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C-18 is an android created by Dr. Gero (C-20). It is the first android model that he developed (C-20). It is a fully automated combat model, which means that it is devoid of any human element compared to C-17 and C-19. He has an important role in the Cell saga.

In this article about the cyborg C-16, we will look at:

  • His personality, appearance and general presence.
  • The complete life of the cyborg.
  • His battle tactics.

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C-16 is one of the most famous cyborgs in Dragon Ball Z, along with C17 and C18. He is tall, has blue eyes and orange hair. He also wears two gold earrings. His uniform is mostly green, with a big emphasis on height. On the left side of his armor, there is a red ribbon army logo.

Dr. Gero created the cyborgs to avenge Goku, after all. Son Goku destroys the entire army in the Dragon Ball saga. C16’s design is based on Dr. Gero’s son, who died in battle before the beginning of the Dragon Ball story. It is essential to understand why Dr. Gero designed C16: to assassinate Son Goku.



Despite its huge shape, C16 does not exude any particular malice. He is rather calm, pleasant, and appreciates nature and the world in general (especially small birds for those who have the reference). He despises Cell because he only seeks to destroy. C16 is trustworthy and loyal to his friends. In trying to save C17 and C18 from Cell, we can see this clearly as he does his best.

In vain, he faces Cell in his first form. C17’s arrogance, on the other hand, causes him to be absorbed. Once in his second form, Cell surpasses C16 in power. C16 is willing to sacrifice his life for a good cause. This is especially evident in the fight between Gohan and Cell.

On the other hand, he is extremely cold towards Goku. Indeed, he was created to kill him, which prevents him from being too friendly with him… Let’s learn more about his past!



The C16 is a cyborg that is considered incomplete. Dr. Gero is clearly responsible for its creation. The goal was to develop an entirely synthetic and mechanical fighter. He appears to be Dr. Gero’s son physically. When he was created, his designer programmed him with a gentle and peaceful temperament. C20 did not want C16 to suffer the same fate as his son.

C17 released him before his programming was complete. When C16 was released, he says his programming was not yet complete. C16 is silent and only speaks when necessary. He also says that C17 and C18 are not bad in the

This method has some drawbacks when it was created. It was not supposed to be active, and it would have taken a few more hours of programming. It should be noted that C16 is not mentioned in Trunks’ future story.



Let’s go back to the standard timeline, shall we? It is C18’s curiosity that will trigger the commissioning of his mechanical cyborg. Gero formally forbids him to do so, and this argument leads C17 to kill him.

Trunks from the future decides to attack in order to eliminate the danger, by sending a powerful assault. This has no impact and C16 is activated. C17 and C18 ask him questions while he remains silent in return.


C18 is a powerful Saiyan who was created to kill Goku. C17 is not very obedient. He needs to reach a goal, so the trio goes in search of Goku to kill him. They find a car on the road. Vegeta appears and demands a fight, but C16 explains that he does not want to fight. It is then again up to C18 to volunteer for the fight.

Vegeta is defeated in a devastating battle. Trunks of the Future, Krillin, Piccolo and Ten Shin Han arrive to help Vegeta. C17 asks if C16 is going to fight this time, but it is obvious that he won’t. Vegeta refuses any outside help and resumes his fight against C18. His son intervenes to prevent him from witnessing his father’s death, refusing to let his father die at someone else’s hands. C17 dispatches them with ease, along with Ten Shin Han and Piccolo.

Meanwhile, C16 cries as the birds leave, sad that the battle is over. The battle ends, and the cyborgs return to their original goal of locating Goku.



C16 will play an important role in the conclusion of the saga as he did in the previous one. Piccolo discovers a missing and unexplained city in this new adventure. The FighterZ team takes over the investigation after the discovery of a time machine and the remains of a lizard mutation.

After a journey, Piccolo ends up meeting Cell. He discovers the truth. Cell must take flight in order to absorb a large number of human beings. In order to defeat C17 and C18, he must become stronger. His goal is to integrate them in order to reach his ultimate form.


C16 will start to play a more important role in the story at this point, and it is precisely at this point that he will start to matter. He will want to defend his two cyborg friends against Cell. Piccolo meets C17 on the tropical islands and tries to convey to him the danger that Cell represents. Because he has great faith in his fighting abilities, C17 does not listen. He thinks he is better than everyone else.

Meanwhile, Cell tells him that he must retreat. C16 steps in to tell him to back off just as Cell is about to engage C17. He warns him that Cell’s perfect form must not be achieved at any cost. It could destroy the entire planet. In retaliation, C17 is displeased with this intervention and ignores his advice. The fight seems to favor Cell, and C16 asks C18 to flee Cell immediately.

C17 tries to attack Cell but is pushed back. C16 intervenes, pushes him away, and the fight resumes. He fights against the scaly opponent. Cell regenerates and stabs C16 in the neck with his stinger. However, his form being entirely mechanical, there is no life energy to absorb. The cyborg grabs Cell’s tail and rips it off. He thinks that this maneuver will defeat Cell since he will be able to prevent him from surprising C17 and C18 next.


Of course, this is pointless since the imperfect fighter’s cells can be regenerated as long as his brain is not damaged. C16 understands that it is crucial to destroy Cell completely so that he never returns to his perfect form. The battle rages on, and he uses his most powerful technique, Hell’s Flash. The explosion of his arms demolishes a large part of the island. Cell disappeared for a few minutes. The cyborgs believe that Cell is about to be defeated, so they let their guard down. This will be a costly mistake. For Cell reappears and pretends to be C17 again. The integration takes place, giving him a semi-perfect form. He begins to lose his “insect” appearance to appear more human.

It is then that Cell transforms into the most powerful being in this world, far superior to C16. Thanks to Ten Shin Han’s diversion and the arrival of Trunks and Vegeta, our mechanical cyborg will be badly treated and will hide near C18.

Thanks to Vegeta, the cell derived from Cell will be able to consume C18. The Prince of the Saiyans has more power than the semi-perfect form and becomes very conceited. When Cell tells him that if he had full access to his ultimate form, he would easily defeat him. Vegeta doesn’t believe it for a second and gives him C18 as proof.

The protagonist is a young boy from the world of Tron who calls himself Light, and he has to fight against his sworn enemy. To rally them, he has organized a martial arts event called the Cell Game. He will fight anyone who dares to compete against him. Everything will be destroyed if he wins.

The championship is about to begin, and the fights are in full swing. Son Goku gives his power to his son Gohan. He thinks that if the half-saiyan becomes enraged, he will easily surpass Cell.


Gohan’s growth and development as a hero is hindered by his continued attempts to outdo himself. He can’t seem to succeed, despite his best efforts. He watches his friends suffer, helplessly. It is at this point that C16 will play an important role in the Cell saga. Only his head is on the ground after a serious injury. Mr. Satan asks him to throw him near Gohan so that he can talk to him.

Gohan is enraged and lets it show. He punches C16 in the head, calling him a useless cyborg, and crushes him with a kick. This behavior shocks Gohan, who unleashes his fury. The super saiyan 2 has been developed to win the battle… Victory is only a matter of time after acquiring the super saiyan 2…



Dr. C17 is supposed to be the most powerful cyborg. When he scans C16’s module, we can clearly see that this version is less powerful than him. However, it is more likely that this difference in strength is due to the fact that C16 has been inactive for a long time.

Because, as it appears, C16 is without a doubt the most powerful cyborg. If you don’t count Cell, his creator, Dr. Gero, says that C16 could put the entire planet at risk. When Cell has eaten all of humanity’s energy, C16 compares favorably to him in terms of strength. She believes that while he was repairing and improving him, she could manage to contain him for a few minutes after returning home.



The C16 is a unique cyborg because of its fully artificial version. This gives it unique combat skills. Let’s take a look at the most legendary of them, shall we?

Son Goku Elimination Program: The C16 was designed to destroy Goku. It has information about Goku in its program: skill, fighting style, and most powerful attacks… C16 is opposed to Goku because Cell is a much more dangerous threat.

Bear Hug: On the ground, C16’s deadly bo-staff grabs his opponent in close combat and tortures him. He uses it against the perfect Cell.

Power Sensor: C16 is equipped with a robust power sensor that won’t explode if energy levels are too high. In FighterZ, we learn that this sensor can identify the celestial ki and evaluate the strength of Goku Blue.

Eye Beam: He can shoot a laser beam from his eyes, just like Monster Hunter. He also used this method against Cell.

Machine Impact: Blocking the opponent’s shoulder is a form of martial art.

Hell’s Flash: One of the most powerful and damaging methods imaginable. The C16 grabs his opponent and throws him to the ground. Then, with his hands unscrewed, he exposes two huge guns. He loads them and fires an extremely powerful burst.

Hell’s Flash full power: The third variation is identical to the second, but with full power. We see it for example in Dragon Ball Fusions.



Let’s learn some fascinating information about Dr. Gero’s sixteenth cyborg, shall we?

  • After C16 is repaired by Bulma and his father, he proudly holds up the Capsule Corp. logo. The red ribbon army insignia has disappeared from view.
  • C16 is a clone of C8. They got along well, they are tall, they love nature, and they both died tragically. Moreover, their death provokes in Goku and Gohan an abundance of fury. This even allows them to win the conflict for them.
  • The narrative of C16 is comparable to that of Astro Boy, a character from another comic book. He is a robot that was designed after his father’s son.
  • At the end of the Buu saga, it appears that C16 was resurrected after Son Goku’s wish.


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Although a minor character, C16 has had a significant impact on the Dragon Ball Z series. It was through him that Gohan was able to find the inner strength to defeat Cell.

C16 is also used in video games, like FighterZ. If you like this character or cyborgs in general, check out our special content! To continue your journey, click on the image below!

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