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Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan? Do you want to know more about Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide was created by our team to provide you with all the information you need about this mythical figure beloved by fans of the series.

Broly is the main opponent in Dragon Ball Z: Broly, the Super Warrior. He is a legendary Super Saiyan who appears once every thousand years. His incredible power pushes him to seek Goku to kill him. He also appears in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest movie.

We would like to (re)meet this legendary figure in his two forms in this essay. We will review a number of things, including:

  • His appearance and personality.
  • His complete history.
  • The greatest of his fighting skills.

Think you’re ready for this ultimate guide? Then let’s get this party started right away, shall we?

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Takao Koyama created this legendary figure. The goal was to create a threatening and powerful saiyan opponent. He was inspired by the design of Super Trunks during the Cell saga.

Takao wanted to respect the usual Saiyan tradition of naming their characters after vegetables by naming Broly after a broccoli. Broly’s name is a pun on broccoli, while his father Paragus was inspired by asparagus.

We have never seen Broly with a monkey tail before. The explanation for this phenomenon comes from Paragus in Dragon Ball Super. Because his son tended to be too powerful on full moon nights, he decided to remove his tail to avoid turning into Oozaru (giant monkey).

Let’s remember that in the Dragon Ball Super saga, a female character named Kale appears. Because of her metamorphosis, this saiyan fighter is represented as a female version of Broly. Indeed, as Vegeta points out, Kale is able to adopt the original form of saiyans by transforming. His hair changes color and his power becomes immensely strong. When he transforms and releases all his strength, this form is quite identical to Broly’s.

For this reason, Kefla, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale, can reach this form. Her hair is green and she has a huge amount of power, so much so that only an ultra-instinctive state can make her fall.



You have probably noticed that there are two versions of Broly in the Dragon Ball franchise. The first one, which is the most famous, is presented in the movie Broly the Super Warrior (1990). This excellent OVA features the legendary super saiyan as a villain. He will appear in almost every video game to this day. The second Broly is the one we see in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Akira Toriyama decided to tell almost the same story as the character, so the two versions are quite comparable. The most recent Broly is therefore the most faithful from the point of view of the scenario. However, as we have just seen, the character has an almost identical shape.

Broly has a typical saiyan appearance, with light skin, dark eyes and long black hair. As a child, his hair is spiked up to his back. Broly is a tall man who always has a sad expression on his face and wears a tiara. He has been around since Dragon Ball Z (1989), but he has evolved into an even more terrifying force than before.

He is a young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He is almost always seen shirtless, wearing white pants and a red belt studded with gems. He also wears yellow boots.

Paragus, his father, uses a crown, bracelets and a necklace to maintain his dominance over him. Broly is psychologically unbalanced and continues to develop as he grows. When he breaks away from Paragus’ influence, his jewelry is destroyed. After his defeat against Goku.



Broly seems to be a docile and benign Saiyan, which contradicts the typical behavior of Saiyans. Broly, on the other hand, has a dual nature that is unpredictable. When Paragus opens his eyes for a moment and asks his father what he is doing, he becomes furious as he realizes that he intends to put the control crown on his head. In an aggressive mood, Broly is good at fighting and inflicting pain. As a result, his strength is greatly amplified, and he becomes much more dangerous than the average Saiyan. This violent and frantic aspect comes from his enormous power, which he has not yet mastered. It is also due to the terrible events of his birth that caused him so much trauma. As he matures, these moments of wildness and frenzy become more frequent and last longer. He will remove his father’s left eye as a result.

Broly’s madness has made him a frequent target. Broly is also known to become hysterical when he causes havoc or goes into a frenzy due to his madness. Paragus’ flashback shows us how, after destroying a cityscape in his youth, Broly laughs hysterically. Broly seems to have a real problem controlling his fury, which could lead him to self-destruct. Paragus used a device to manage Broly’s temper to control his erratic behavior.

Broly’s most defining characteristic is his intense disgust for Goku, as when they were both infants. When Goku was a newborn and cried continuously, the irritated cries of his neighbor Broly irritated him, causing hatred to build up and flourish at the sight of him. It is obvious that his disgust for Goku stems from the fact that he unconsciously associates Goku’s continuous crying with the horrible things he had to go through afterwards, such as barely surviving the execution and escaping the destruction of the planet. So he blamed him.

This is why he frequently shouts “Kakarot”, Goku’s Saiyan name, in an exclamatory tone. Although he usually refers to Goku as Saiya-jin, he has twice used his Earth name in fights against Vegeta, despite his animosity towards him. The Japanese version of the film implies that he holds Goku’s spirit in high regard and his desire to try to stop him, even if the chances of success are slim. He calls the Z-Fighters “worthy of their Saiyan blood”.

It is suggested that Broly has a similar distaste for Vegeta. In the Japanese version, after witnessing Vegeta’s bravery, he challenges him to a fight and coldly declares that he will not let him win an easy victory against him.

In the sequel, he goes completely crazy after being beaten by Goku and suffering deep wounds. His language is now limited to shouting “Kakarot” He even mistakes Goten for Goku when he is a newborn, although he has only met him seven years before. He confuses Gohan and Goten with Kakarot.

His only intact part is his sadistic desire for revenge against Goku, which seems to be the only thing that works in his head.


It is almost impossible to stop Broly when he unleashes all his fury and rage for revenge.



Broly was born in 737, during the period of great rivalry between Freezer and the Saiyans. His most intriguing characteristic is his power level, which is said to be 10,000 at his birth. This irregularity indicates that Broly’s power approached that of Bardock and King Vegeta at their deaths, even before he was born. Broly’s neighbors, Kakarot, are the ones who repeatedly cry in his Saiyan birth chamber where he later sleeps. Broly’s psychological state was affected by Kakarot’s wailing, causing him to harbor a latent animosity. For nearly three decades, the two infants would be kept apart.

The Emperor of Universe 7 was afraid of the youngster’s potential to destroy his empire, so he gave the order to kill him. Paragus, Broly’s father, pleaded for mercy for the kid, saying that he could be a great asset to the king. King Vegeta was adamant that even if this is true, Broly could use his incredible power to overthrow the royal family. Vegeta fires an energy blast at Paragus, who is then sentenced to death by Vegeta. Broly is stabbed in the chest and left for dead, while Paragus is murdered by him.


Broly awoke after the destruction of Planet Vegeta and used his abilities to defend himself and his father. Ironically, Freezer’s destruction of Planet Vegeta was designed with the same goals in mind as King Vegeta’s attempt to kill Broly: to prevent a legendary Super Saiyan from rising up and dethroning him. Broly then stays with his father while Paragus plots his revenge against King Vegeta and the royal family. Broly’s power and the traumatic events of his early childhood made him more and more manic and chaotic as he grew up. When Broly punched Paragus in the face, causing him to lose the use of his left eye, that was one of the consequences.

Although Paragus fears for his own life, he refuses to kill Broly and instead uses a ring as a unique control device to keep him under control. Paragus narrowly escapes death by hiding the ring. After achieving his goal, Paragus hatches a plan to use Earth as a base of operations and lure Vegeta to a planet destined to be destroyed by a massive comet so that he can exact revenge on him.

At the same time, he used Broly to demolish the remaining planets in the southern region, which was the main cause of King Kaio’s awareness of the disturbances in space. Logically, Goku was contacted by the latter to inform him of the danger.


Above, Broly and his father Paragus.



Broly seems to be a calm and quiet saiyan at first. When his ring is removed, his personality changes dramatically. He travels with Vegeta to the planet Todokama, where he thinks they might find the legendary super saiyan, ironically.

Broly’s father, Paragus, can’t help but yell at him. Broly’s father is unable to shut him up. When Goku teleports to Paragus’ palace, Broly goes into a rage. His father cannot stop him from attacking Goku when he goes into a blind rage. After that, Goku realizes that Brolu is responsible for the attack of the southern galaxy. The fight ends when Paragus’ control system allows him to calm his son down.

Broly starts to move towards Goku, enraged, when Vegeta tries to leave with the others and Paragus’ plot is revealed. His tiara is destroyed and he undergoes a legendary transformation into a Super Saiyan, freeing himself from Paragus’ influence. Vegeta’s ki is completely shaken by Broly’s attack, and he starts fighting Goku and his friends. He overwhelms Goku, Gohan and Trunks of the Future with his madness. Piccolo appears on the scene soon after, but he is also helpless against Broly’s enormous power. Soon after, Vegeta soothes his terror and fright by jumping into the fight, but he is quickly outclassed.

Meanwhile, Broly goes after Paragus, who tries to flee the planet. The legendary Saiyan wants to prevent him from regaining control of himself. Meanwhile, Goku urges his allies to focus all their energy on him. Vegeta is the last to accept. Goku is now able to strike.

The planet starts to break under the feet of Broly and Vegeta who charge each other. Broly misses his target with a punch, while Kakarot hits Broly in the stomach. The impact makes Broly’s green ki burst and his skin cracks under the green light emitted by his body. Broly then screams in shock as he explodes, seemingly defeated.



He does not manage to escape from the planet immediately, as he had planned. In order to keep himself alive, Broly develops a space capsule and escapes in-extremis while the world is being destroyed. The spaceship arrives on Earth. Once there, Broly falls into a coma for seven years. Thanks to Goten’s persistent screams, he wakes up.

Broly, now resurrected as a Super Saiyan God, becomes much more powerful as a result of this near death experience. Let’s not forget that every time a Saiyan comes close to death, he becomes stronger and stronger. Broly decides to go on a crusade against Goku’s friends, especially his sons Goten and Gohan. Due to his mental health problems, he misjudges the three Saiyans. He also goes after Videl and Trunks.

Gohan discovers a hidden power in Goku’s genes that produces the legendary Super Saiyan. His rage is uncontrollable, and his attacks fail. He is finally hit by Gohan’s Kamehameha as Goten and Goku’s ghost defend him. After shouting “Kakarot” one last time, his heart is set on fire.

Broly’s OVA storyline is now complete. The character will be confirmed as canonical following the final Dragon Ball Super movie. While keeping many parallels with the first one, the saiyan will benefit from a “reboot”.



In the fantasy movie that concludes Dragon Ball Super, Broly appears in a similar scenario. Even as a newborn, he possesses a power far superior to most people’s, just like Vegeta. The king will try to destroy him by sending him to his death on an inhospitable planet on the other side of the universe. His father Paragus will come to defend him and educate him.

In this scenario, Vegeta grows up in a harsh environment and learns to survive. He becomes friends with a huge green monster. After recovering his ear, he wears it as a garment for many years. Paragus and his son are hidden on this planet for many years until Frieza’s men rescue them.

The latter sees directly the fighting potential of Broly and plans to go to Earth to challenge Sangoku and Vegeta before the tyrant.

Broly starts the fight against the prince of Saiyans at this moment. He gains in power throughout the conflict. Despite his early defeat, he becomes more and more powerful. Vegeta gains time by transforming into a divine Saiyan. Broly’s fury grows stronger and stronger, and he begins to lose control of himself. Paragus has lost control over him, and he is no longer able to hold him back.


Broly overcomes Goku and becomes unstoppable. Kakarot finally succeeds in taming him, it is then that Freezer decides to kill Paragus to see how a saiyan reacts. Broly then becomes mad with rage and transforms into his most powerful form. He attacks everyone and effortlessly defeats Goku and Vegeta. When Broly attacks Golden Freezer, the two last ones flee the fight.

After absorbing all the power of King Kai, Goku and Vegeta manage to perfect the fusion technique. If you want to know more about this amazing form, check out our article on the freezer!

The battle continues, and it’s now a two on two match between Super Broly and Gogeta 4 SSJ Blue. It’s no surprise that Gogeta takes the upper hand effortlessly. Broly is teleported to his home planet just as he is about to be hit by an ultimate Kamehameha attack, which will save him from harm.

At the end of the movie, Goku visits him with food and a residence. Our hero wants only one thing: to train with Broly. This opponent suits him perfectly, and his development is stagnating.

Will he be in the future of Dragon Ball Super? The future will tell us if we will see Broly again! In order to fight Goku and Vegeta, Freezer seems to want to team up with him…



In the OVA movies

According to Paragus, who claims that Broly’s power level is lower than his own, Broly was a “toothpick” in comparison. However, at the time he wore the crown, Broly’s basic form may have been weaker than Paragus’. While he caused damage in the Southern Galaxy, Broly’s ki was strong enough to go unnoticed on King Kaio’s planet while he inflicted horrible damage.

After that, Galactus’ strength is further expanded by his Super Saiyan form. With this new power, he can wipe out entire galaxies on his own, leaving only a few planets and stars in the universe. Nothing can stop him when he reaches his ultimate form, and his power is limitless.

When he is in his Super Saiyan form, he is stronger than Goku and Gohan in their Super Saiyan form, Future Trunks and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 2 form, and even Piccolo. He’s a jerk to all five of them. Broly doesn’t take any damage from Piccolo or Goku who both hit him with punches and kicks. His ability to face a Kamehameha and not only survive, but laugh about it is incredible. He repeatedly faces Goku’s SSJ2 Super Kamehameha with no apparent ill effects; in fact, he often seems to enjoy the fight more than his opponent.


Broly’s ability to withstand Goku’s Super Saiyan assaults without suffering damage proves that he is at least twice as powerful as Goku. His physical strength in this form was also enough to effortlessly pulverize Paragus’ heavily armored assault and throw him off the planet.

However, when Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks and Piccolo were channeled into Goku in his base form, he proved to be superior to Broly in his legendary Super Saiyan form. When Goku’s ki is significantly enhanced, Broly shows some astonishment and fear at the increase in this unexpected strength. However, even as he confidently acknowledges that no matter how much power the other Z-Fighters give Goku, he will not be killed. Vegeta claims that he is the most powerful Saiyan of all time. Not only that, but it is also conceivable that his Legendary Super Saiyan form was far more powerful than Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 condition at the time, since Goku pushed Gohan to flee when Broly threatened him while he was already in Super Saiyan 2 form.

Broly also showed incredible stamina, able to withstand major injuries that would normally kill others. He was stabbed in the heart as a child. In addition, Goku punched him in the stomach with all his strength. It is thanks to his Saiyan strength that he will be able to draw more power. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he is depicted as being able to survive major injuries that would have killed any other person.


In his first form, Broly seems to be less powerful than Goku and Vegeta. He becomes more and more powerful as he fights. Nothing can resist him when he reaches his ultimate form, not even Goku, Vegeta or the Golden Freezer.

It is for this precise reason that Gogeta Blue is trained, the only one who can beat him easily. In this movie, Broly reaches a higher level of power than the divine blue super saiyan before. We can deduce that his ultra instinctive mode is able to defeat him. Goku, on the other hand, does not have access to this change in the movie.


Only Gogeta Blue seems to be able to relax Broly…

You can watch it below thanks to our Youtube video if you want to relive this breathtaking confrontation between the two titans!


What is Broly’s level?

It is not known what level Broly can reach, but his ultimate transformation allows him to defeat almost any opponent under normal circumstances. In the movies, Goku and his friends are forced to work together to defeat him. Therefore, Broly is a very powerful character in Dragon Ball.

Who is stronger between Broly and Jiren?

Based on his previous actions, Jiren seems to be at a higher level than Broly Ultimate. It is stated in Dragon Ball Super that Jiren is a human who has surpassed a God of Destruction. Goku’s ultra instinct is the only thing that can hurt him severely in the anime. To hope to beat Jiren, he will have to reach an angelic state of combat.

Why does Broly hate Goku?

In the anime Broly: The Super Warrior, it is alleged that as a child, the legendary Saiyan was enraged by Son Goku’s continuous crying. That’s why during his madness, Broly screams the name of Kakarot.

Who is the Legendary Super Saiyan?

In their folklore, it is said that a mythical Saiyan is born every thousand years. Broly is the legendary Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z. He enters this unique state of strength close to the power of the original Saiyan race. Kale is the one who becomes the legendary Super Saiyan in Universe 6.


It is Kale, in universe 6, who is “the super saiyan of legend” She has the same power as Broly.


Broly, the legendary saiyan, can apply a number of frightening fighting techniques, in addition to being able to achieve an ultimate form that is truly and uniquely amazing. Here are his seven deadliest fighting moves!

Self-Repairing Shell: A method of creating an energy shield around the user to deflect assaults.

Omega Blaster: Broly creates a massive energy bomb of devastating power from a lime green energy sphere that transforms into a huge blast of energy while exclaiming, “Fight all you want, but in the end you’ll still die!” Not only can he control the size of this attack, but he can also add ki blasts to propel it further, making it even more powerful and destructive. However, this also shows the flaws of the technique. The strength of the Omega Blaster will fade if there is no continuous supply of ki blasts to support it.

Lariat: Broly rushes at his opponent at breakneck speed and grabs him by the throat as he turns around, sending him crashing into a wall with enough force to create a large hole. He then continues to choke his opponent while forcing him across the crater before releasing him and landing on the ground as he loses consciousness.

Giant Hammer: The opponent is sent flying, and Broly follows up by knocking him down with a huge clothesline. He then grabs the opponent by the shoulders and lifts him off the ground to eliminate him from the game. After that, he appears in front of the opponent grabbing his head and flying up to knock him to the ground. Finally, Broly grabs the opponent’s head and delivers an uppercut to his stomach, sending him flying and inflicting considerable damage.

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects and people by the power of the mind.

Torture Grip: Then, as Broly lifts his opponent into the air, he wraps them around his head and legs. He bends the opponent’s body over his own head until he submits or dies, most likely.

Wild Sense: The user dodges an attack and then strikes his opponent, sending him to the ground or into the air.



Broly is the most powerful Saiyan of all time, capable of emitting enormous power and leveling worlds. When he gets out of control, only a miracle can stop him. He is a tough opponent that Goku and his friends have had trouble defeating in the past. If you’ve seen Dragon Ball Super: Broly, you’ll probably remember the epic Gogeta Blue confrontation!

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