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Welcome to the greatest guide of the young Saiyan! This article is for you if you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z and especially of the Cell saga! Do you like Cell as a protagonist? You want to know more about him? In that case, stay tuned!

Dr. Gero’s ultimate creation is Cell, made from the DNA of several very talented fighters: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freezer and King Cold. He is the main antagonist of the cyborg saga and aims to absorb C17 and C18 to become the perfect warrior.

Cell is a Time Lord from the future, and his creation was completed by Dr. Gero’s supercomputer. He arrives in the present era through a time machine in his primitive form.

In this ultimate guide on Cell we propose you to discover :

  • His surprising personality
  • His long biography in full.
  • Cell’s fighting techniques.

Let the party begin, without further ado!

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Cell’s appearance varies depending on its current transformation. In its first form, Cell is a larva that looks like a large four-legged cicada. He also has long horns on his head in the shape of a V. In his initial form, Cell is a larva that looks like a huge four-legged cicada.

When he reaches adulthood, he takes his defective form. He is now a human being who has the ability to stand up straight. His face, especially his mouth, skin and stinger, is very reminiscent of an insect. It has wings, which resemble those of a beetle. Its tail is quite long, and its stinger can absorb the life of people. When he absorbs C17, he transforms into his Semi-Perfect form. Its wings fall off, giving it a more muscular appearance. The creature’s horns have been raised and joined together to form a crown. Its large mouth and lack of a nose are characteristic. We begin to see a human face, the cell is moving away from its insect appearance. The feet lose their toes and turn into shoes. Although his tail changes the least, it remains intact; he will use it to absorb C18.


Then, in the final phase, Cell reaches his full form. His face becomes more typical, with a nose and a mouth. His large wings completely hide his small tail. He shrinks a bit compared to his second phase. He keeps his shoe-shaped feet and keeps the sharpness of his horns. On each side of his face, he has several purple stripes, just like Freezer in his first three forms.

Cell’s final form, which is known as the Perfect Form (or Super Perfect Form), can take on a massively muscular appearance similar to super trunks, though he avoids it to preserve his speed. Finally, at the conclusion of the saga, Cell reaches the Super Perfect level. His appearance is identical to his perfect form except for an electric aura like that of Super Saiyan 2. He also has the ability to move quickly like Son Goku.


The Cell-Cell is a unique opponent because of its distinct attitude. Its temperament is shaped by the personalities of the DNA characters. Namely: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Freezer mainly. Cell understands their vulnerabilities and exploits them in battle because of this. It is worth noting that Cell’s personality varies greatly depending on his stage of growth.

Cell is determined to learn all he can in his early years. He is cautious, cunning, devious, calculating and methodical. He understands that he is not yet powerful enough to defeat his rivals, so he runs away hiding his energy signature.

In his second form, we see a much more aggressive side of Cell. He is less methodical and uses his physical power to defeat his enemies. When things go wrong, he becomes impulsive and impetuous, losing his ability to think rationally. However, he still has some strategy in him, especially when he decides to use Vegeta’s pride against him. Thanks to his time as a human, Vegeta has reached the C18 level. However, he won’t be able to absorb it because he doesn’t have the necessary training. He tells Vegeta that in his ultimate form, the prince of Saiyans would have no chance against him. In his fury, Vegeta allows him to engulf C18.

Each of his different forms is stronger than the last, and all are superior to Perfect Cell in every way. Piccolo’s intelligence, Vegeta’s pride, Goku’s calmness and nonchalance, Freezer’s arrogance and cruelty (which are not really traits), and the Saiyans’ desire to fight are just a few examples.


In this state, he is calm and courteous. This arrogance exploited by Vegeta will be the same as the one he shows to Gohan in order to pique his interest in the discovery of his hidden abilities. As a result, he will fall victim to his own excessive pride.

Boredom can also lead Cell to become selfish. He organizes the Cell Games, a tournament to show the world that he is the best. This behavior was highlighted during his fight with Gohan. He declares that he intends to ruin all those who consider him inferior. In the face of adversity, Cell becomes frantic and makes serious operational mistakes.

Cell is on a long journey to achieve what he calls perfection. He is undeterred by his flawed form and pursues his goal with vigor. He desires more than anything to discover what absolute perfection is. Therefore, he is cautious and devious at first. Since he is less powerful than Cyborgs 17 and 18, he must catch them off guard with something unexpected. Before that, he has to absorb the energy of many people in order to increase his strength.

Cell, of course, is not without flaws, but he is vain and selfish at times. He tells Piccolo about his strategy because he knows in advance that he will win.


Cell’s goal in Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga is to absorb the life force of others. Once he reaches the second form, he is only concerned with finding the C18. His quest for perfection comes to an end and he becomes more arrogant and narcissistic. However, Vegeta quickly puts him back on the right track.

When things get too difficult for him, he loses his temper and starts to demolish islands to allow C18 to come out of hiding. Little does he know that he can kill her by doing this.

When Cell finally reaches his ideal form, he has fulfilled his primary function. He even admits that the elimination of Son Goku is not that exciting for him. As a result, he decides to organize a tournament to see who is the toughest among them.

It’s funny to notice that he has a certain number of character traits like politeness. But he is also sadistic like Freezer, and seeing people terrified is his hobby. Akira Toriyama explained that the concept of Cell Games came from his Piccolo DNA. And in fact, the demon Piccolo does the same thing by appearing on TV to terrorize the world population. He has been shaped by aspects of the Piccolo demon, Vegeta and Freezer himself.

His aura becomes even brighter when he returns to his normal state, and Cell’s ego is bigger than ever. He sometimes goes slightly crazy and enjoys provoking Gohan. In order to defeat Gohan, he does not hesitate to launch a devastating attack that could destroy the solar system.

After his near death experience, Cell thought he was immortal and acquired the ultra-perfect form. He sincerely believes that because he is the embodiment of perfection, no one can defeat him. He is like Freezer during this chapter. Are you ready to rediscover the whole story of Cell? If so… let’s continue!



Cell, as we know him, comes from a different time line. He travels from the future and uses a time machine. In his reality, C17 and C18 no longer exist. Therefore, he is forced to retrace his steps to find them and reach his ideal form. Cell is forced to return 4 years before the events of the Android saga so that he can develop and reach his first imperfect form.

After transforming into this form, his skin has changed and he has emerged from the earth. He will begin his ascent to godhood and strive for dominance. He decides to absorb the lives of many people. Many cities are destroyed by him.

While Bulma tries to make the dragon radar work, she discovers a second time machine. Trunks and Gohan go in search of Cell’s ship and find him and all his eggs and skin.

Dr. Gero’s computer has generated Cell to create the perfect fighter. His goal? To absorb the androids C17 and C18 in order to reach total power and kill Goku while avenging the Red Ribbon Army.



Cell meets Piccolo after having annihilated the inhabitants of Ginger Town. The namek calls Cell a monster. His ki is also unusual. In Cell’s hands is the richest man in town, who begs Piccolo to help him. He injects his stinger and takes all his energy with insect-like humanoid plants. Piccolo is shocked, especially since Cell threatens him by calling him by his real name. The namek has no idea how he knows his name. Cell identifies himself as his brother and Piccolo wants to know more about his true identity. The fight begins, and the namek’s goal is to destroy his opponent.

The maestro says he is not satisfied with his opponent’s strength, because he thought it would be worse. Cell replies that even if he is not a bad fighter, he will never be able to defeat him once he reaches his perfect form.

The namek understands why Cell is absorbing the energy of others, so he has to strengthen himself. He wants to find out why Cell used a machine to get here in the first place. Piccolo then starts charging his Kamehameha, which surprises him. He dodges it but is caught off guard. Cell stabs Piccolo in the arm and takes away his life essence. The namek pretends to be injured and allows Cell to reveal his strategy.


Piccolo stops him from telling his whole story about how he planned to hunt down and absorb the cyborgs when Piccolo pushes his injured arm away. The namek claims that he has no chance of winning the fight. Cell, aware of the truth of the situation, applauds Piccolo for his intelligence and tactics. He also recognizes that the individual in front of him is the product of the fusion of Piccolo and Kami. There is bad news and Cell draws the conclusion that since the dragon balls have reverted to ordinary stones, no one can be resurrected. )

Krillin and Trunks from the future arrive. Cell is flabbergasted by Trunks’ strength and determines that he is a different version of his own timeline. Krillin asks why Cell’s ki seems to be Goku’s. The answer is simple: Cell was generated using the DNA of Goku, Vegeta, Freezer, Piccolo and King Cold.

Cell knows that he is powerless for the moment, so he decides to withdraw and absorb more energy. Piccolo laughs, saying that he will not allow Cell to run away. Cell creates a flawless escape strategy by stating that he will absorb C17 and C18. He concludes his speech with a sun exposure bite, leaving Piccolo, Krillin and Trunks blinded.

He laughs as he flees through a wooded area, mocking his pursuers and the idiocy of his opponents. He understands that fighting the Z fighters is useless for now. As a result, he goes in search of energy by absorbing numerous prey. To feed himself, he goes in search of energy in the direction of a nearby metropolis. He furtively crosses Vegeta and notices the difference between this world and his own. The prince of the Saiyans is not opposed to cyborgs, and he seems to be considerably stronger in this dimension. The goal will be huge, and Cell wants to reach perfection as soon as possible.


For a while, it continues to do the same thing. He attacks powerfully in one place, then disappears within minutes. To prevent him from continuing his insensitive activities, Piccolo and Ten Shin Han continue to hunt him down.

In the current timeline, Trunks from the future and Krillin get the idea to go back in time and kill Cell while he is harmless. He will fight Krillin in the anime, and he will almost succeed in absorbing him! Once again, Cell will be forced to flee and hide thanks to Piccolo’s efforts.

Finally, Cell decides to find the cyborgs after having absorbed the vitality of tens of thousands of humans. He finds Piccolo and C17, who are engaged in a fierce battle. The fight ends in a tie, with everyone agreeing that the threat of Cell comes first. Dr. Gero’s invention also detects the appearance of a fully robotic C16, believing it to be an older model. He doesn’t worry about it because he doesn’t think it poses much of a danger. )

Cell’s power begins to grow, and it seems that he is now stronger than everyone else. He goes after C17 but Piccolo stops him. Cell explains to the cyborgs why he was created and promises to absorb them. He tries to persuade them by telling them that they would become a flawless being created by Dr. Gero, but C17 points out that he is already the most powerful. Cell informs him that whether he accepts or not, he will be absorbed anyway.

Cell tries to finish off C17 but is stopped by C16. He says that if Cell achieves perfection, he will be a danger to the whole world. Instead of recognizing his own limitations, C17 goes after Piccolo, claiming that he is the best. Cell effortlessly defeats Piccolo, who was already tired after all those fights. He finishes him off with a knockout punch and goes after C17.


The fight is already predetermined, and Cell wins because he is about to absorb C17. C16 feels compelled to intervene, claiming that his power is the same as Cell’s. The confrontation between the two fighters reaches a crescendo; however, since C16 is completely mechanized and devoid of life energy, the sting has no effect. Taking advantage of the opportunity, C16 grabs his tail and pulls it out. This is not very useful since Cell has the ability to regenerate like Piccolo. He can resurrect other parts of his body as long as his brain is intact.

Cell understands that he must completely destroy his opponent and reduce him to dust. Cell goes underground to avoid being detected by radar. He resurfaces later to surprise C17 and absorb him. His strength increases, and he overpowers everyone. To prevent them from escaping, he pursues C16 and C18.

Cell oscillates between C16 and as low as C18. He makes significant progress towards the end of the film, when he damages C16 considerably and starts to approach C18. The latter informs him that if he approaches, she will start the self-destruction procedure. Cell tries to use his disguise by speaking with the voice of C17. The latter is not fooled, however, noting inconsistencies in Cell’s words.

The terrible creation of Dr Gero attacks C18 despite the failure of the plan. He relies on speed to avoid self-destruction. Ten Shin Han, on the other hand, intervenes to cover C18’s escape. The earth fighter will use several Kikoho of unique violence to surprise Cell. Thanks to this diversion, Cell didn’t suffer enough damage to be in danger, but he lost track of C18 because of it.


Cell is furious with Ten Shin Han and wants to destroy him as a form of revenge. However, Goku appears to defend his comrade, teleporting to his side instead. After that, Goku meets Cell for the first time. The saiyan uses his teleportation technique to run away with his two friends. By the way, if you like this character, we recommend you to check out our complete guide on Ten Shin Han! Now that C18 has been found, our heroes will focus on preventing Cell from reaching his ultimate form.

Cell continues to pursue C18. He goes around the archipelago, warning that he will destroy one island after another if C18 doesn’t come out. If he doesn’t get an answer, he carries out his threat. Vegeta emerges from the chamber of spirit and time to interrupt him. Vegeta is an extremely strong saiyan who goes by the name of “Super Vegeta.”

The fight is one-sided, and Cell has no means of resistance. Faced with his helplessness, he becomes enraged and swears that if he got his ultimate form, he would be able to win easily. Vegeta finds this amusing and gets carried away by his excessive pride. He agrees that Cell should go and get C18 to continue the conflict. Trunks vigorously opposes this, but his father prevents him from fighting for C18.

Once again, Solar Cell exploits the confusion, employing the sunburn method to blind everyone once again. He reappears behind C18 and absorbs him. As a result, it reaches its ideal form.


Krillin is furious, and with Trunks, he rushes towards Cell to avenge C18. Cell is fascinated by his new body and pays no attention to his attackers. He gives a little push to Krillin and the latter flies across the island, almost dead. Vegeta remains true to himself and doesn’t seem to be impressed by this state of transformation. He wants to keep fighting. Cell doesn’t fight much because he is having fun. The Saiyan prince starts to understand his mistake by looking at his opponent who seems unattackable. Cell replies with a kick, sending Vegeta flying against the ledge. He thanks him for allowing him to absorb C18 while taunting him by calling him a Saiyan scum.

Cell refuses to avoid Vegeta’s next attack, the Final Flash. He spends several seconds preparing his attack. The attack is powerful, but it doesn’t do much damage to Cell. Piccolo’s cells also help regenerate the little bit of Cell that he was injured by Vegeta’s counterattack. Cell fights back and knocks Vegeta out.

Goku starts to grow in power, and Trunks takes his leave. Now it’s Trunks’ turn to take over. Super Trunks turns into a very muscular person and raises the stakes considerably. It seems that he is stronger than Cell in terms of strength. However, he is quite lethargic, and his power is ineffective because he can’t touch Cell.

After telling Trunks that he will be holding a tournament in about ten days, Cell then compliments his power and explains that he intends to do so. Everyone is invited to compete and will have to face Cell in a 1v1 fight. He then swears to leave the area, leaving Trunks stunned by his departure.

The Z Fighters will begin to strategize on how they can face and defeat Cell in the tournament. One of their most important assets is the Chamber of Mind and Time. A place where time flows more slowly, for example, a 24-hour day on Earth is equivalent to a year in this dimension. In order to gain power, Goku and Gohan train there.

The official opening of the Future Tournament takes place at Cell’s junkyard, where boxing gloves are distributed to the spectators and where Cell draws the ring for the next tournament. The event is telepathically transmitted to the humans on Earth, who are concerned. They send their best fighter against Cell: Hercules Satan, a demigod.

The competition is fast approaching, and Cell remains emotionless, waiting for the final hour. The duo emerges from the Hall of Spirit and Time stronger than ever. They are now able to maintain their Super Saiyan form without being disturbed. On the day of the event, all the team members come out of Cell with a TV crew led by Mr. Satan.


The greatest man on the planet plans to start first. He displays his power by breaking bricks. Then, Satan is thrown into the ring and assaulted relentlessly by Cell. The latter, needless to say, is not injured at all. After several minutes, Cell decides to put an end to this farce and hits Satan with a backhanded blow. The Earthmen are surprised and their champion explains them that he made a mistake. For now, Goku and his friends can fight freely.

In the movie, Gohan will open the show by facing Cell in a one-on-one fight. The two fighters show a lot of fighting spirit and throw powerful attacks at each other. Goku decides to allow Gohan to face Cell after a long barrage of blows. He even offers a senzu to his opponent to make the fight fair, telling him that Gohan has a hidden power and that he must be enraged to use it.


Cell is very intrigued by this power and wants to see it for himself. He confronts Gohan and subdues him. He tries to irritate him and provoke a reaction. Gohan’s friends are puzzled by his choice and wonder if he will be killed. His father keeps his calm despite the danger.

Cell decides to try a new tactic to annoy his opponent. He creates many Cell Juniors, who are all very strong. They are sent flying towards Goku and his friends. Gohan watches his friends and family being killed by the vicious blows of these little blue creatures. He starts to get angry, but it’s only a few seconds later that the big moment arrives. C16 has lost his body in a fight, leaving only his head. He begs Mr. Satan to send him in front of Cell and Gohan so he can face them alone.

In the history of Dragon Ball, there has never been a character like Vegeta. While Cell is Super Saiyan 16 on Earth, he transforms into a frog-like creature and offers Gohan peace in exchange for his life. C16 makes his little speech to Gohan before being mercilessly crushed by Cell with a kick. This event unleashes the fury of Goku’s son who goes from super saiyan 2 to super saiyan 2. He effortlessly destroys all of Cell’s juniors and decides to destroy Cell.


Cell is overpowered in battle. He spits out the C18 and transforms back into his second form, which he used before. He flips out and decides to activate the self-destruct system, which will destroy the planet. Gohan is relieved that he didn’t kill Cell earlier. To avoid the destruction of the Earth, Goku teleports with Cell to the planet of Master Kaio.

Cell is about to explode, and Goku and Kaio are on the verge of death. His brain survives the explosion, albeit barely, and he regresses to his third form. As he almost dies, his strength increases much more than before. He also learns to use instantaneous teleportation, which allows him to travel anywhere at will.

Cell returns to the scene of the conflict and taunts Gohan, who has severely damaged his arm. The two enemies will then fire a Kamehameha at full power. Cell puts all his energy into it, just like Gohan, and receives similar benefits from Son Goku’s power. The collision is quite violent, and Cell is reduced to dust in an instant. Gohan and his friends leave, leaving Mr. Satan alone on the battlefield. The people of Earth believe that he is the one who defeated Cell. )

As the first author to create an excellent storyline in the Dragon Ball universe, his unique storyline, interesting personality, successful design and epic battle with Gohan will have made him memorable. The latter will have introduced a new form: Super Saiyan 2.


T-Cell boosted by DNA is a fighter that benefits from many strategies thanks to his DNA. Without further ado, take a look at his main abilities below!

Saiyan Power: Cell is able to become more powerful when he survives a near death experience thanks to Goku and Vegeta’s DNA. This occurs when he transforms back into his ultra-perfect form.

Kamehameha: Cell’s power is essentially the same as Goku’s : he can reproduce the same technique at different stages of strength : normal Kamehameha, super Kamehameha and solar Kamehameha.

Laser Eye: His eyes are equipped with laser beams on both sides.

Big Bang Attack: The Freeza saga was the first time a Saiyan survived long enough to transform into a Super Saiyan; however, the original Super Saiyans were not known as such until after their deaths. Furthermore, due to various factors, only two Earthlings managed to do so: Bardock and Goku (and possibly Gohan) in Dragon Ball Z. In Dragon Ball Super, Cell tries to finish Beerus off by forming a ball of energy from his arm and shooting it at him.

Mouth Energy Wave: A burst of energy from the mouth.

Telekinesis: The mind’s ability to communicate is known as telepathy.

Absorption: His stinger is used to drain the life energy of his enemies. He can also absorb C17 or C18, two chemical compounds that have similar effects on the human body. This method is used in its imperfect forms.

Regeneration: Cell’s regeneration abilities are aided by Piccolo’s DNA. As long as his brain is not damaged, he can regenerate while his cells are still viable.

Cell Juniors: This one gives life to a variety of small copies. The little blue soldiers are exceptionally strong.

Death Ray: Cell shoots an intense beam from his index finger in a move known as “Cell’s Legacy”.

Genkidama: Goku’s spirit bomb is a technique that has been duplicated by Cell.



This concludes our ultimate guide to Cell! The Dragon Ball Z series has a true icon in the person of this mythical character. Along with Freezer and Buu, the three of them form a formidable trio of opponents!

The final character in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is Cell, who will be the second to kill Son Goku and prevent his rebirth. The protagonist of the series will have to wait several years before finding a solution to reverse the death.

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