history in Dragon Ball Z, from the beginning to the end.
  • The most effective attacks of Bardock.
  • The history of Son Goku’s father is filled with fascinating data.
  • The story of Bardock’s team is told in its entirety.

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Bardock is Son Goku’s look-alike, according to Freezer and Raditz. The Saiyan was mentioned by Freezer and Raditz when they talked about Bardock. He is a tall man with unkempt black hair. His hair is rather messy and he has many spikes on the sides and back. His facial features are less marked than Son Goku’s, but they are still very visible. His skin is a bit darker than Thales’, which gives him a very close resemblance. His distinguishing feature, in my opinion, is his long scar that runs along his left cheek. His monkey tail wraps around his waist like the other Saiyans. He wears a very solid green and dark blue battle suit, without shoulder pads.

He wears a blue jacket, red leggings, and arm guards of the same color. He wears a traditional green power sensor as a supply man for Freezer. After Tora’s death, he takes his bloody armband and uses it as a headband. He will keep it with him until his death to try to prevent Freezer from performing.

In the first sketch, Bardock’s scar was significantly longer and his green armor had a less bright sheen. Bardock’s creator stated that he simply combined Son Goku’s design with a more ferocious appearance and the fighting equipment of Freezer’s army.



Like other Saiyans in Universe 7 and Freezer’s Forces, Bardock is an egocentric person. He loves to fight, and he is capable of committing murder without feeling any guilt. However, compared to his fellow Saiyans, he stands out as being compassionate and relatively calm in temperament. Bardock is a kind and caring individual who loves his friends and cares about others. His actions illustrate this perfectly, as he goes out of his way to help his team. He is proud of his heritage and does not want to give up his freedom from Freezer. Indeed, the Saiyan race, as well as King Vegeta, have all surrendered to the Emperor, but Bardock seems to be the only one with a strong desire to challenge Freezer.

For someone of his race, Bardock seems to be very intelligent. His friends consider him to be a brilliant individual, but he rejects this praise, explaining that he is simply skilled and methodical in battle. In battle, Bardock is strategic and generally adapts intelligently. He has the ability to understand the context and adapt accordingly.

Goku’s compassion for his friends, as said before, is unwavering. He takes the trouble to mourn each of his slain allies, especially Tora, who was his closest friend and helped him in battle. When he learns that Freezer intends to destroy the Saiyan race, he tries to warn his buddies on Vegeta despite their skepticism. Despite this, he gathered his nerves and chose to go alone to fight Freezer in order to preserve his people.


Bardock is a low class Saiyan who commands a team of four other warriors. Tora, his second in command, Fasha, Borgos, and Shugesh are the members of this team. As far as we know, Gine was once a member of this company. The purpose of these mercenaries is to travel from planet to planet exterminating different species. Their job is to make sure that the planet is empty so that they can sell it on the galactic market of freezing ice. Bardock is well known in the Saiyan army for his courage and bravery. From Paragus’ statements in Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan, we can deduce that he was one of Bardock’s bosses.

Gine, the daughter of Son Goku’s father, has a crush on him because he saved her several times. The Saiyan warrior then left Bardock’s team because of his too nice behavior. She also thinks that she is not made for fighting. Her nature, on the other hand, has softened Bardock’s character by changing his temperament just a little bit so that he is less cold.

Saiyans, on the other hand, usually don’t care about their children or the rest of the family. Although this is not always the case for Bardock, who seemed to care about the well-being of Raditz and Kakarot.



Bardock’s team is composed of four Saiyan warriors. We will look at them in this section.

TORA OR TOMA (トーマ Tōma):

Tora is Bardock’s closest friend and serves as his team’s lieutenant. His name is a pun on the tomato, and he is one of the tallest members of the team. He is one of the tallest members of the team and wears blue and gray battle armor. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and his complexion is a bit darker than his teammates. He has a green energy sensor like a Freezer soldier. He also wears a white scarf around his left arm as an armband.

Tora is a ruthless killer who has much in common with Bardock. Tora is a cold-blooded fighter similar to Bardock, and he shares his attitude. He is a violent fighter capable of cold-blooded killing, just like him. He has a strong bond with the rest of the group and an exceptional loyalty to Son Goku’s father. He has a sense of humor; when he points out the arrogant side of his leader, he can joke freely.

Tora has a more humorous side in the Dragon Ball SD version when he encourages Bardock to strike a team fighting pose very similar to that of Commando Ginyu. Goku’s father, however, finds the posture uncomfortable and humorously scolds Tora for doing something wrong. )



Tora attacks the planet Kanassa with his troops Bardock, Fasha, Borgos and Shugesh in the form of Giant Apes for an extermination mission. Tora kills the last surviving Kanassan with an energy attack and then takes revenge on his father’s attackers by seriously wounding them. Tora and his buddies take Bardock back to Planet Vegeta to give him the best possible treatment for this act.

During the mission to Meat, Tora, Fasha, Borgos and Shugesh are given another mission: to eradicate the local population. Bardock is still in a hospital bed, unable to participate in the trip since he was not present at the launch. The village is attacked and all the inhabitants are murdered by Tora’s warriors. The battle between Tora and Dodoria takes place immediately afterwards, as well as the ambush of Tora and his friends by Dodoria and his best warriors. Fasha, Borgos and Shugesh are among the first victims of the attack; in response, Tora is knocked down after a powerful blow to the face. The severely injured Saiyan tries to retrieve his fallen radar, but his opponent crushes it with a kick. Dodoria informs Tora of Freezer’s intentions to destroy the Saiyan race. Tora is left for dead, but he is still alive in pain.

Satoru, who was stranded on the planet Meat after his spaceship collided with a meteorite, is attacked by the natives and dies. His apprentice Saiyajin arrives with him on Earth soon after. After much research, they discover that another Saiyan warrior named Bardock survived the disaster.

Freezer reveals Tora’s plan before he dies. Bardock vows to avenge his friends and unties Tora’s bloody armband, which he then ties around his forehead. The crimson scarf will become one of Son Goku’s father’s most famous features.



Fasha is another Saiyan warrior who was born on Vegeta and works for Freezer like the others. She has a medium build, a big size and a light skin rather white. She has spiky hair with bangs that look suspiciously like one of Videl’s styles. Fasha is also unique in that she has violet eyes, which is quite rare among Saiyans. A young Saiyan woman in a pink outfit with shoulder pads, as well as a belt and shiny gloves. Fasha is also wearing white gloves and boots. She is armed with a green power sensor and golden earrings as a member of Freezer’s army. The Saiyan warrior also has a long yellow stripe down her left leg.

Like her teammates, Fasha is a courageous and vicious fighter with exceptional skill. She maintains a strong team spirit and has a slightly maternal side when talking about Bardock’s youngest son. 

In the video games Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Xenoverse 2, we see that Bardock has great respect for Fasha and considers her very important. Fasha is the only female Saiyan in Tenkaichi 3, so she is also the only woman who can transform into a Giant Monkey.

The name was chosen by its creator, a pun on the word “corn”, and it means “horn” In Japanese, Fasha means “parsley”.

Fasha was designed with shoulder pads on top, according to the original designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. She also had a dress and long, matted hair. Fasha’s appearance changed after Akira Toriyama finished the sketches of his character.

Many fans had believed that Fasha was Bardock’s lover and Son Goku’s mother, and the theory was born. It turned out to be incorrect.


The Saiyan warrior is seen with her allies as they kill the giant ape population on the planet Kanassa. After the victory, the Saiyans relax around a fire and Fasha advises Bardock to see his newborn son, but he refuses to listen. Bardock is seriously injured by a surviving Kanassan fighter and his buddies, who take him back to Planet Vegeta for treatment.

The Saiyans leave Goku’s father in the care of the doctors and head to Meat, another planet for a genocide mission. The population is quickly killed, but Dodoria and her henchmen ambush Fasha and his companions shortly after and seek to complete Freezer’s objectives. Fasha is thus murdered with the four other Saiyans, according to legend, before being tortured by the Emperor’s right-hand man.



Borgos is the tallest Saiyan in the Bardock Commando by length and also the most muscular. His real name is Jagga (ジャッガ). He has a shaved head but large strands of black hair on each side of his head, with a large body and a shaved head. He also has some scars on his forehead. Borgos is clearly wearing Freezer forces battle armor, and he is wearing a green power sensor. He wears a blue belly plate and black shoulder plates, except for his head and hands, which are dark blue. The majority of his body is black, except for his head and hands, which are dark blue. His pants are dark blue with black pads above his hands.

Borgos is a Saiyan who seems to have a voracious appetite as he is seen eating most of the time. It is interesting to note that this fighter is almost silent in the original Japanese version. When he shouts his war cry to Dodoria, we only hear the sound of his voice.

In the new translation, he discusses with Fasha the transformation of a Saiyan into a giant monkey. He comments that it is like waking up from a dream and that the memory is lost after the change. Borgos is above all a ruthless fighter who maintains a strong sense of duty and camaraderie with his allies.

In the first original sketch, Borgos was not as tall and had a size comparable to Bardock. In addition, the Saiyan was originally bald like Nappa. The scars on Borgos’ face are not visible when he is in his giant ape form. This is unlike Vegeta, who keeps his scars throughout his transformation in the series.



The planet Kanassa is attacked by Giant Apes, Borgos, Tora, Bardock, Fasha and Shugesh with the aim of eradicating the indigenous people. After defeating the invaders, Bardock is severely wounded by a Kanassa survivor, and the group decides to transport him to Planet Vegeta so that he can receive medical attention.

When their leader Goku left on a mission, the four Saiyans went to Meat. The small group eventually clashes with Dodoria and his elite troops. A battle breaks out between the two sides, but the Saiyans are quickly killed. Tora and Borgos are the last to fight back. After charging Dodoria and being hit in the face, Borgos dies.



Shugesh is a Saiyan warrior who is part of the elite force of the famous Bardock Commando. He has a stocky physique that seems to be much more fat than muscular. This characteristic does not prevent him from being extremely fast, and he is an important member of the team. His hair and eyes are black, and he wears a thin mustache. Shugesh is dressed in green and black combat armor without protective shoulder pads. His outfit seems similar to the one worn by Bardock. He wears an olive green shirt under his armor.

The Saiyan warrior, like all Freezer’s troops, wears a green power sensor. Shugesh is a very accomplished and ruthless fighter who has a sense of honor while being loyal to his commander. He has a strong sense of brotherhood with his companions. His Japanese name refers to the pumpkin, which fits well with his shape and stature.

It is interesting to note that in the early sketches, Shugesh looked a lot like Nappa. He was definitely taller and had considerably more muscle mass than Nappa.



Shugesh and his men go to Kanassa in order to exterminate its entire population. Shugesh is wounded in the face by a weapon fired by one of the defenders of Kanassa, taking the form of a gigantic monkey. He then retaliates by crushing it with a powerful kick.

It is important to remember that Shugesh will remember the Kanassan swordsman who left a scar on his cheek after the Saiyans’ victory. The crew decides to transport Bardock to Planet Vegeta so that he can be treated after being severely injured by a survivor. A new mission to Planet Meat arrives soon after. Shugesh and Tora come to the conclusion that they will have to go it alone to accomplish the task. When Dodoria arrives with his elite fighters to kill the Saiyans under Freezer’s command, Shugesh is one of the first to fall.


In the first episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai, Bardock is seen in a scene where Freezer is flying over Planet Vegeta. We see him while he is in space fighting Freezer for the planet Vegeta. In order to preserve his people, the Saiyan tries to attack the emperor with his ultimate attack, the Final Spirit Cannon. Dodoria and Zarbon just look at Freezer who smiles and launches his Supernova. The planet Vegeta is destroyed, while Bardock, who was in the path of the projectile, is killed.

In the Namek saga, Bardock also appears. As Toei Animation created Bardock, his appearance in the manga was postponed after the release of the movie. When Freezer sees Goku for the first time, he remembers his face to face with Bardock just before the explosion of planet Vegeta. The resemblance between Son Goku and his father is so obvious that Freezer immediately remembers this event. The Galactic Emperor then determines the connection between Bardock and Goku, referring to them as if they were two different individuals.


Most of what we know about the character comes from the movie dedicated to him: Bardock, Son Goku’s father. In the form of a giant ape, Bardock slaughtered the entire population of the planet Kanassa with his team. After the Saiyan group celebrated their victory, a survivor of Kanassan appears. He shoots an energy beam at Bardock, giving him the ability to see the future. As a result, the planet of Kranon is erased from existence. He also informs him that the Saiyan people will eventually perish and that Goku’s father will be haunted by this vision until his death. Bardock tries to attack the Kanassan but falls to the ground. Tora kills the surviving Saiyan and takes Goku’s father back to Planet Vegeta to heal him.

While recovering on Planet Saiyan, Bardock has a hallucination which he interprets as a predictive dream. During this vision, Bardock sees the Saiyan world destroyed by Freezer and also sees his youngest son Kakarot saving the Earth. However, as his abilities continue to grow, it is expected that he will reach 10,000 by the end of Dragon Ball GT. At the same time, Son Goku’s father’s doctors claim that his strength has increased dramatically and that he is approaching 10,000 units. One of them also claims that he will be able to surpass the level of King Vegeta.


Under Freezer’s orders, Tora, Fasha, Borgos and Shugesh (Bardock’s team members) travel to the planet Meat to exterminate the native population.

The warrior squad arrives at Southern Capital after a long journey. When they reach the area, Dodoria and his elite soldiers confront them. They have been ordered to exterminate the Saiyans under Freezer’s orders. When he wakes up, Bardock learns that his friends have left for Meat and decides to accompany them. Despite the fact that he is still recovering from his injuries and does not know the danger, he rushes without hesitation.

On his journey to his module, he meets his youngest son, Kakarot, who has just been born. Bardock then checks his power level to see if it matches that of his dreams. Ignoring his premonition, Bardock goes on his way because he notices that Kakarot’s power level is ridiculous.

Goku’s father, Bardock, is one of the few survivors of the Saiyan race on Earth when he sees the devastation caused by Dodoria. Only Tora, his assistant, is still alive but in critical condition. Tora grimly explains Freezer’s betrayal to him before dying. Bardock removes Tora’s blood-stained white armband and places it on his forehead.


Dodoria and his elite soldiers show up to kill Goku’s father with a sinister purpose. Bardock, eager to avenge his men, immediately goes on the offensive. His increased strength allows him to quickly exploit the military personnel; however, Dodoria fires a powerful energy blast that sends him to the mat. Bardock’s body crashes to the ground near his friends, and Freezer’s people leave Earth, leaving the Saiyan for dead. After barely surviving, Bardock realizes that the hallucination he had earlier was a true premonition and decides to return to Planet Vegeta to warn his people. Despite his injuries, he manages to land on the Saiyan planet and declares Freezer’s intentions to his people. They laugh at him for trying such a thing. )

After the Saiyans leave, Bardock attacks them, accusing their lack of faith of being responsible for their downfall. When Kakarot appears to him again in a vision, Son Goku’s father realizes that he can only rely on himself.

Bardock gathers his troops and flies through the air until he reaches Freezer’s ship, which is in orbit above Planet Vegeta. Despite his recent injuries, Bardock shows courage and manages to fend off the hundreds of Freezer’s soldiers defending the Emperor’s ship.


On the other hand, Freezer, who was fed up with the insolence of the Saiyans, had decided to take personal action. He had also been forced to put down King Vegeta, who had recently revolted with other Saiyans.

The Galactic Emperor emerged from his spaceship and faced Bardock. Son Goku’s father vows to avenge all the Saiyans who perished under Freezer’s rule, declaring that he will not allow the Saiyan people to be tyrannized any longer.


Freezer, on the other hand, pays close attention to the Saiyan’s words while taking advantage of the moment and waiting for the right opportunity to start the genocide. Bardock prepares his Final Spirit Cannon and the Emperor decides to retaliate by triggering his Supernova. Bardock, Freezer’s men and planet Vegeta are all destroyed as the huge ball of malevolent energy engulfs them. The Emperor’s malicious cackle causes the destruction of the Saiyan world. Only Zarbon and Dodoria, Freezer’s two right-hand men, are there to see the Emperor kill the Saiyan people.


Before the Supernova destroys him, Bardock has a vision of his son Kakarot fighting Freezer and defeating him. Goku’s father beams with pride at the thought that he never had the chance to embrace his child. Before he dies, he begs his son to avenge the Saiyan people (this final scene is only seen in the remastered version of Dragon Ball Z Kai).

The character of Bardock makes an appearance in the movie Cooler’s Revenge, but as a silhouette. The scene showing the destruction of the planet is shown again, and we see Cooler watching his brother fight Bardock. Sauzer notices a space capsule taking off into space just before the end of the Saiyan world, but Cooler ignores it. He says it’s Freezer’s fault that a Saiyan has to live, blaming him for his brother’s recklessness.

Bardock does not appear in the movie Broly, but Son Goku’s father is mentioned by the Saiyan Paragus. Son Goku tries to locate Broly’s super-powered energy using his teleportation technique, but he runs into Paragus instead. Paragus then immediately determines that Son Goku is Bardock’s son.

Check out the legendary & famous ending of Bardock in video, above!


Bardock’s power is quite low for a low rank Saiyan. We don’t know how strong he was when he first appeared, but his level must have been around 2000 units, a bit more than his older son Raditz. His power will increase considerably when his father Bardock, Son Goku’s father, comes back from the planet Kanassa in bad shape. After being healed on Kanassa, his strength will increase to 10,000 units following the treatment he received. After reaching adulthood, he was promoted to “General” and his troops were renamed “Great Army”. As a result of his training with Beerus, he became one of the most powerful Saiyans in the universe. His newfound power gave him the ability to defeat many of Freezer’s minions, including high-ranking soldiers. As a result, he was able to fight his way to Freezer, only to be killed by him. )

Like Son Goku, Bardock proves that a low-ranking soldier can achieve considerable strength.



Power Ball: Bardock is able to form a ball of energy by mixing his own ki with the planet’s environment. He can then project it into space to create an artificial moon. At any time, Bardock can transform into a Giant Ape by simply using this technique. In some versions, Vegeta notes that this method was invented by Bardock himself

Divination: Monikers and Saiyan names are all based on Goku’s parent, Son Goku. His father has a unique gift that allows him to see certain future events.

Final Revenge: Bardock rushes towards his opponent and hits him hard in the face. He then gives a powerful kick that propels his opponent in the air. Bardock then lunges at his opponent with a powerful uppercut, before jumping on him and landing a powerful punch that knocks him flat on the ground.

Final Spirit Cannon: Bardock charges his corn with a sphere of energy, then fires a devastating blast of ki at his opponent. This is Bardock’s most powerful technique. In the Tenkaichi series, this move is quite popular.


Flip Shoot: Bardock leaps backwards and dodges the opponent’s ranged attacks, then unleashes a great blast of blue energy on his opponent.

Flash Spirit: During a fight, Bardock delivers a powerful elbow strike to his opponent’s face. He then drops him and finishes him off with a powerful energy attack. This attack, which can knock down opponents, usually leaves them unable to get up.

Spear of Rebellion: In the anime, Bardock begins charging his KI after receiving it from Frieza. A blue halo surrounds him as he charges his ki. After charging his opponent, Bardock releases a huge amount of force as his aura acts as an explosive wall for him. In this state, he is able to change direction several times, which allows him to hit many opponents.

Like all other Saiyans, Bardock can transform into a giant monkey. His fighting suit adapts to this form, and his strength is multiplied by ten. This transformation gives him a great destructive potential but takes away his mental control.


Bardock’s Super Saiyan form would look like this!


– His name is derived from a vegetable, like the names of the other Saiyan warriors. In this case, it’s burdock. It is unusual that all of Bardock’s family members are named after vegetables.

– In Dragon Ball Z, Raditz talks about Bardock with Son Goku when he tells him that his son has many of his father’s traits.

– The first anime character to appear on some pages of the manga is Bardock.

– In a flashback from the Namek saga, it appears that Bardock attacked Freezer head-on with a large number of soldiers behind him. In the movie, however, it is clear that Bardock was alone and had to fight many minions to confront the Galactic Emperor.

– The way Bardock tries to communicate Freezer’s extermination of the Saiyans is comparable to the way Jor El from the Superman universe (DC Comics) tries to warn humanity of Krypton’s impending destruction.

– Bardock has had three different voices over the course of the various films and adaptations.

– Nappa mocks Goku’s father when Bardock and Nappa are combined in Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast. This raises a serious contradiction because Nappa, who is supposed to be a high level Saiyan, has a strength of 4000 while Bardock, who is of lower rank, has about 10,000 units.