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Android 21 (人造 人間 21, Jinzōningen Nijūichi-Gō, “Artificial Human No. 21”), an Android that seems to be the main opponent of the video game Dragon Ball FighterZ in its evil character, is an Android designed by Dr. Gero. It was created by Dr. Gero, and there may be even smarter than her.

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Akira Toriyama created Android 21. This character is described as a tall scientist with remarkable shapes and curves. She wears curly glasses and a top hat. She has a gold ring on her left middle finger and long auburn hair all put together. Her opaque black tights are hidden by wide black sleeves, although she will certainly wear blue or red heeled boots. Her eyes resemble Dr. Gero’s androids, like Android 18, except they are larger.

The basic equipment set is shown below. Android 21’s new body retains its shape and his skin turns pink, his hair turns a much paler shade of pink than ever before, his ears become pointed, and his eyes change as his evil half takes over and gives him a tail. In this form, he wears a black tube top with black sleeves on his arms and white puffy pants. It should be noted that it looks most like a Majin in this stature.

The result of all this is that she has all the traits of the Z-Fighters, Freezer, Cell and Majin Boo in one person. C-21 states in an off-the-record interview with the player that although she may look like an adult, she is actually less than ten years old and regrets not having had her teenage years, finding it embarrassing when little children managed to call her “mom”.



Android 21 is forced by her biological nature to eat (which has gotten out of hand due to the insanity of her body’s cells). She likes macaroons, and prefers candy and sweets. Unlike Majin Boo, Android 21 loves macaroons, which is one of her favorite foods. Her voracious hunger is so strong that it has damaged Android 21’s mind and created a split personality.

The longer she goes without feeding, the more her perverse nature asserts itself. But when her true personality returns, she behaves as a kind and caring individual who has been concerned about C-18 and has even agreed to help him. When she resurfaces, she becomes a sadistic, power-hungry sociopath who wants to “devour” all the powerful fighters close to insanity. Her appetite for powerful “consumable” fighters is similar to Majin’s traits, passed on when Boo’s cells were incorporated into him. His good side is sympathetic to Gentle Boo, due to their comparable genetics and affection for sweets.


While Android 21’s character is dark and sinister, her perverse side dislikes Android 16 and thinks that Androids don’t care about things like family and loved ones, so she orders Android 18 to attack Krilin. She only likes Dr. Gero for his laboratories and research, although food is his main interest.

She is not unlike her better half, the repulsive C-21, in that she puts herself first and has a self-centered personality. Cell’s power makes her think that others are less powerful than her, but she also sees others as nothing more than food to make her stronger. She is also the creator of Nappa, the Ginyu Commando, Freezer, Cell (all of whom she resurrected with the crystal balls of Namek) and Kid Boo (whom she feeds only because they provide her with food). They are simply a source of food for her and her hunger, even if they disappoint her.

She only allows the Z Fighters, resurrected villains, and androids to grow and become stronger in order to pursue her goal of consuming them. She was enraged when the Z Fighters and villains led by Freezer and Cell began hunting clones to deprive her of 21 food sources, causing her to seek them out in a blind fury motivated by hunger.



She inherited the personalities of both her halves after successfully using fission following the emotional upheaval created by the death of her adopted son C-16, who was murdered by her perverted side following a loss of control.

Although Android 21 understands that her human form was the mother of Android 16’s model (which caused her to develop a maternal affection for him), she will nonetheless confess to having no memory of her former existence as a human, although she likes to speculate about what her model might have been.

Furthermore, she has no idea that Dr. Gero was the father of the C-16 prototype or their connection. She confides in one of her conversations with the Dragon Ball player that her creator, while not a nice man, was a brilliant scientist and that she would like to know why she was created, while acknowledging that he might not be able to answer her questions if he did, and that if he did, she might not want to know the truth. She never mentions Dr. Gero by name, although it is clear that she is referring to him when she says “beware of the doctor who advocates…”



Perverse 21 scoffed at her good half’s refusal to feed on others to increase her power and was certain that she would eventually give in to her hunger and feed on her allies, but kind C-21 was able to connect with the human soul that had been bound to Android 18, which allowed her to maintain control of herself and resist her evil side without succumbing. However, the honest 21 feared losing control at some point in the future and wanted to sacrifice herself to prevent her evil half from losing control and hurting her new buddies.

The two Gods of Destruction revealed that even if she was destined to die, the exceptional versions of android 21 would have succumbed to starvation over time, so her death was ultimately beneficial. However, it is unclear whether the good C-21 would have been able to overcome her hunger permanently, and she may not have wanted to risk losing control of herself. The sacrificial aspect of Maid C-21’s personality is almost identical to that of her adopted son, C-16.




Android 21’s fate varies, and it seems that she herself is unaware of the facts:

  • She claims to have been a human earthling turned into an android by Dr. Gero. She had a son with Dr. Gero while she was a person, who became the inspiration for the design of Android 16.
  • C-21’s jealousy of her is exacerbated when she learns that Imperfection was created to be a copy of herself. Her creator, Vaun Cardy, says he “built her like a little child” because he will one day want to reprogram her and improve what she can do for him. But C-21 becomes enraged when she discovers that Imperfection has been built in the image of a human woman with an adult intellect, even though she is only ten years old. She then feels that she has missed out on important moments of her adolescence.

Over time, the cells of several strong fighters and intelligent researchers were incorporated into her, as well as Boo’s. Her cells have also been added to those of others. She suggests that she has no memory of her previous existence as a human and finds it amusing to speculate about her original name and life. She has no idea why Gero designed her as a new type of android (C-16) different from the mecha types (C-17), modified humans (C-18), or enhanced humans (C-19) he had created before. She was originally a good robot, but was possessed by the evil side of her programming. Her good side (which only called her “the scientist”) didn’t know much about her creator (just his reputation), although she recognized that he was an intelligent individual. Discussing him for any reason made her want to cry, while her perverted side knew Gero and paid little attention to him or the Android built in her son’s image.


C-21 eventually realized that she had a son, and C-22 then suggested that his memory may have been reprogrammed. She rebuilt Android 16 (whose design was based on her son) and revealed that she wanted to treat him like family in order to see him again. For example, the narrator explains that Android 21 does not know that Dr. Gero is the father of her human self, implying a complex parent-child relationship between them; nonetheless, she seems to feel some form of affection for him. The nature of her connection to Dr. Gero remains unknown, other than the fact that they were the parents of C-16’s human prototype. When C-21’s desires resurfaced, she used the bonding system to use her characteristics to control herself by suppressing her nascent desire to eat. This eventually led to several versions of the operating system separately seeking Android 18 and Android 17 with the system turned on, in hopes of properly linking them to another soul.


According to Android 16, his mother C-21’s cells went crazy at some point, giving him uncontrollable food cravings. It is more than likely that Majin Boo’s cells are responsible for this. Furthermore, Android 21’s hunger could be related to his unusual mix of Saiyan and Majin cells, as Saiyans and Majins are known to have voracious appetites. Her evil alter ego may have been inspired by the cells she obtained from Freezer, Cell and Kid Boo, as her perverse nature is similar to that of Freezer and Cell while exhibiting symptoms of insanity comparable to Kid Buu. The malevolent C-21 does not rule out the prospect of galactic domination, which could be affected by Freezer Cell.

It is worth mentioning that the activation of the wave machine by Android-21’s perverted personality, which allowed her to regain control of her original personality, only occurs in one timeline: the Android-21 arc. She uses her original personality as a hostage to force Android 16 to serve her, but he rebels by bonding a human soul to Goku in the Super Warrior timeline, while he inadvertently bonds to Freezer in the Enemy Warrior era. She collaborates with C-16 in the C-21 arc timeline to find a method to tame his perverted side and hunger.



In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the creator of Android 21 appears in the game under the name of “Researcher”. During Vegeta’s training to become a Super Saiyan, Dr. Brief introduces him to his new employee – the researcher – by showing him the improvements made to the training room.

The scientist explains the new training room to Vegeta. Later, after working with Bulma on the Ginyu commando space vehicle where Goku had returned to Earth, the researcher calls Goku at Bulma’s request to inform him that Bonyu’s battle data has been recovered and can be fought at any time.




She lied to Goku and Krilin, telling them that she was a researcher for the Red Ribbon Army and that she defected with the help of Android 18, who was injured while defending her against Cell, in order to avoid facing them. Her true motives are later revealed when C-16 is defeated by the Z-warrior team, who discover that he has bonded a human soul to Goku against the wishes of Android 21. When Cell merges with Trunks, Goku’s soul is taken to another world. The resurrected villains Nappa, the Ginyu commando, Freezer and Cell are devoured by C-21 later. She is finally destroyed by Goku’s spirit bomb as Kid Buu. However, doubts about her and Android 16 persist.

All these events seem to come to an end when the ghost is again sent to the past to possess someone else and discover the truth, at the request of Whis.



When a third of the Earth’s population is wiped out by Freezer, the remaining humans flee to the new planet Namek and use the crystal balls to summon Porunga and resurrect Freezer, Cell, Nappa and the Ginyu Force. C-21 clones them all before linking their artificial souls so he can control them. Freezer had trapped a human soul in the process. Android 21 asks C-18 to eliminate the villains, but he is defeated and released. “

C-21 is a member of the Saiyan race who was appointed by King Vegeta as his sixth in command. He notes that he doesn’t reject the notion of seeking galactic domination until he learns that it was a set-up to fool Krilin and Goku into thinking that C-18 had been injured. When Freezer and Cell discover that C-21 is missing, they inform Goku and Krilin of their mistake. C-16 is sentenced to death by the C-21 Council, who believe that he betrayed her by turning against her. However, she knew he would be defeated and after assuming her true form, 21 feigns helplessness, forcing Android 16 to defend her against Freezer. She became enraged when she discovered that one of her duplicates had been destroyed, causing her to consume the original versions following a plan devised by Freezer forcing her to confront her enemies.


Frieza is then destroyed by Goku, Freezer and Cell with a combined energy blast after using Bulma’s machine to its maximum capacity to recover enough power. The soul leaves Freezer when he, along with his sidekicks and ally Cell, end their alliance with the Z-Fighters team; however, the results of this conflict are not seen.

The events of this tale are interrupted when the spirit returns at the beginning of the story to take possession of someone else and discover more about reality.


Android 21 appears once Android 18 and another soul have been linked. She then greets C-18’s inner soul and explains her condition and the current scenario, in which the Red Ribbon Army clones are rampaging and ravaging the Earth. C-21 also asks the soul to communicate with Android 18. Following this, C-18, 16, 21, as well as Android 17, go in search of the clones.

At first, C-21 has total control over herself. She then goes on a rampage to try to engulf Krilin, who comes to her rescue. Fortunately, thanks to C-18’s soul, the group manages to defeat her. They then proceed to kill several clones as part of their plan.


Cell is resurrected to his full power following the connection with an artificial soul, and C-21 transforms into his true form and joins C-18 and C-17 to fight him. She then gives in to his desires and attempts to consume Cell. The entity in the monster’s heart rejected her as the soul tried to reconnect with her. C-16 tries to stop her, but dies at her hands as a result. Devastated at having killed the android based on her child, Sheena will finally push away the thing that has inspired nothing but fear for so long.

The evil half, as well as the couple’s bodies, are weakened after their origins resurface and control of their bodies is regained from the waves caused by her evil personality activating the machine.


  • Android 21 and Towa are both intelligent and beautiful female scientists who appear as antagonists in the video games of the franchise. Moreover, they were both drawn by the creator of the series, Akira Toriyama.

  • She is also comparable to Arale Norimaki, both being extremely strong female androids (capable of challenging Vegeta and Goku) who wear glasses (although 21 only uses her glasses in her human form).

Lunch and Android 21 are both attractive, multi-faceted women who initially appear as antagonists but later become protagonists. Toriyama also created these two characters.



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