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Do you like Beerus, the famous God of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super? Want to know more about this intriguing character? Great news! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to answer any questions you might have!

In the Dragon Ball manga, Beerus (sometimes called Birus) is the God of Destruction of Universe 7. He is usually seen with Whis, his kenjutsu instructor. He and Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6, are twin brothers.

He made his debut in Dragon Ball Super during the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. He starts out as an adversary, but will later become a supporting character throughout the story.

In this post, we will discuss the following:

  • His form and characteristics.
  • His life’s work is described in his biography.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, he has an important role.

Are you ready to rediscover the famous God of Destruction? Then let’s go!

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Beerus’ name was mentioned several times in the manga before it was established in Dragon Ball Super. This is especially evident in the first episode of the television series, “The Broken Sword.”

Yūsuke Watanabe, the creator of Beerus, originally planned for him to be a totally malevolent character with the ability to infect people simply through his evil aura. He would also have founded the Saiyan race, which undoubtedly has cruel and violent characteristics.

One of the very first ideas for Beerus was a lizard, but Akira Toriyama changed it completely before the character was created. He will create him in the image of a human with a cat’s head. He was in fact inspired by his 14-year-old cat, who would have contracted a fatal disease and miraculously survived. According to the vet, he could be classified as a kind of demon.

Despite his human form, he has the appearance of a cat. His style of dress is probably influenced by the gods of the ancient Egyptian religion. When we know that Set was linked to pandemonium, a resemblance to him is not amusing.


The golden-eyed purple feline known as Beerus has long pointed ears and is a golden-eyed cat. He has an athletic, bony form that, while fairly defined overall, is frail and bony. His ears give him the impression of being large, but slightly smaller than Son Goku’s. Champa, on the other hand, is rather chubby; his twin brother Beerus is rather thin.



The God of Destruction is perfectly described by the phrase “Forget about him, he will arrive when it’s time” This former Kaio Shin teacher taught.

Beerus is clearly a powerful being, but he is also lazy and fun. He shares many characteristics with cats. For example, he likes to take long, long naps. His grooming method is quite similar to that of cats. He gets angry easily when he wakes up, so it takes time for him to become less grumpy and grumpy. He is fickle and likes to show his power. He demands many things without considering the consequences for others.

There is another essential element to take into account: Beerus is a gourmet. He is enthusiastic about food and his planet offers a variety of fish and other unusual meals.

He has a complex feline attitude, which sets him apart in the Dragon Ball Super story. He is neither kind nor terrible; he could be described as impartial. On a whim, Beerus can take down anything or anyone at any time. He is a cold-blooded killer who has no problem killing the many creatures in the universe. He doesn’t care about the many lives he has taken during the multiple destruction of planets in Dragon Ball Super. He regularly threatens to destroy the Earth to get food in Dragon Ball Super.


He’s a bit of a jerk. He gets irritated over little things, like being served greasy food or not getting dessert. He’s very confident in his own superiority, which is not without reason, since he’s the most powerful opponent the Z Fighters have yet encountered.

Beerus is much more evil, and more comical, in Dragon Ball Super than in the movie. He has a strong sense of humor and has been known to abuse his minions on occasion. When the oracle fish forgot the name of Beerus’ ultimate opponent, he suggested to Whis that he reduce the food portions from “three times a day to twice a day,” among other things. He is a demanding person, and always demands the respect that is due to him as the God of Destruction. He hates not getting something and will tirelessly try to get it until he gets it.

He is hard on Vegeta, treating him as if he were his valet. He only considers the warriors of Universe 7 as pawns.

Beerus, on the other hand, is ready to encourage the others. He praises fighters who are able to knock out their opponents. When he watched Turtle fight three individuals from Universe 4, he praised him as an old man and encouraged him. Despite their huge disparity in power, Genius Turtle received Beerus’ respect at the end of the fight. Gohan’s elimination of Dyspo is another example.


Let’s take a look at his features! Yes, our God of Destruction is surprisingly well mannered, courteous and polite. When he is in a good mood, he can be sociable and pleasant. He uses civil phrases when addressing certain people, for example.

Like many other characters in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Beerus’ character improved when he met Goku. He has become considerably more pleasant and lighter than before. Nevertheless, he is still the God of Destruction, and his mood can change quickly!

However, let’s not forget that before, he had exterminated entire planets and their inhabitants for the smallest of transgressions. Goku’s character improved again when Zen’o became his friend. Now, instead of using threats to take revenge on the ungrateful earthlings, he uses humor. Moreover, one should not forget that the Earth provides a delectable food to our divine God of destruction…

Finally, while Beerus may seem unemotional, he is not necessarily a cold person. Although some aspects suggest that he may have become attached to Goku, he is generally a very stoic and cold individual. He likes to think highly of his own abilities, but he also likes to remind us that he outshines Goku and Vegeta. He simply likes the idea of competing with someone on an equal footing.

Even if Beerus hates evil beings, he does not hesitate to use them, as it was the case with Freezer. He even sought out Saiyans to acquire the most comfortable pillow in the universe, according to a funny story. King Vegeta would have deceived him by offering him the second one (instead of keeping it for himself), thus angering the God of destruction. As a result, Freezer received permission from Beerus to destroy the planet of the Saiyans.

Beerus is brave because of his status and his immense strength. He is invincible in battle because no one can hurt him. Zeno, the great, is one of the few people who can terrify or impress Beerus. He also wants to defend Shin, the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 who remains active, because if he dies, it would mean the disappearance of Beerus.

Champa is his sworn enemy, as well as their twin brother. Both of them frequently bicker over minor and insignificant issues like food. They compete every day to see who owns the upper universe. Therefore, they organize food challenges between their own kingdoms. Beerus is more mature than Champa, who is clearly more immature. Nevertheless, he seems to care about him since he wants to see Universe 6 Earth restored.

Although he is confident in his abilities, he is also a bit paranoid. He doesn’t want anyone to become the next God of Destruction, so he isn’t afraid to threaten those who would try to take his place.

Another characteristic of Beerus is that he destroys everything in sight on a whim. As a result, civilizations in his dimension rarely have the opportunity to progress. He is nothing more than “chaos in a bottle”, according to the former Kaio Shin.

Finally, Beerus is a slacker in his role as God of Destruction. He spends much more time sleeping and eating than he does fulfilling his responsibilities. One of his responsibilities as a threat eliminator is to destroy threats, but Beerus rarely performs this task, allowing Freezer to gain power. He also did nothing to stop Majin Buu, the ultimate opponent of Dragon Ball Z.




Beerus is the most feared deity in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Many people fear his power, including Master Kaio, Master Kiai, King Cold, Freezer, Cooler, King Vegeta, Vegeta, and even Shenron himself. His job as the God of Destruction of Universe 7 is to maintain balance. He clearly has a domain that includes the planet Earth. He sleeps for many years or decades at a time. He destroys planets when they are asleep. He destroys important worlds without regard to the ramifications of his actions, and he is capricious. He has no problem delegating work to others, like Freezer. We learn in the manga that Beerus would have participated in a Universe Hide and Seek tournament organized by Zeno. During this one, Beerus would have fallen asleep for fifty years, ending it. Zeno became furious after seeing how much he enjoyed the event, so it took gods from 11 Universes to appease him. The other gods of devastation have despised Beerus ever since.

Despite this, Beerus is on good terms with Freezer. Overall, his relationship with Freezer is positive. The two share a taste for chaos and disorder. On one occasion, Freezer crossed the line and infuriated Beerus. With ease, Beerus defeated the despot.

However, Beerus is responsible for the disappearance of the dinosaurs. During his visit to Earth, he treated him with rude contempt. According to the legend, it was Beerus who ordered the destruction of the planet Vegeta to avenge the death of his father.

In 739, it is claimed that the Oracle Fish told Beerus that in exactly thirty-nine years, he would face a formidable opponent: The Divine Super Saiyan. Beerus falls asleep as a result of this prophecy. This brings us directly to Dragon Ball Super!



After thirty-nine years of deep sleep, our dear God of destruction wakes up. Accompanied by Whis, he saddles up and goes to visit a planet populated by humanoids looking like pigs. Beerus is very interested in most of the meals offered to him. He gobbles them up and expresses his satisfaction in doing so. Except for one consideration: the dish contains too much fat. As a result, he decides to flatten half the planet with a single blow of the axe on the table. Before leaving, Whis declares that his action is severe. Beerus explains his decision by saying that fat is harmful and has a soporific effect.

Beerus remembers his vision after the battle. He has no idea who he fought. After waiting for 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Beerus and Whis go to another planet in hopes of eradicating him. He remembers his dream and sees the figure of the warrior as a potential formidable opponent capable of entertaining him in battle, while witnessing the devastation.

Beerus decides to consult the oracle fish of his planet, and he returns. The fish, who had previously forgotten the prediction, informs him of the Divine Super Saiyan after threatening him. He embarks on a quest to discover Freezer. He goes with Whis to the small planet of Kaio. During his journey, he resolves to destroy about eight planets.

On his way, the arrival of Goku makes him wonder if he is the Divine Super Saiyan. The former transforms into Super Saiyan 3 in order to fight him, but it will be a failure. The God of Destruction knocks him out and leaves for Earth to find Vegeta, who is attending Bulma’s birthday party.

Vegeta immediately recognizes the horrible God of Destruction, and does everything in his power not to irritate him. The others seem to be unaware of him and blissfully ignore the danger of the situation.

For example, Beerus and Whis discover a wide variety of dishes that are all equally appetizing. The gods have fun and enjoy the moment. Mr. Boo’s excessive greed will make things difficult later. A story about custard will lead to a lively debate… Everyone wins!

During the fight, Beerus will defeat his opponents effortlessly. The God seems to be unmatched. He decides to destroy the Earth because of a lack of Divine Saiyan. Fortunately, our hero Son Goku arrives in time and saves precious minutes.

When Goku and his friends need help, they turn to Shenron to find out how to locate the Divine Super Saiyan. They discover that this Saiyan can manifest when six pure-hearted Saiyans unite their strength on a single individual. This is how Son Goku reaches the legendary Divine Super Saiyan form, aided by Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Pan.

The fight between Goku and Beerus will be both beautiful and long. The divine form of our hero is lost at the end of the fight, but he regains his normal form of super saiyan. To reward him for this feat, Beerus decides to delay the destruction of the Earth for a while. He then leaves with Whis on his planet.



After the conclusion of the Battle of the Gods, Beerus decides to go back to sleep. During his sleep, Goku and Vegeta train with Whis. When Beerus wakes up, he is puzzled by his mentor’s willingness to train the two Saiyans. He notices that they bring him a delectable cuisine from Earth: pizza and instant noodles.

In the next saga, we meet Champa and Vados for the first time. Beerus is Champa’s twin brother, while Whis is Vados’ older brother. They then return to Earth to devour a delicious strawberry ice cream, prepared by Bulma. While watching Goku and Golden Freezer fighting, they taste it. The God of Destruction is intrigued by this metamorphosis. Nevertheless, he decides to remain impartial in this story. When Freezer destroys the planet before he dies, Beerus agrees to travel back in time and preserve the planet. He seems adamant about protecting this food supply!



Champa arrives on Beerus’ planet and wakes him up. It’s time for a “food fight” in which the two gods must each give the other food from his kingdom. Champa finds some instant noodles and is amazed by their delicious taste. He wants to know where they come from. He then discovers that the Earth of his universe has been destroyed.

After Beerus effortlessly destroys the Earth and its inhabitants, Piccolo decides to enter his universe. At this point, it’s a forced confrontation between Universes 6 and 7 with Earth as the prize. Each universe must choose five champions. If Champa wins, he will trade his Earth for the Super Dragon Balls. If Beerus wins, his brother will give him the sparkling crystal balls.

Beerus accepts, and his group is called: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Mr. Boo, and “the most powerful person he has ever faced”, Monaka. The latter has no power at all. The tournament begins, and the first round pits Goku against Botamo. After a short fight, Goku is victorious and must now face Frost. Frost, of the same race as Freezer, triumphs using an unknown method.

Even though his style is unique, Piccolo loses to Frost. Frost is accused of cheating with a needle. The cheating is confirmed, and Frost is immediately disqualified because he used a needle. Vegeta still wants to fight him and triumphs with his Super Saiyan form in no time.

The tournament between the two dimensions continues until Goku has faced and defeated the last member of the opposing team. This event leads to the victory of Universe 7. Whis announces Zeno, the master of all universes, which alarms Beerus. Zeno is a small thing that rules over all 12 universes with unlimited power. Zeno has visited the tournament and wants to have one for all the universes.

By the way, if you want to know more about this fascinating character, we recommend you to read our essay about Zen’ô Sama, the great ruler. The saga ends with Beerus promising the supreme dragon to restore the Earth of Universe 6 to its original state



From the future, the future Trunks returns to the present to urge everyone to prepare for a new and grave danger. When Beerus and Whis discover that the humans have been able to bend time, they become furious. Goku returns in his black form after being revealed as Zamasu’s accomplice. In Universe 10, they find Zamasu, the main suspect. Goku volunteers to fight him.

During the battle, Beerus and Whis notice that Zamasu has the same energy as Black Goku. It is later revealed that Beerus is related to Shin. The death of both men is irreversible because of this. Beerus decides to destroy Zamasu, thus ending the danger. Trunks from the future will be able to return home once Zamasu is eliminated.



The long-awaited battle between the universes is fast approaching, and Goku is eager to fight, which irritates Beerus. We watch fighters from various universes in Zenon’s palace.

The conflict against Universe 9 begins, resulting in huge fights. Each team has three fighters who face each other in an exhibition fight. Universe 9 will be annihilated at the end of the fight, which will surprise Beerus.

When his warriors succeed in the Tournament, the god of destruction does not disappoint. Genius Turtle is determined to defend his title and defeat a number of enemies. Beerus is sure to congratulate him on his achievement.

The fight between Goku and Jiren is fascinating. Jiren is always amazed by Son Goku’s new form: the Ultra Instinct. If you want to know more about the main transformation of Dragon Ball Super, check our article about Goku’s Ultra Instinct! This change was achieved through Whis’s training, during which he reached a god-like level of fighting that relies solely on instinct.


During this movie, which wonderfully concludes the Dragon Ball Super saga, Beerus stays away from the fight between Goku and Broly. He prefers to stay away and take a break while the two titans fight.



As the God of Destruction, Beerus typically uses his abilities to destroy planets and their inhabitants. He has the power to reduce entire solar systems to dust with only a small amount of effort. With a single strike to the back of his neck, Beerus easily overcomes Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form. According to Son Goku, no one, not even Gogeta, can defeat him.

On Bulma’s birthday, Beerus effortlessly slaughters Boo, C18, Ten Shin Han, Piccolo, Gohan and Gotenks. Even Vegeta’s fury in Super Saiyan 2 is not enough to surprise him. Despite Goku’s Super Saiyan God form, Beerus manages to conquer and remains undefeated. According to Whis, Beerus only used 70% of his maximum capacity in this fight. According to Whis

In the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of “F”, Whis says that if Goku and Vegeta combine their efforts to fight Beerus, they could compete with him by merging their progress. However, it is well known that Vegeta despises this practice. Even the super-powered Golden Freezer fears to face Beerus.



According to Master Kaio, Beerus has the ability to end the entire universe if he becomes enraged enough. In several sequences, we see his strength. He destroys a nearby planet by sneezing.

In the Universe 6 tale, Goku wonders how strong Champa is compared to his twin brother. Vados explains that their respective bodies indicate it. Beerus is therefore more powerful.

In the anime “Trunks of the Future”, Goku thought that Zamasu would eventually surpass Beerus. This is clearly not the case. There is only one other person who could be stronger than Beerus, according to Whis, besides the angels. This was simply an arm wrestling match gone wrong.

The Dragon Ball oracle fish describes that Goku and Vegeta will eventually become true rivals to Beerus. To test this, the God of Destruction Beerus confronts Blue Vegeta. Despite being superior in his Super Saiyan 2 form, Beerus wins quite easily.

Beerus was able to put pressure on Vegeta when Vegeta released his SSJ Blue Perfect form. The king became furious, and he stopped holding back in order to defeat the saiyan prince right away. Beerus seems to be stronger than Mosco, Arak, Champa, Sidra, Belmod, Giin, Rumsshi and Quitela at the Zeno show.

However, as a deity, Beerus is undeniably strong and feared; his power does not surpass that of Whis, however. He is no match for the angels and for Zeno, the supreme god who rules over all the universes.


In this anime, Beerus alone defeats Goku, Vegeta and Trunks without suffering a scratch. He effortlessly dodges Goku’s attacks, destroys Vegeta and deflects Trunks’ sword with one finger. Check out our complete guide to Trunks if you want to learn more about Vegeta’s son!



In Dragon Ball Fusion, there are two forms for Beerus. His connection with Whis gave birth to the first one. The second one is made of Goku. Therefore,


The fighter on the left seems to be both Whis and Beerus.


This surprising combination is composed of both characters. On the right you can see his appearance.


There is no doubt that Beerus has a plethora of fighting skills. Let’s see which ones are the most amazing and legendary!

  • Beerus ignites his purple aura and unleashes a barrage of ki attacks in all directions. This technique was used in Clash of the Gods when Beerus fought Goku on a submerged island.
  • The energy ball is a powerful attack that Beerus uses when he appears in Dragon Ball Z: Awakening. A form of yellow star made of energy, it is an extremely dangerous technique because of its great power and its unpredictability. He uses this attack against Goku during their fight on the planet Earth, while he confronts him above the planet Earth.
  • Beerus has excellent hearing, which allows him to hear people talking even if they are far away from him. This allows Beerus to listen in on the conversation between Yamcha and Oolong about their plan to win the Scissor-Stone game in the movie.
  • Beerus is able to generate at least twelve replicas of himself to help him in his fight against an opponent.
  • Beerus’ paralyzing stare is known as the “paralyzing stare” With his unmatched raw power, the opponent is almost completely immobilized by Beerus’ intimidating stare.
  • The user places his palm on the opponent and infuses it with yellow ki, which covers his body like an aura before releasing and exploding the energy, injuring his opponent.
  • Beerus generates a sun-like sphere of energy around his body, then releases a wave of purple energy on his opponent. After defeating Oolong with the paper scissors, Beerus intends to use this technique, but he is stopped by the arrival of Goku.



Beerus is a fascinating character with his own mysteries… Here are seven intriguing facts about Beerus.

  • The former Kaio Shin postulates that the person who imprisoned him was afraid of him, not because of a quarrel. Could it be Beerus who did this? The mystery persists…
  • Several Egyptian gods resemble Beerus, although it is not known after which one he was conceived. Anubis, the god who guides the souls and represents the mummification, would be at the origin of his creation. This god has a jackal’s head which could remind Beerus. The goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet were both lionesses, with bull headdresses and symbolism of war, divine punishment and destruction. Although similar in appearance, Beerus is a cat while she is a lioness. Finally, we can note the evil god Set who personifies rage and discord.
  • Beerus’ design is not the only Egyptian-inspired god of destruction. Heles, for example, looks like an Egyptian queen wearing a turquoise headdress and belt. A white dress with a turquoise belt and headdress is the typical style of dress.
  • According to Beerus, he killed the dinosaurs. However, in the world of Dragon Ball Z, we occasionally encounter dinosaur species. They seem to live in peace with humans.
  • The last point can be solved by the intervention of Arale, who could bring back some species from the past. This would explain their place in the Dragon Ball saga.
  • One of the few people who scared Vegeta is Beerus. The other two are Freezer and Broly.
  • Whis is in fact the God of Destruction of Universe 7. According to Dragon Ball lore, Whis was originally intended to be Beerus’ aide and subordinate until he was revealed as “the false Whis”. When Goku and Trunks first met him, they mistook him for the true God of Destruction of the Seventh
  • Universe because his appearance was more divine than Beerus’.
    In the Dragon Ball Super anime series, Beerus is portrayed as a more polite, sociable, courteous and patient individual with others. This is not the case in Dragon Ball Super.



Congratulations! You have now learned everything there is to know about Beerus, a character created by Akira Toriyama. Since he is extremely popular with many fans, his creation was a success. His position also made him completely new in the series. Although he is on Goku’s side during most episodes, Beerus remains a neutral character. This quality adds to his appeal as it is unique and innovative.

If you take Whis out of the equation, Beerus is without a doubt the most powerful fighter in the universe. If you are also a fan of the character, we invite you to check out his funko pop figure! This is a fantastic method to add personality to your space or home. Just click on the link above to get started!

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