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Women are also celebrated on Goku Shop! Who else but Bulma to pass on our brand new ultimate guide through this strong and well-known Dragon Ball character.

Bulma (Buruma) is a brilliant scientist. She is the second daughter of Dr. Brief, co-founder of Capsule Corporation, and his wife Panchy. She is the younger sister of Tights and the first friend of Goku. She was Yamcha’s girlfriend but eventually married Vegeta and gave birth to Trunks and Bra.

Although she is unable to fight as a combatant in the saga, her original discoveries and creative gadgets play an important role in several significant moments, as well as in the location of the Dragon Balls.

Bulma is one of the most famous women in Dragon Ball before Chi Chi. Apart from Sangoku, she is also the oldest character in Dragon Ball, as she was introduced in the first episode and the first chapter of the series. She will play an important role throughout the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super.

Let’s start the party by learning everything there is to know about this leading lady! Now that we’re done with the introduction, it’s time to learn more about her. Let’s go ahead and get started!

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The princess of the land of flowers was the original version of Bulma in Dragon Boy, the ancestor of Dragon Ball.


In Toriyama’s first draft of Dragon Ball, Bulma had a completely different appearance, looking like a western girl. Bulma had a braided ponytail in her second draft, but she was older and her dress was of a different style. Her clothes were slightly modified in the third draft to become Pinchi, with exactly the same design as the final version but wearing tighter black pants with exposed shoulders instead of a shirt.



Throughout the series, Bulma has changed her appearance more than any other Dragon Ball character, with at least 18 different haircuts and outfits! The color of her hair changes depending on the circumstances, but we frequently see it dyed purple, blue or turquoise. In her early twenties, her hair has grown to her shoulders. Many of the clothes Bulma wears also feature her name or the Capsule Corporation logo.

Vegeta’s potential future wife had a creamy complexion in her youth. Her chest size was 85 cm when she was a teenager, her waist was 58 cm, and her hip size was 84 cm. Her chest size before and after breastfeeding was 87.2 and 83.4 cm, respectively (thanks, Japanese fans!).


Bulma’s first appearance sees her with a braid down her back, a red ribbon, and a very short pink dress with her name on it. She was wearing blue sneakers and purple socks.

Her clothes are replaced by boots, gray pants, and a blue jacket with a white tank top underneath after she was grabbed by a pterodactyl because her panties were wet when she was grabbed by the dinosaur. Her hair remains unchanged.

She wore a red tank top with her name on it, a white shirt underneath, an orange skirt, yellow socks and purple sneakers when she participated in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon; this is an outfit she will wear quite frequently in the series. She has her hair cut shorter after three years, wears an open orange sweatshirt, a red shirt underneath, a white skirt, orange socks and blue shoes with orange laces. During the King Piccolo saga, she wore this same outfit without the orange sweatshirt for part of the story.


Bulma wears a sleeveless purple dress and a light green scarf around her neck in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and in the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. She wears an outfit similar to the one she wore in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.

She still has her bowl cut from the Boo saga and wears red shoes with small gold earrings.

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion, she wears the same outfit as in the 25th Majin Boo World Tournament, while in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Dragon, her red dress and yellow handkerchief are replaced by a blue dress that looks like her green dress.

Bulma’s new look has changed little since Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’. She now wears a white t-shirt, a red bandana, jeans, cowgirl boots and earrings. Later, she wears an identical outfit to her future character, but with a green short-sleeved undershirt instead of blue. Bulma appears in a white long-sleeved shirt, gray leggings and black shoes during her pregnancy with Bra.

She wears a purple jacket with yellow cuffs, a black bra-like garment, white shorts, yellow sunglasses, blue shoes, nail polish and lipstick in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


She was last seen in Kid Boo, where he wore a yellow and black outfit with a black leather jacket, brown gloves and black boots. Instead of her usual bowl hairstyle from the Majin Buu saga, she now has open bangs and wears gold triangular earrings. Bulma wears an orange dress with long sleeves and white beads in Dragon Ball GT. What is unusual is that she will keep the same haircut and earrings until the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z.

In conclusion, we’re not going to go over all of Bulma’s costumes, but here’s a decent summary! But you’ve seen this character many times, and we think the designers intended to make her an iconic figure in the saga.



Her name is based on the Dragon Boy princess from Akira Toriyama’s series and her appearance was taken from Plamo, a character from another Toriyama anime called The Adventures of Tongpoo, aka Tongpoo.


In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma is a young woman who is both a tomboy and a girl with a strong character. Although known for her exceptional intelligence, Bulma is spoiled and vain, using her great beauty as an excuse to justify her self-centered behavior. She has become so greedy that she can’t even ride the magic cloud under pressure. When things get tough, she gets scared easily and gets angry at everyone, including her allies. Bulma is an anxious person, often complaining when circumstances prevent her from taking a bubble bath or stocking up on cosmetics, even if her hygiene is not one of her biggest concerns, such as when she is stuck in the woods.

Despite her temperament, Bulma is often kind and helpful to others. She usually approaches major circumstances rationally, making important decisions on her own, and is usually extremely persistent in accomplishing her goals. Bulma, on the other hand, focuses on becoming a great scientist as she gets older and helps create and repair gadgets that will help the Z-Fighters team and her family in the later Dragonball movies. She is witty, often jokes with her friends, and is also cheerful and laid back.


Strawberry, seductive men and bubble baths are among her favorite things. While dealing with some social issues, Bulma is sometimes forced to use her sex appeal to get what she wants. She seems to despise lecherous men, but she has also fallen in love with Yamcha, whom she says she loves and intends to marry. She seems to be more interested in Vegeta, who has long been committed to her. However, she will lose interest in him because of his lack of commitment to her and will focus more on her relationship with Vegeta.

Despite their difficult beginnings and quarrelsome natures, Bulma has a favorable relationship with the Saiyan prince after their marriage, which will improve. Bulma frequently takes charge of Vegeta and reprimands him for his bad manners, but she enjoys tormenting him. Bulma, on the other hand, is very devoted to Vegeta and adores him. After becoming a mother (Trunks and then Bra), Bulma will show great devotion to her son and daughter, despite her irresponsibility in taking Trunks to the Android battle as a baby.


Bulma began to develop a dislike for her Z-Force companions as she grew older, complaining that they constantly relied on the Dragon Balls to resurrect people in the face of danger. When Chi-Chi believed that Goten and Trunks were killed when Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks were sealed inside the hyperbolic time chamber during the battle with Super Buu, she yelled at them that they would resurrect Goten and Trunks with the Dragon Balls if they died, especially if they were young (also calling the other Z-Fighters “cowards” in the Japanese version).

Bulma, despite her lack of fighting ability, can be violent when enraged and fight if the situation demands it. Krilin, Gohan, Goku, and even to some extent Vegeta are afraid of her volcanic temper. When Krilin realized that Freezer had been destroyed by the Great Spirit Bomb, he was terrified because they had left Bulma alone on Namek and suggested that an enraged Bulma was more terrifying than Freezer himself. Later, when Goku realized that he had forgotten Bulma’s birthday, he expressed his concern that she might be more terrifying than Beerus. During Bulma’s pregnancy, Vegeta steadfastly refused to train with Goku because he believed she would never forgive him, but it is more likely that Vegeta wanted to be there for Bulma during this time of uncertainty.


She may be a good person, but she places too much importance on her appearance, which could be one of the reasons the Magic Cloud won’t let her sit on it. As she got older, she became more and more paranoid about losing her beauty, to the point of collecting crystal balls just to make herself 5 years younger, as in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, when she had already collected 6 of the 7 crystal balls.

She also constantly showed signs of poor house management, especially when it came to cleaning or cooking. In fact, she was so bad at housework that she was even slapped by her husband’s god of destruction (but this was mostly due to her mistaken belief that Beerus was an acquaintance of her husband). Fortunately, Beerus responded by giving her a simple pat on the back and made Vegeta attack the celestial cat to protect his wife. Even Beerus is wary of her character and tries to avoid saying anything that might upset her over time.


When she finally meets Freezer face-to-face once more, and challenges him with the team and Jaco, Bulma boldly confronts Freezer, even addressing him in a harsh and blunt tone. However, her confidence and bravery are discredited when Gohan and Piccolo reveal that Freezer has become much stronger than he was before.

Freezer, on the other hand, has a tender side. He is shown being kind to the animals in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug (which I’ll talk about later) and he even tried to keep Goku waiting by burying his face in his arms. When Freezer agreed to wait only ten seconds for Goku to arrive, she lost her cool and called him a low-class jerk (and in the Funimation version, she even told Freezer “Fuck you!” and threw several “bastard” at him). In the Japanese version, she is sometimes seen swearing!



Bulma’s relationship with Goku is one of the most intriguing, having known the Saiyan for most of her life and becoming one of her first and closest friends. At first, she was irritated and annoyed by his lack of hygiene, etiquette and understanding of the world, wanting to rely solely on him as a sort of protection when they were searching for the Dragon Balls.

However, Bulma came to see Goku as a friend after seeing him in danger. Their relationship was like that of an older sister and younger brother growing up together. As they matured, Bulma helped Goku when he needed it and frequently expressed concern for him if a task seemed too difficult or if he was in danger of being killed….


After their return to Earth, Bulma and Goku remained on good terms despite Bulma’s complaints about her tendency to jump into fights immediately and her habit of not taking things seriously enough. Despite this, Bulma’s trust and faith in Goku was absolute, to the point that she trusted him more than her own husband, Vegeta; as seen in their fights against Majin Boo as well as Goku Black and Zamasu.

Bulma’s affection for Goku goes far beyond their relationship and includes her family, as she is good friends with Chi-Chi and is very affectionate towards her children Gohan and Goten.




In the year 739, ten years before the beginning of Emperor Pilaf’s story, Bulma (then five years old) visits her family on the island of Omori. She then helps restore Jaco’s spaceship without anyone noticing. She shows a degree of intelligence that amazes both Jaco and Omori. Bulma is constantly accompanied by her self-made laser gun and insists that she created it for protection because she believed Jaco was in fact an evil alien.

Bulma graduated from West Cit University a year later. She grew tired of the monotony of city life and began searching for dragon balls that would grant the wishes of those who sought them.




Bulma discovered her first two-star crystal ball in her basement at the age of 16. She developed the Dragon Radar to locate other Dragon Balls so she could wish for a lifetime supply of strawberries, but then she changed her mind and wished she had the perfect boyfriend instead. During her summer vacation, she set out to find the mystical balls and after a few days, she found the Crystal Ball 5 in North Valley.

On the morning of September 15, 1997, Bulma was at Mount Paozu looking for the next one when she inadvertently ran over a young boy named Goku with her car. Bulma was Goku’s first vision of a woman, as well as his second encounter with humanity after the death of his guardian and “grandfather” Gohan. After Goku takes Bulma to his home, she discovers that he has a fourth crystal ball (the Dragon Ball). She explains him the history and the power of these balls. She decides to become a fellow traveler with him after failing to persuade Goku to give her his ball. However, she intentionally fails to tell him that the crystal balls disperse after the wish is made.

That night, while camping in a capsule house in Skull Valley, Bulma inadvertently introduces Goku to several amenities he was deprived of during his isolation, including technology, cleanliness and even the female body (by accident). The next morning, Goku discovers a lost sea turtle and decides to bring it back to the beach, which Bulma reluctantly agrees to because she doesn’t want to be left alone and helpless. They bring it back to the beach, where Master Roshi welcomes them. The bear thief is then brought back to the beach and met by Master Roshi, who gives him the Magic Cloud for bringing him back safely.


When Goku is imprisoned in the cave by King Pilaf, he has a vision of Bulma telling him to wait for her in three days. When she returns, he gives her his gold watch and tells her that it is time for them to part (since they have accomplished their mission). He also shows her his “flying” feature – the ability to fly with one hand on another person’s back. Although I have compiled this list from my own knowledge and experience, there may be an inaccuracy or two. If you find any errors, let me know so I can correct them!

On their way to get the Dragon Balls, Bulma and Goku arrived at a village called Aru, which was ruled by a shapeshifter known as Oolong who had kidnapped the children of several villagers. For devising a strategy for Goku to defeat Oolong, Bulma received the Six Star Crystal Ball from an old woman in the community. Since its metamorphic power could be beneficial, she forced him to accompany her on her journey. After crossing a river by boat just before, their journey becomes more difficult when they reach the Diablo Desert and lose their capsules after crossing a river on foot. She met Yamcha in the desert, who she has a crush on.

Bulma was forced to wear a bunny suit after spending the night in Oolong’s House-Wagon, as it was the only clean clothing she had. The Z Fighters arrived at Fire Mountain two days later to search for the dragon ball before Gyumao discovered them. Bulma and Oolong almost died at the hands of the Ox Demon King, but were saved when he learned that Goku knew Master Roshi.

Bulma received the seven-star Dragon Ball when Goku and Chi-Chi, the Ox King’s daughter, led Master Roshi to extinguish the flames on the fire mountain, but Bulma had let Roshi fondle her breasts in return. nBulma asked Oolong to take her place in his form, but she became furious when he went too far and exposed her breasts.


The heroes finally find the last dragon ball and return to a village for supplies. Because she is still wearing the Oolong rabbit costume, Bulma is mistaken for a member of the Rabbit Mob when she arrives in town. She then tries to acquire new clothes. Toninjinka, the mob leader, turns Bulma into a carrot after physically touching her as they try to call her. After that, Goku will turn to Yamcha and Puar to help him fight the Carrot monster and return Bulma to her human form.

The gang set out again to retrieve the last one-star dragon ball that Emperor Pilaf had in his possession, the latter wishing to use them to rule the planet. Bulma and the others were forced to accompany Yamcha and Puar to Pilaf’s castle, as their previous car had been destroyed by Pilaf’s henchman Shu, who had also taken five of their Dragon Balls.


Bulma gets closer to Yamcha during the trip. The group is trapped in a room with Pilaf when they arrive at his castle, where he was able to steal the last bullet that Goku had hidden from them and Oolong was able to avert disaster by screaming his desire for panties just a split second before Pilaf’s demand for world domination. When Goku witnessed the full moon and transformed into the huge ape Oozaru, Bulma and the others were able to escape. The next morning, Bulma was unhappy that her wish had not come true, but she decided to reconnect with Yamcha and return to West City.



However, when Pilaf tries to take over the world again, Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar decide to return to West City while Goku goes to train with Master Roshi. Their plane crashed in a jungle on the way back, forcing them to walk. In West City, Bulma and Yamcha start dating. She encourages Yamcha as he beats an entire dojo of fighters to prepare for the upcoming World Martial Arts Competition.

Meanwhile, Bulma decides to visit Goku at the Kame house but discovers that she has been moved. When Yamcha leaves West City to train outside, Bulma goes crazy. A month later, while driving home from shopping, Bulma is almost hit by a truck. She is saved by Yamcha who returns and saves her. She is disappointed in him for leaving for so long without contacting her. Afterwards, she takes Yamcha home with her and gets him cleaned up. )


While on vacation, Bulma watched the first three world martial arts tournaments so she could watch them all together. She arrived at Papaya Island to see Goku and Master Roshi sitting behind the registration desk. Bulma called on Oolong to help her get a good vantage point so she could watch Yamcha fight in the qualifiers.

She was able to get a first place finish when the competition started! Bulma boasted that she was the person who discovered Goku, and while Goku did a great job at the tournament, she also boasted about her role.

During dinner, when Goku lost the last fight to Jackie Chun (who was actually Genie Turtle in disguise), Bulma and the others started to head home, but she got trapped in the desert after Yamcha’s car broke down and took them back to the World Tournament arena.


Bulma returns to West City and resumes her high school studies at this point in the story. She is irritated by Yamcha’s popularity with the other women after seeing him flirting with several of them. After meeting her on the street in front of her house, Goku comes to her and asks her to fix the Dragon Radar, which broke during their trip. She decides to go back with Goku and get the Dragon Balls again because she misses the life in West City.

She had made a new gadget, the Micro Band, in order to shrink and travel with him on the Magic Cloud when he arrived. Then, just before leaving, Bulma changes her mind and decides to show Goku around the city.


During their journey through the city, Goku and Bulma meet Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar. who join them in the Land of Dreams. In Dreamland, because of her altercation with Yamcha, Bulma is in a bad mood and decides to walk alone. When she wants to apologize to him, she sees him kissing another woman; however, he was actually trying to disarm Husky, a professional thief. Bulma hits Yamcha with a pot, rendering him unconscious, and Husky manages to escape. Hasky is taken into custody by Goku, who then leaves Bulma. She leaves with Goku to search for the Dragon Balls after the end of the relationship between Yamcha and her.

After a long day of training, the two end up on an island adjacent to the location of a crystal ball in the sea. When Bulma realizes that she does not have an underwater capsule with her, Goku dives to the ball in the sea, leaving Bulma on the island. On this island, which Goku thinks is uninhabited, he leaves because he didn’t know it was a Red Ribbon Army base.


In Dragon Ball GT, Bulma is captured and enslaved by the Namekian people on their planet, which she joins against her will. After she escapes, they start to covet her again. She runs away, which makes them angry. They board planes and shoot at Bulma, but Goku arrives just in time to destroy the soldiers and save her.

When it turns out that the crystal ball is deep underwater, Krillin offers to accompany them. At the Kame house, Master Roshi informed them that he would have needed a submarine in exchange for the crystal ball if they wanted him to use his psychic abilities on it (for Roshi’s perverse reasons). When Krilin said he would come, they set off into the ocean.

In the ocean, they were chased by General Blue’s submarine into a pirate cave, where there was also hidden treasure. Bulma encountered a pirate robot as she advanced through the cave. During the fight, Bulma and Krilin ran away and outrun Goku, who chose to stay and fight the machine. They had no choice but to strip and swim the rest of the way to the end of the passage. After discovering a room filled with riches, Bulma and Krilin confronted General Blue.

Bulma then tried to appeal to General Blue’s vanity with her body, but he was not interested in women. When Goku defeated him, Bulma and Krilin escaped from the cave before it collapsed, and Goku immediately left to search for the Crystal Ball.

Because of her main character, Bulma will also appear in all future sagas, including the following:

  • Saga of Uranai Baba.
  • Saga of Ten Shin Han.
  • Saga of King Piccolo.
  • Saga of Piccolo Jr.



After 5 years of peace on earth, Goku will take his new child, Gohan, on a journey with Bulma, Krilin and the Genie Turtle. Then Raditz will appear as Sangoku’s brother who has come to Earth to inquire why his brother failed to kill all humanity. Then Bulma will be a spectator during the kidnapping of Gohan by Goku’s evil twin.


The adventure begins with the birth of Goku, who is destined to become a hero. Piccolo and Raditz then set out to find food for their starving planet, but not before being born brothers. To succeed against Raditz, Piccolo and Goku will join forces in a fun way. The Scouter, which measures the power level of a fighter, is then repaired by Bulma. Two new Saiyans named Vegeta and Nappa appear on Earth two years later. Yamcha will be murdered by one of the Saibaman, and Bulma will be a spectator once again. Baba, the fortune teller, will allow people to see the battle through her crystal ball. Bulma’s Scouter will then allow her to read Goku’s power level, which is so high that he will break the device.


The story of Bulma, one of the most famous villains of Dragonball, will take her to the planet Namek where Piccolo and Kami Sama live. In order to retrieve the Namekian crystal balls and resurrect the many defenders of Earth who died in the great battle against Vegeta & Nappa, she will attempt to steal the remote control of their spaceship.


She will arrive at Mr. Popo’s, who will guide her to discover a huge ship by accompanying her on his flying carpet. It turns out that the ship was used by Kami to escape from Namek when she was young.

When she learns that the Capsule Corporation has a very fast spaceship, she will not hesitate to have it repaired with her father, Dr. Brief, at the Capsule Corporation. She will then live several other adventures throughout Dragon Ball Z beside the main ones, always as a central character of the franchise:

  • Androids Saga.
  • Saga Cell.
  • Saga Great Saiyaman.
  • Saga of the World Tournaments.
  • Saga Majin Boo.




After the battle between the Z-Fighters and Majin Boo, Bulma will be relieved to see that Vegeta has decided to concentrate a little more on his family instead of training. This will allow Trunks, Bra and him to get closer. She will also point out that since his fight with Buu, he has changed for the better; this will irritate him a bit and he will go back to training. Despite this, she will be grateful to him for paying a little more attention to her family for a short time.


On a cruise ship, Bulma will throw a big party. The nice Boo, who only eats the buffet, will irritate her. When she learns that Vegeta and Goku were still training with Son Gohan, she will be even more enraged. When Beerus and Whis arrive, Bulma takes care of the introductions. But she will soon be disappointed, because the God of Destruction will point his finger at Vegeta to try to kill him. She gets in between the two, receiving a kiss from Beerus as a result.

When Goku shows up, she asks him to go right away to Beerus and confront him, shocked by his explanation that Beerus was a god of destruction. Then Shenron is called, and Bulma will notice how crazy he is about Beerus. Bulma will ask Vegeta why she was not informed about the existence of the Super Saiyan God and how it is possible to reach this stage.

Bulma will push Goku to take on Beerus after he has mastered his evolution. Fortunately for humanity, Beerus did not destroy the planet and left it intact. Bulma’s dissatisfaction with Vegeta stems from the problem of the God SSJ; she was unable to overcome it.


  • Bulma was originally a parody of a character from Journey to the West (as was Goku). She was based on Xuanzang (also known as Tripitaka), whom she led in search of the Dragon Balls. Bulma, accompanied by Goku,
  • Oolong, Yamcha and Puar, travels in search of the Dragon Balls. Although he is a man, Xuanzang is played by a woman in Chinese opera, as the role is usually played by a lady.
  • In an edition of the Dragon Ball manga published in December 1990, Bulma was first introduced a month before the start of the series, in postcards sent to members of the “Akira Toriyama Preservation Society” The site
    The name Bulma is derived from bloomers, which are a type of lingerie. It is an allusion to modern underwear.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Bulma does not have a last name; Brief is her father’s first name. This will be shown in the manga, where she will be called “Dr. Bulma.”
  • Bulma is the most frequently seen female character in the Dragon Ball franchise. She is the source of most of the costumes and fan art, as she is frequently portrayed in a sexual manner in many situations, especially during Dragon Ball.
  • Bulma is a gadget inventor. She loves her work. Her favorite pastime is inventing new technologies.
  • Strawberries are Bulma’s favorite fruit.
  • Her initial desire was to have a lifetime supply of crystal balls.
  • Her SSC (social security card) number is SSC 41453, with a blood type of
  • B.34 C is the chest size of Bulma’s bra in Dragon Ball.
  • Bulma’s first animated appearance was in the third Urusei Yatsura movie, which was released shortly after the manga began. She is wearing her cover outfit from chapter 4.
  • In episode 47 of Dragon Ball, “Kame House – Found!” (Japanese: ドラゴンボール47「カメハウス-発見!」), Krilin says Bulma’s name in an accidental reference to her bloomer.
  • Bulma prefers her males to have short hair, as she says in episode 19 (it’s more obvious in the Japanese version).
  • Bulma smokes during the Great Saiyaman saga. We will see her smoking again, at different moments of Dragon Ball Z, especially during the saga of the Great Saiyaman, when Gohan asks her to make a costume for him. It is possible that she took this habit from her father, who was an inveterate smoker in the series.
  • In Dragon Ball, Bulma was transformed into a carrot and once by Super Boo in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Bulma was voted 17th by Japanese fans in the Dragon Ball Forever Top 20 Characters poll, placing her above Android 17, Yajirobe and Videl.
    There is a story circulating that Bulma can be played in Budokai 3, as she appears in the 11th training stage, where she teaches players how to use the capsules in battle. She doesn’t move around much, but it’s clear that there is a full three-dimensional model of Bulma in the game.
  • She has many characteristics of her astrological sign, the lion. She is selfish, bossy and conceited at times, although she can be generous, loyal and brave.