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Are you a Dragon Ball Super fan? Do you want to know more about Champa, Beerus’ temperamental younger brother? Do you want to find out everything there is to know about this character? We are happy to inform you that this guide will answer all your questions!

Champa (ポータブルパチュリオ) is the God of Destruction in Universe 6 and the twin brother of Beerus. Vados, Whis’ sister, serves as his mentor. Champa has a conflicted relationship with his brother, frequently clashing with him.

In this ultimate guide to the God of Destruction Champa, we invite you to discover:

  • The God Champa’s appearance and personality.
  • His entire life story.
  • Champa’s fighting techniques.

Are you ready to go? Let’s go to Universe 6 then!

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Champa’s appearance is very similar to that of his twin brother, Beerus. He is humanoid in shape and has a purple cat face. Champa has a larger build and a shorter tail than his brother.

His outfit is reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian gods. He has a huge red and pink necklace with white edges hanging around his neck. Gold jewelry, such as bracelets and an earring, adorn his arms. Vados says that Champa was once thinner but has gained a lot of weight over time.


Champa is a god of destruction and does not care about the fate of others, much like Beerus. He is above all a god of destruction, which makes him unaware of the death of others. Champa regularly asks for Vados’ help to avoid doing his duty. To say the least, he is rather lazy. He is quite deceitful, especially when he goes illegally in search of the mythical super dragon balls through the seven universes. Later, during the tournament against Beerus’ team, he changes the rules to help his soldiers win.

Champa is, compared to his brother, less “dignified”, frequently avoiding uncomfortable questions and sensitive subjects. He does not have a strong sense of duty. He is not too emotionally developed. If you have another flaw to mention, it is possible to say that Champa is selfish. Champa’s rivalry with Beerus makes him want to dominate his brother even during the Tournament of Power. Champa was not interested in defeating Beerus during the Tournament of Power because he wanted him to humiliate him.

Champa, on the other hand, seeks a planet with the same climate and culture as Earth so that he can fully appreciate it. He also has a low tolerance for failure and defeat. When he loses, Champa is an extremely terrible loser. He does not hesitate to blame others if he is upset. Nutritionally, Champa has a strong preference for sweets and drinks. That’s why he doesn’t care about his own health and quickly becomes overweight. Champa is not nearly as bright as Beerus. Goku and Vegeta’s costumes show this when they move slowly because of this. He doesn’t realize it and therefore thinks they are pathetic.

Despite these flaws, Champa is able to show genuine respect and appreciation. We see this after his champion Hit is eliminated in the Tournament of Power. Champa doesn’t get upset, and he also congratulates Cabba on his performance. Instead, Freezer is to blame for Cabba’s elimination.

Although he was hired by Frost, Champa expresses his disgust for his nature and refuses to help him in his time of need. When all the Universe 6 warriors are defeated, Champa bids his brother farewell, albeit maliciously. This implies that he has some form of affection for his brother. Beerus is also moved by his passing, as the former was returning the favor. While Champa believes it was because of Beerus, he has no idea who won the tournament when Goku was resurrected with the Super Dragon Balls. I’m not sure about that.

Champa is a very intelligent Champa. At the beginning of the tournament, he urged his comrades not to engage in unnecessary fighting. To regain numerical superiority, he wants to focus on Universe 7.




On his birthday, Champa threw a tantrum against Beerus because the latter had eaten his Puff Puff fruit. Beerus also pretended to be Champa’s brother. Champa and Beerus had a fight, during which Champa used his technique “Threat of the God of Destruction”. This was done in order to push Beerus to a planet populated by humanoid birds. Beerus managed to dodge the explosions, resulting in the destruction of the planet in question. This conflict between the two brothers would have led to much destruction throughout the universe. It took the intervention of Vados and Whis to put an end to their destructive madness. From that day on, the gods of destruction formed an alliance. From now on, food competitions will replace fights. For many years, Champa went in search of the Super Dragon Balls. He will find six in total.




In the sagas Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of the F, Champa makes his debut. In Dragon Ball, Vados and Champa travel through Universe 7 in search of super dragon balls. The kaio-shin gods discover them. Champa is a poor liar who is embarrassed by Vados’ eavesdropping. So he asks the gods what they heard, but they deny everything because they are deaf to the facts.

Later, Champa finds a super dragon ball and meets a ship belonging to Freezer. Freezer questions the origin of this huge ball in a report to his superior. Champa decides to destroy the ship in order to get the ball. This event will lead to the return of Freezer. Champa and Vados are on their way through space 7 in order to acquire another dragon ball for themselves. In order to find the lost orb, the god of destruction will raze some planets. They will have a few words with Beerus and Whis before leaving. Champa’s presence in this dimension raises questions about Beerus.



Champa exclaims “Who are these two fighters?” during a trip to the world of Beerus. Champa asks who the two Saiyans are, and Vados replies that they are training with Whis to increase their strength. Vados informs Goku and Vegeta that Champa is the twin brother of Beerus, as well as the god of destruction of the universe. 6)

Champa wants to have a food competition with Beerus, and this one will take place. Beerus will eventually win thanks to Earth’s instant pasta. Champa asks Vados if she has a world like that in her universe too. However, it seems that Earth’s twin sister was destroyed in a huge war. Champaa wants to have access to such a realm because the food there is delectable. In the next animation, Champa challenges Beerus to a tournament between their universes. Each will have to choose five fighters. If universe 6 wins, he will be able to take over the Earth from universe 7. He will also have to hand over the super dragon balls if he loses. Therefore, Champa is certain of success. )

The rules are standard, and follow the format of other world martial arts competitions. The tournament will start in five days. Champa thinks that Vegeta and Goku are real parasites who are not a danger to the Earth. He leaves for the nameless planet to build an arena to host the competitors. He leaves for the nameless planet to build an arena that will welcome the participants. Bulma also asks him to choose the greatest fighters of the universe 6, which he does by consulting Vados, his assistant. He decides to include at least one Saiyan in his team; as Beerus will do with Goku and Vegeta, he wants to have a Saiyan in his own team.

They reunite and choose Champa as their third. Hit, Cabba, Botamo, Auta Magetta and Frost are all recruited by Champa later that evening. The day of the tournament arrives, and Champa awaits the arrival of the fighters from Universe 7. The first meeting between Beerus and Champa takes place on the super dragon balls. It’s time to take a test that consists of only a few questions to determine if a fighter is stupid or not. The only one to fail will be Majin Buu, resulting in a four or five power fight.

The fight to determine who will be the champion is between Goku and Botamo. Champa quickly realizes that he was wrong about Son Goku. Champa’s crisis worsens when Son Goku knocks his opponent out of the ring. Accusations of cheating are made, but they are dismissed. The second fight between Goku and Frost is about to begin…

In Champa’s universe, Champap is intrigued by Frost’s participation, as this fighter has a terrible reputation. Vados explains to him the deal made with Frost. If he wins, Champa will support his fighter in his initiatives. The god of destruction is not worried and watches the fight unfold. The fight ends in Frost’s favor when Goku falls victim to a poisoned needle stuck in the end of his tail. Champa is delighted and smiles after this triumph.


Frost from universe 6 is a cunning and devious individual. The fight between Piccolo and Frost begins later. Champa again complains about Piccolo’s style, claiming that he is cheating. However, despite the fact that Frost has acquired the poisonous needle again, the namek warrior is quickly defeated by Frost with the help of the poisonous arrow.

The cheating is discovered by Jaco, who demands a body check from the referee. Champa strongly opposes this request, claiming that the allegations are unfounded. However, he is forced to accept it because of his promise to destroy Jaco if he makes a mistake. The poisoned needles are clearly visible. Champa is shocked by Vados’ statement that Frost is a space pirate. Vados replies that this is no surprise since Frost is actually a space pirate; he has an endless appetite for war-torn worlds and buys them after they have been rebuilt. Following this information, Champa attacks Vados since she is the one who recruited this evil fighter. However, her assistant reminds her that the character was never meant to be considered. Champa is furious and wants to destroy Frost on the spot. Vados, on the other hand, informs him that Frost is not necessarily out of the running because he has a better team in terms of numbers. It is possible that Guld and Kefin decide not to eliminate him, and that the tournament continues. Champa agrees, he wants to win the event against Beerus as much as possible. Therefore, Frost will have a full support from him if he triumphs.

The tournament goes on and the fighters come and go. Vegeta is quickly beaten by Hit. Goku is allowed to resume the fight since he was eliminated because of Frost’s cheating. The confrontation between the two champions begins. Champa orders Hit to finish Goku as soon as possible, aware of the danger, he does not care about fair play. He doesn’t want to be taken for a pawn and offers the universe 7 against Monaka the victory instead of taking it himself.

Champa has a fit of rage and plans to wipe out his entire team. King Zeno, however, stops him from doing so, saving the warriors. Champa and his brother rush to greet King Zeno as quickly as possible. Before the ultimate creator who rules over all the universes, the two brothers are petrified with terror. The gods of destruction are terrified when Zeno makes a joke to change them. When Goku shakes hands with Zeno, Champa is not sure where to stand. Back in his royal palace, after learning that the Earth of universe 6 is back to normal, Champa agrees to share his six dragon balls with his brother. He and Vados return to universe 6. On the way back, Champa’s assistant informs him that the planet in universe 6 has been resurrected to normal. Champa understands that Beerus has given him a gift, but he is still angry about it.



After the defeat of Zamasu and Goku Black, Champa proposes a new challenge to Beerus. This one would be a baseball game between the two universes. However, Champa is not trustworthy and the game does not interest him. Vados insists that Champa should participate in the tournament himself. She tells him that if he has already participated in a sport, he will be able to enjoy cooking even more. Champa takes note of the rules.

Champa’s gang consists of Champa, Cabba, Botamo, Magetta, Vegeta, and Goten (who replaces Hit and Frost). It is discovered that Hit was not found by Hit.

The game begins and, to say the least, it is a surprise. Goku uses all his strength to try to send the ball, which causes a huge explosion. The ball is launched into space. The events continue to be unbelievable for the common man because they are linked together. Champa is a bad player who frequently rants. The two gods of destruction eventually clash, with Whis and Vados forced to intervene. On the way home, Champa is a sore loser who swears never to know defeat again. Universe 7 actually won thanks to Yamcha’s intervention.

When Hit tracks down Goku to kill him later. Champa and Vados come to Earth to watch the fight from afar. Champa is shocked by Hit’s new abilities. Indeed, as his opponent struggles to hit him, he struggles even more. Time stops in a specific section of space, producing ghosts and time jumps. Champa is speechless when he sees Hit do this for the first time, puzzled as to how he does it and humorously exclaiming that he has no idea. He determines that Goku will be a formidable opponent in the final tournament. Champa and Vados return to their kingdom as soon as Goku’s friends appear on the scene.



The Tournament of Strength has begun! This ruthless competition features a variety of universes. Each will present 10 fighters, and the last one standing will be able to use all 7 Super Dragon Balls.

At the Zeno Expo tournament, Champa appears alongside Vados, his angel, and Fuwa, his Kaio Shin. They represent universe 6. When Son Goku refers to Zeno as “Zeno-Chan”, Champa becomes angry and upset. He stays for the first fights, becoming terrified when the high priest explains the rules. Losing civilizations will be destroyed. Champa is concerned that Vados has been rescued since the angels will not be destroyed.

Champa watches the fighting carefully and notices that Goku could be a major problem for them once again. Champa asks Vados to find the ten best fighters on the planet, calling on Hit if he is to be included in the competition. The latter is the most powerful individual in universe 6 and is willing to do anything to have him on his team.

Champa is very impressed with Narirama’s “Super Survival” mode at the end of the game. He is delighted to see that Hit can handle it without much difficulty. Champa applauds the Danger trio from universe 9 for their efforts against universe 7. Of course, he does this to irritate his brother. Champa openly mocks Beerus when Frost knocks out Krillin at the last tournament. nHe reminds him that the deadline for the destruction of universe 7 has begun!


When Botamo is knocked out, Champa is furious. Hit is extremely worried when his champion is in danger from the pride trooper, while his ace fighter is against Dyspo. Goku assists Hit and puts Champa in a better mood.

Frost then challenges Freezer. When he believes that the god will turn against the cosmos, he vehemently urges him to do so. However, when he learns that Freezer has betrayed Frost so that he is expelled from the ring, his temper flares. He threatens all his soldiers with annihilation if they try to deceive. Later, Champa will see Hit’s total defeat at the hands of Jiren the Grey. However, he will congratulate his champion even after his elimination. This reaction is peculiar, but it shows Champa’s grace. He believes that his defeat will inspire the rest of his team. Moreover, he is convinced because Kale and Caulifla received the potalas. He orders all his warriors to attack universe 7 for the rest of the tournament. The arrival of Kefla on the scene is welcomed with joy by the Demon King. After the destruction of Kefla by Goku Ultra Instinct, Champa begins to recognize his failure. He has only two namek fighters left, Saonel and Pilina.

Goku and Vegeta will face Piccolo and Gohan in the next episode. The two fighters of universe 6 will be defeated, meaning the end of the game on Earth. All the competitors are thus eliminated. Champa accepts his fate and summons Beerus as King Zeno prepares to destroy Universe 6. He gives him one last look before disappearing.

After the tournament, when the multiverse is resurrected, Champa recognizes that Beerus has won. He claims that he owes him nothing, not even a “thank you”, and continues on his way.


Champa is a god of destruction who is trained by Vados. This gives him a huge power. He swears to destroy all his teammates after the dissolution of the universe 6 during the first tournament. It is the arrival of Zeno who will save the defeated fighters.

Thanks to Vados, we learn that Champa is a little less powerful than Beerus. The latter says that the difference is obvious by looking at their physical appearance. Indeed, Champa is rather overweight, which makes him less resistant than Beerus who is thin. When Champa asks for a fight with him, the latter mocks.

It was prophesied that in the future, another god would rise. This creation is related to the legendary ruler of ancient times called Eldsto, who ruled the Earth with ten kings and is considered by many today to be an alien life form. The revelation of his identity will surely sound the death knell of mankind, as he controls a totally unknown predestined force and has resurrected the ancient gods

In the anime, we learn that due to his weight problem, he is unable to fight for long because he gets tired quickly. This makes him a bit more resistant from a defensive point of view.


Even though Vados says that one of them is clearly more powerful, Champa is a real challenge for Beerus. This can be seen in the baseball game, where the god of destruction from universe 6 seems to be on par with him. Therefore, it is easy to assume that they are roughly equal in strength, the distinction being merely slight. Beerus has greater endurance than his brother, which is probably one of his main advantages.

In the manga, Champa boasts that he hasn’t trained in a long time during Zeno’s show. Despite this, Sidra is outclassed. He is defeated towards the end of the episode. Only Quitela and Beerus were left standing.

When Hit and Dyspo face off in the Tournament of Power, Champa is unable to follow the pride trooper’s movements. Indeed, when moving at the speed of light, Dyspo is unquestionably one of the fastest beings on Earth. Champa is really strong in his world, only his angel Vados surpasses him.



Champa also has his own unique fighting style. Of course, these are comparable to those of other deities of destruction. Here is the complete list:

Flight: Champa can fly without difficulty.

Ki Blast: Basic ki blast.

Wrath of the God of Destruction: Champa uses this approach to level Guarana and his men.

Continuous Energy Ball: Champa is a playable character in Xenoverse 2, and he uses a rain of energy as a super skill.

God of Destruction Threat: Champa uses this method against Beerus in the manga. He forms a spherical energy charge similar to a kamehameha. Then he throws it and it splits into four pieces. During the flash back, we see this technique when Champa and the two brothers of Goku fight in the manga.

The Roar of the God of Destruction: Champa’s voice is extremely powerful and can force his opponents to be on guard. Since it is exhausting, he is unable to maintain this ability for long. Xenoverse 2 adds this power.

Chaotic Sphere of Destruction: This is Champa’s most powerful attack. It is the ultimate in annihilation. This is when Vados and Whis intervened to prevent Beerus and Champa from using this power.

Hakai: As a god of devastation, Champa has the power to demolish anything he chooses, including gods and ghosts.

Energy of Destruction: Champa is able to channel this particular celestial energy because his status as a god of devastation allows him to do so. He can damage everything and defend himself with an aura because of his position as god of destruction.

Life link: Champa and Fuwa, like the other gods of devastation, are linked. If one of them dies, the other dies too. This is a bit similar to Piccolo and Kami.

Discipline of the God of Destruction: In Dragon Ball Heroes, Champa uses a function that seems to be inferior to the devastation sphere.

Headbutt: Champa’s signature move in Dragon Ball Fusion. Champa delivers a stunning headbutt with great force.

God of Destruction: Champa’s passive ability, which increases his damage by 30% over normal.



Champ has three secrets to discover right now.

  • Champa is named after champagne. Vados, Whis and Beerus are all names of alcoholic beverages (Calvados, whiskey and beer).
  • There is a small cartoon in the “Super Star” manual about Beerus dressed as Champa. This indicates how similar the two brothers are. Previously, to Beerus, Champa had to look exactly like two peas in a pod.
  • Amusingly, the kaio-shin of universe 6, Fuwa, is also overweight. The two are linked by life itself, but also because of their weight. Their universe 7 counterparts are relatively thin.


Congratulations! You now know everything there is to know about Champa, the god of destruction from universe 6! But keep in mind that his power is somewhat less than Beerus’. He is however superior to all the fighters in his universe. Champa has a competitive spirit and still wants to beat his brother. Let’s not forget that at the end of Dragon Ball Super, he says “Don’t expect me to thank you” while talking with Beerus. He says this sentence immediately after the rebirth of the lost kingdoms in Dragon Ball Super.

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