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Hello to you, young Saiyan! Do you like the Dragon Ball Z universe and the Ginyu Commando? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to take a look at Barta, a supernatural speedster who could easily join the best special forces in Freezer’s army. If you’re ready to read this guide, let’s get started without wasting a second!

The tallest and fastest member of the Ginyu Commando is Barta (バータ Bāta), nicknamed “the blue hurricane” He is extremely vain and likes to brag about his skills. He likes to mock his opponents by calling them weak. In combination attacks, he forms a formidable trio with Jeice, including the “Purple Comet Hurricane”, which they perform together.

The fastest member of the Special Forces is an elite warrior who is one of the most vital troops in the service. He surpasses all others in terms of speed, which allows him to gain the advantage in battle.

In this guide about Barta you will discover:

  • The history of the character, including all the major events in his life.
  • The history of Barta from Dragon Ball Z and other sagas.
  • Here are some of Barta’s most effective assaults.
  • Learn more about this great champion.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s get this party started, without missing a beat!

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The tallest member of the Special Forces is Barta, who is six feet tall. He is a blue-skinned mutant with small spots on his body. He has crimson eyes without pupils. He wears a black suit and the standard armor of Freezer’s soldiers. On one of his shoulder pads, he has the Ginyu Commando emblem, just like the other members. Barta also has a green power sensor to go with it.


Barta is particularly proud of his superhuman speed. He has nicknamed himself the “Blue Hurricane” after claiming to be the fastest warrior in the universe. Despite this, he is aware that Freezer is far more powerful and faster than he is, but he continues to boast about his title. This perfectly illustrates the vanity of the mutant, who proudly boasts of his speed while acknowledging the superiority of his master.

Jeice’s remarks after his explanation irritate him and he retorts that it is not worth killing him. He reiterates this point later when the two are reunited. When Recoome is destroyed by Goku, Barta worries about the Saiyan’s speed, then doubts his own abilities. The great power of the Saiyans also worries him a bit in this episode as they approach Frieza’s spaceship. While Vegeta is worried about Krillin’s death because of their fight on Earth, a big ape appears behind them and tears out Jeice’s left eye! As soon as all hope seems lost for Chichi and Gohan, both during this battle between Freezer and Goku on Earth, which threatens the planet.


He and Jeice have a habit of training together and combining their attacks in battle, as shown in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. Barta also seems to be the leader and strategist of the special forces when Ginyu is not present. This is evident when Barta strategizes with Jeice to defeat Son Goku. He tells his partner that if he uses his loaded ball to get the Saiyen’s attention, then attack him from behind.

Barta is a comical character like the rest of the Ginyu Commando, and he performs fighting gestures and plays Rock Paper Scissors to choose his next opponents. Chocolate bars or candy are usually involved.


At birth, Barta was given his unique abilities, like all other Ginyu commandos. He was able to develop them throughout his childhood. At home, he did all the household chores and grocery shopping. His mother was quite strict and would scold Barta if he was late for dinner. It was through all of this weekly running back and forth that Barta was able to increase his speed to become one of the fastest beings in the universe.

Barta’s amazing talent allowed him to easily pass the admission tests and join the special forces. From that day on, he earned the nickname “Blue Hurricane” or “Azure Typhoon”, according to some accounts. Over the next few years, he would boast of his superior skills and show great vanity in believing himself to be the best warrior in the cosmos in terms of speed.

When Vegeta inadvertently sends a Dragon Ball to Namek, Barta demonstrates his power by instantly retrieving it. It was said in some versions that Barta used his legendary speed to slaughter hundreds of Saiyans. Ginyu also claimed that Barta was once a baseball champion and specialized in taking out lefties.



After the disappearance of the Freezer army, the galactic emperor orders the special forces to help him. They are also ordered to acquire new power detectors. The Ginyu commando is in charge of retrieving the crystal balls and killing Vegeta once they arrive on Namek. After retrieving all the crystal balls, Krillin, Gohan and Prince Vegeta head east together to find Videl’s mother (who was actually a villain).

Barta, who doesn’t want to lose the precious relics, sends a Dragon Ball away to try to steal them from Vegeta.

Jeice challenges Jeice, and a fight ensues. When Ginyu discovers that the Dragon Balls have been stolen, he decides to get them back by ordering his men to kill Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan. Although Barta tries to play a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who will fall first, the game is quickly lost. The blue mutant is therefore forced to watch the battle between Jeice and Guldo while Recoome and Guldo approach their opponents.


It’s only after Recoome has been beaten by Son Goku that Barta decides to fight back. The blue mutant is irritated by the ease with which Goku knocked out Recoome, but he still attacks. He then assaults the Jeice Saiyan using various combo attacks and energy balls, but without success. With amazement, Barta realizes that his previously unmatched speed is nothing compared to Son Goku’s. The two elite fighters show strong signs of anxiety. )

As the fight continues, the Saiyan’s attacks continue to be ineffective against them. The fight resumes, and Barta decides to communicate with his partner from a distance thanks to his sensor. He develops a strategy to take control of Son Goku.

Jircolo and Jeice are supposed to use their famous Crusher Ball assault to distract the Saiyan so that Barta can make an opening.

The plan fails, Goku effortlessly deflects the Crusher Ball with a light backhand. With two paralyzing blows from the Saiyan, Barta is knocked out.

Goku then decides to give the surviving special forces the opportunity to leave the planet, but Vegeta refuses and continues to deal with the ground troops. Prince Vegeta hits Barta in the neck with a hard knee, killing him instantly. Jeice flees the field in panic after this fatal attack. Ginyu leaves the battlefield in distress, followed by Jeice.

Jeice, Recoome, Guldo and Barta leave for Master Kaio’s planet much later after the disappearance of all the special forces members. Ginyu is absent since he is still alive. The four fighters meet Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Chaozu and Piccolo and intend to attack them. Jeice and Barta fight again in tandem using the purple comet technique against Tenshinhan, without success. The members of the special forces, totally defenseless are then defeated once again and sent to Hell’s Bottom.



Bara and Freezer both appear in the Underworld Kingdom, where they are confronted by King Cold, Cell and the other members of the Ginyu Commando. When Son Goku appears on Freezer’s orders, the Special Forces attack. As Goku is forced to strengthen his technique, we can see that the blue mutant has increased his strength. Although tainted, Barta is quickly defeated, and his mutant peers suffer the same fate. The blue mutant crashes into the crimson pond of the underworld. Paikuhan uses his tornado technique to send the group of villains flying through the valleys after Freezer, King Cold and Cell are defeated. The group of villains is then imprisoned again in one of the cells of the Underworld.

The saga of Majin Buu once again shows Barta in the Underworld with his companions. The group watches the battle between Son Goku and Buu with the help of a big crystal ball.



When we see Barta again in Dragon Ball GT, he is imprisoned again. He escapes from the Underworld with a host of other villains in this episode. Once again, he is quickly defeated and locked up.

Barta appears in the movie Broly, where he is seen with the rest of the Ginyu Commando on the Saiyan planet. When King Vegeta is ordered by King Cold to subdue the Saiyan people, Freezer and his special forces are at his side.


Barta is a powerful warrior with an amazing quick strike ability! Most of his skills are based on this ability! Without further ado, check out Barta’s favorite fighting methods.

Barta has a remarkable speed, far superior to that of his captain Ginyu. He is considered the fastest being in the universe.

Flight: The ability to fly using his ki.

Blue Hurricane: One of Barta’s most popular techniques, shooting at the opponent at supernatural speed while surrounded by a bright blue aura.

Purple Comet Hurricane: Jeice and Barta combine their energy into a powerful attack.

I want to make sure the characters and units I’ve introduced fit well into your world. Jeice delivers a volley of energy blasts, which combine to form the Dragon Man of the Seas.

Charged Energy Ball: He extends his palm forward and fires a ball of energy at his opponent.

Satellization: He sets his opponent up in a corner, where he pounds him with high-speed blows.



Burter’s Japanese name, Bāta, is formed by rearranging the word “butter.” His name is a play on the word dairy like all the other members of the Ginyu Commando. In Barta’s case, it is butter.

Potami’s level is between 30,000 and 60,000 units. According to Krillin, Barta has a power level comparable to Recoome and Jeice. The blue mutant continues to train even after his death. He will never again be able to compete with a member of Team Z due to a marked increase in strength.

In some games, the most powerful character is the one who can string together the most combos.

As with Nappa, Bara’s death is similar to Vegeta’s. He is defeated in the same way as Vegeta. He is defeated in the same way, and Son Goku offers him a refuge on Earth before being destroyed by Vegeta.

Barta is the first character of the saga to claim to be the fastest being in the universe. Despite the fact that his speed is superior to Ginyu’s, Son Goku completely surpasses Barta. During the Namek saga, we see that Barta has a propensity for bragging and can therefore be considered a braggart despite his superior speed to most cosmic beings.


We hope you enjoyed reading this episode of Barta’s Chronicles! Let’s remember that Barta has a level of strength comparable to Recoome and Jeice, but he is different because of his extraordinary speed! He is faster than Ginyu, which is not negligible, and more powerful than Vegeta during the Namek saga. It is likely that without Son Goku’s help, Barta would have lost.

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