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Are you here to learn more about Android 19, the latest invention from Doctor Gero? You are in the right place! We are going to focus on C-19, the terrible cyborg who only wants to kill Son Goku. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goal and is ready to kill thousands of innocent people to do so.

Doctor Gero’s C-19 is his nineteenth and final creation. He was developed to kill Son Goku, just like the previous cyborgs, in order to avenge the Red Ribbon army. C-19 is a dedicated robot who assists Dr. Gero in his quest for immortality after helping him acquire it. Cyborg 19, unlike C-17 and C-18, has the ability to absorb the energy of his opponent, as does C-20

C-19 is a secondary antagonist who appears early in the Cyborg story and serves to aid his creator in his quest for revenge.

In this guide to Cyborg C-19 you will discover:

  • During the Cyborg Saga, C-19’s history & biography are discussed.
  • The attacks & abilities of the C-19 cyborg.
  • Interesting facts about the protagonist.

Are you ready to start? Then let’s get this party started without further ado!

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Sa tête est entièrement blanche, et il a deux boucles d’oreilles. Il porte également un pantalon baggy orange, une ceinture rouge et des bottes de combat blanches et noires.

L’androïde du Dr Gero est représenté portant un chapeau pointu avec le symbole de l’Armée du Ruban Rouge sur le devant. La forme de son crâne est plutôt ronde, et ses yeux sont de minuscules points bleus. Le cyborg possède également de petits orbes rouges dans la paume de ses mains qui peuvent s’étendre pour absorber l’énergie des autres. C-19 porte un globe en verre renforcé sous sa casquette, qui contient un cerveau mécanique artificiel construit par le Dr. Gero.


Although Gero’s C-19 is not the most powerful model he has created, he is arguably the most obedient and loyal cyborg to his purpose and creator. He is completely devoted to Dr. Gero’s quest for revenge and wants to fight Goku to assassinate him.


Gundam C-19 is also very intelligent compared to other androids, having been able to transform his creator into an absorption model similar to him. He is very confident and seems to enjoy making his enemies suffer, especially when Son Goku is weakened by his heart disease. However, the cyborg has one major drawback: like Raditz who depended on his power sensor, he constantly calculates the strength of his enemies thanks to his technological device. During the Saiyan saga, he relies on outdated data and statistics of Z-team fighters.

He believes that his calculations are correct and in the movie C-19, he refutes the theory of Kefla’s ability to fight a Super Saiyan 2. In fact, C-19 turns out to be correct; however, Kefla’s incompetence leads him to underestimate Goku. He makes the same mistake with Vegeta based on the data from the Saiyan Saga and loses as a result.

Despite being a machine, C-19 has the ability to feel fear, especially when he tries to escape from Vegeta before being killed. This is due to the fact that he was built with an artificial soul. 


Dr. Gero’s C-19 is a brand new android built largely with synthetic technology that differs significantly from previous cyborgs. During his time with the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero retrieved a doll that adorned the headquarters of an enemy base and used it as a model to create Android 19 .

Basil’s doppelganger was created when C-19 ingested a sample of his father’s DNA. This allowed his creator, Doctor Gero, to achieve immortality by transforming Doctor Gero into C-20. He transplanted the latter’s brain into a cyborg body.

C-19 is first introduced in the Dragon Ball Z cyborg saga, accompanied by C-20, the robotic Doctor Gero. An island south of South City is attacked by the evil duo. Because they have no ki, Team Z fighters are unable to find the cyborgs. C-19 and C-20 quickly strike Yamcha, who was in a city under attack, and the protector of Earth is knocked out. Gero lifts Yamcha off the ground with his hand. The cyborg uses his other hand to smash it against the Earthman’s chest to absorb all his energy.

Yamcha’s energy is quickly drained, allowing Goku and his friends to locate him and the cyborgs.


When the city is half destroyed, Goku begs Doctor Gero to go fight somewhere else. C-19 asks for permission to fight the Saiyan, which he gets soon after. Son Goku immediately transforms into a Super Saiyan and begins to gain an advantage over his opponent. Unfortunately, his heart disease develops because of all this work and his heart starts to suffer severely. The cyborg’s C-19 absorbs the energy from Goku’s Kamehameha, giving him a boost. The Saiyan’s congestive heart failure worsens, and he eventually collapses to the ground.

C-19 is about to steal the rest of his opponent’s energy, but is suddenly sent flying by a powerful kick to the face. The cyborg gets up, furious, and sees Vegeta standing in front of him. C-19 depends on the strength of Prince Vegeta of the Saiyans in the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, believing that he has a level comparable to Goku. When he realizes that his opponent is also able to transform into a Super Saiyan, C-19 is shocked.

The fight begins, but the android quickly understands that he can’t do anything against Vegeta’s power and speed.

C-19 pulls on his opponent’s arms and swears that he will not let go until he has absorbed all of his strength until the fighters begin to fight again. The Prince of Saiyans places his feet on top of his opponent’s head and reaches back, ripping the cyborg’s arms off. C-19 tries to flee but is hit by Vegeta’s retaliatory Big Bang attack, causing him to flee as only the android’s smoking head emerges from the smoke. He rolls away.

After the confrontation, Trunks from the future arrives at the scene and finds C-19’s head. He calculates that while the members of Team Z killed the danger, the androids in his timeline are different.



After the conclusion of Dragon Ball GT, C-19 reappears in the Super C-17 saga, this time escaping from hell with many other villains. He is accompanied by Pui Pui and the two criminals use energy shots to disrupt the environment. Son Goten and Trunks quickly spot him and fire a barrage of fire ki at him, causing Dr. Gero’s monster to be decapitated for the second time.


Android 19 is the weakest C-20 cyborg of all, Doctor Gero. The disparity in strength between him and his creator, however, is not huge. Although Android 19 surpasses the power of many Z-team fighters, he doesn’t reach that of the Super Saiyans. Piccolo is shocked to discover that the android is not as strong as he thought, despite his heart condition. Thanks to C-19’s illness and the fact that he increased his strength a hundredfold after taking a Kamehameha from the Saiyan, Goku was defeated by him.

C-19 kept his cool against Vegeta in Super Saiyan form for a while, but was soon overwhelmed, even after absorbing some of the prince’s strength. Compared to the C-17 and C-18 versions, which are far superior in terms of power, the cyborg is a less successful experiment.



Energy Absorption: An energy draining technique invented by Dr. Gero to drain the life energy of a person and other beings. The user grabs his opponent with his hands, absorbing his energy through them. C-19 used this ability several times during the saga, especially against Vegeta, hoping to use it as a last resort. However, the Prince of Vegeta will prevent him from doing so by tearing off his arms.

Absorption 19: The android absorbs energy attacks from a distance that might hit him with the palm of his hand in front of him. The degree of vampirism influences the degree to which C-19 heals by absorbing energy if he is wounded.

Photon Shot: This is a short range physical attack that shoots an intense beam of laser energy from his right palm.

Evil Carnage: This is from the Dragon Ball GT episode “Super C-17” in which C-19 and Pui Pui fire two powerful energy blasts in opposite directions while fighting Super C-17.

Cybernetic Pain: The user charges at the opponent at full speed, inflicting heavy melee damage.

Eye Lasers: Ethan fires two beams of energy from his eyes. We’ve seen him use this method in the anime as well as in the Raging Blast franchise.

Bionic Punisher: This was an improved version of the previous attack, and was also used by Doctor Gero.

Rolling Crush: C-19 throws a devastating kick at his opponent that sends him flying and crashing hard into the ground. This technique is frequently used in the Budokai series.

Pump Up: This is an example of a crit boost. It increases his defensive and other abilities by increasing his stats (C-19). This method is particularly popular in the Tenkaichi and Raging Blast series.

False Courage: The master then taught V-19 the technique used by C-19 to double his defense to better absorb attacks.

C-19’s Equipment: The android 19 has a more sophisticated detection system developed by Dr. Gero. The cyborg’s eyes are implanted with this technology, which allows it to detect and assess the amount of power at long range. It should be noted that Dr. Gero also has a similar sensor, and both are equally effective.



– The cyborgs C-19 and C-20 were supposed to be the first androids introduced by Trunks of the Future, according to the creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama. However, Kauhiko Torishima, his former editor, said that the physical appearance of these two characters was ridiculous and lacked originality. Following this information, Toriyama decided to change the story to focus on the androids C-17 and C-18.

– After Vegeta grabs C-19’s hands, a thick crimson liquid gushes out, giving the appearance of blood, but it is actually a dyed oil intended to mimic human blood flow as closely as possible.

– C-19 has an electronic brain under his hat, while C-20 has a human brain.

– C-19 is the only Android in the Cell Games saga to have remained loyal to Dr. Gero in his effort to kill Son Goku, unlike C-13, C-14 and C-15. The creators of C-17 and C-18 rebelled against them by murdering their father, while C-16 also abandoned his mission to destroy the Saiyan.


– C-19 seems to be afraid, even as a cyborg, when he tries to flee the fight against Vegeta after losing his hands. Even though he doesn’t feel it, he is unable to absorb the energy and flees in terror.

– According to Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dr. Gero has developed a technology that creates artificial souls. This explains why androids built like C-19 can go to hell after their death.

– He was murdered by another Saiyan, then resurrected to avenge the death of his brother, Gohan. Vegeta killed Krillin in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT before being killed by Future Trunks.

– The voices used for C-19 have a variety of effects and voice changes, depending on the dubbing. He has an almost human tone in the Japanese version, while the cyborg has a more robotic voice in some remastered editions. In the American version, C-19 has a rather high-pitched voice that strongly resembles that of Majin Buu.

-In the Raging Blast video game series, there is a unique conversation between Chaozu and C-19. Doctor Gero’s android claims that Chaozu has copied his appearance.



The Cyborg 19 guide is now complete, and we hope you have enjoyed reading it. If you like the android saga, we encourage you to read the articles on Cell and the other cyborgs. C-19 may not be the most important android in the series, but he is the first villain to see and face Vegeta’s Super Saiyan form, hence his importance. It is also thanks to him that his creator could acquire immortality.

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