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Want to know more about Chaozu, Tenshinhan’s fighting partner? Then stay where you are, you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to focus on Chaozu, one of the secondary characters of Dragon Ball Z. He is Tenshinhan’s closest friend and a brave fighter of Team Z.

Chiaotzu is an earthling with white skin and red cheeks. He was a member of the Crane School and a student of Master Shen, who frequently trained with Tenshinhan. Chaozu is memorable in history for his unique telepathic and telekinetic abilities, which set him apart.

Chaozu is one of the most famous secondary antagonists in Dragon Ball Z history. Despite having the least amount of power in Team Z, Chaozu is one of the bravest and always ready to defend the Earth, even against the much greater power of his opponents. Learn more about him below.

  • A biography of the character Chaozu.
  • The history of Chaozu in the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z sagas.
  • A list of the character’s most effective attacks and abilities.
  • Some interesting stories about Chaozu.

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Chaozu is a humanoid from space with distinct characteristics that distinguish him from humans. His skin is entirely white and his face is red and round. He is rather small and has no nose, like Krillin. A single hair grows on his head, which can only be seen when he removes his black hat. In Dragon Ball, he wears the official and complete uniform of the Crane school most of the time. His outfit is usually green and has the characters of his school on his chest. Chaozu abandons his uniform for a sky blue tank top in the second Vegeta saga after Nappa’s attack on Earth.


In Dragon Ball Z, he appears in a blue Hanfu robe as Tenshinhan during the Majin Buu arc. He wears a long cape and white pants. His headgear varies according to the versions. In the manga, Chaozu wears a Mongolian-inspired hat, but in the anime, he keeps his Crane school cap. It is also worth noting that he does not seem to age throughout the sagas.

The Jiang Shi, Asian vampires from Chinese folklore, have had an important influence on Chaozu’s appearance. The way he performs some of his attacks is a testament to this resemblance. The Jiang Shi were generally known to have pure white skin, crimson cheeks and to wear the insignia of the Qing dynasty. The word “vampirizare”, in its Latin meaning, refers to a corpse that is brought back to life by another being. These ghostly vampires have no legs and only hover or float above the earth. They also keep their arms out in front of them at all times.

It is true that many of the qualities listed above can be found in Chaozu from his debut in Dragon Ball. The character flies most of the time instead of walking, and he mostly extends his arms when attacking.


Another explanation is that Chaozu was inspired by Nezha from Chinese mythology. The latter is usually represented as a huge baby with an entirely white body. Nezha is the opponent of Shun Wukong, who was the inspiration for the character of Goku. Nezha is, in fact, a friend of Erlang Shen, a three-eyed god whose symbol is a three-eyed star. Because they resemble Nezha and Erlang, Tenshinhan and Chaozu are an ideal team.


Chaozu is a martial arts champion with psychic abilities and a calm and reserved temperament. He is always willing to lend a hand to his comrades in order to save the planet. Despite his gentle demeanor and superior power to most Earthlings, Chaozu has a childlike personality. However, Chaozu is unable to understand some jokes and has difficulty understanding the most basic arithmetic operations. He makes up for his lack of power with an incredible devotion to his buddies.


In his first appearance in the series, Chaozu is introduced as Tenshinhan’s accomplice and collaborator. The InoShikaCho, a domesticated creature that storms the places that the two men show him, accompanies them from village to village.Tenshinhan and InoShikaCho then plot to deceive the people by pretending to be a hero. When Son Goku tries to unmask them, Tenshinhan manages to persuade the people that the young Saiyan helped InoShikaCho.

In Dragon Ball, Chaozu appears for the first time in the Tenshinhan saga as an official competitor in the 22nd martial arts tournament. He participates in the competition in order to defeat the students of Master Shen’s rival school, the Turtle Clan. Chaozu uses his psychic abilities to change the number of competitors at the request of Tenshinhan. He decides to face Krillin in the quarterfinals, where they exchange juvenile and petty insults before the tournament begins.


Master Shen then orders Chaozu to use his powers to levitate in the air and fire multiple Dodompa at Krillin, who was now at a higher level than him. Tao Pai Pai’s disciple learns that his brother was defeated by Son Goku in the middle of the fight, and Master Shen tells Chaozu to destroy his opponent with a powerful Dodompa.

After being pushed back by Goku’s wife Chi-Chi, Krillin dodges the punch and follows up with a Kamehameha to send Chaozu out of the ring. The Crane’s student manages to get out of the way and get back into the ring once more using his levitation abilities. Chaozu then uses his signature telekinesis technique to attack Krillin’s internal organs. Master Shen asks his apprentice to kill Genius Turtle’s student over time rather than eject him from the ring in order to avenge Tao Pai Pai. Krillin, who continues to be assaulted, begins to realize that Chaozu must keep his arms outstretched and open so that he can continue to attack. The Turtle School disciple then tries to defeat Chaozu with simple math problems, forcing him to count with his fingers and losing control. Krillin breaks free of the telekinesis and throws his opponent out of the ring, disqualifying him from the tournament. Master Shen now thinks that instead of learning the art of war from him, his disciple could have learned mathematics. Chaozu has now been eliminated from the tournament while he had the upper hand, and Master Shen regrets not teaching his student mathematics.


Master Shen orders Chaozu to paralyze Son Goku from a distance during the final fight between Son Goku and Tenshinhan in order to give an advantage to his disciple. When Tenshinhan discovers that his opponent is using a cowardly technique, he orders him to stop, saying that he wants a fair fight. When the Crane Master orders him to kill Son Goku, he rejects the assassin’s way. Shen demands Chaozu’s death, furious that he refused to eliminate the two participants from the ring.

Chaozu categorically refuses because he does not want to harm his friend Tenshinhan, who fights with integrity, and he wants the fight to end fairly. Master Shen grabs his student by the throat and threatens to murder him after learning of this betrayal. Turtle uses a Kamehameha to expel the Crane Master from the stadium, preserving Chaozu’s life as well as allowing Tenshinhan and Son Goku to continue their fight in peace.

At the end of the match, Tenshinhan and Chaozu were invited to stay at Kamehouse. Although they had betrayed Shen, the two fighters refused, claiming that they could not follow the teachings of another master after having done so.


After the tournament, Krillin, Goku’s closest companion, is unexpectedly murdered while momentarily away from the rest of the team. A note with kanji for demonic characters was left on his body. Demon King Piccolo, a powerful demon who was imprisoned in a rice cooker many years ago, is the culprit of the crime, according to Genius Turtle. Mafuba was used by Master Shen, Master Mutaito and Great Turtle to defeat Piccolo. Son Goku decides to go after him to take revenge on his closest friend when he learns that Piccolo has been released once again.

After witnessing Frieza’s return, Chaozu and Tenshinhan decide to help the others by any means possible. They come across the Dragon Balls and Shenron, a sacred dragon that has the ability to raise the dead and grant all wishes. The two former Crane disciples decide to go on a mission to retrieve the relics in order to restore Krillin. On their journey, Chaozu and his friends come across a gang of mercenaries who have a Dragon Ball. The mercenaries’ bullets are stopped by Chaozu’s psychokinesis, allowing the group to recover the priceless item. After collecting more Dragon Balls, the radar indicates that the last relics are heading their way, suggesting that King Piccolo is on his way. Chaozu and Tenshinhan devise a strategy to capture the monster again.


Genius Turtle suddenly knocks out Tenshinhan and decides to hide his body in a cave before the demon king arrives. He then informs Chaozu that there has been a change of plan, asking him to stay hidden and away from the upcoming battle. Genius Turtle tries but fails to use the Mafuba approach before King Piccolo arrives, leaving Tenshinhan and Chaozu no chance to act. With no more opponents to stand in his way, King Piccolo can collect the remaining Dragon Balls and summon the sacred dragon to gain eternal youth. When the dragon appears, Chaozu receives a desperate order from Tenshinhan to make a wish first.

After witnessing the death of his friend at the hands of Piccolo, Tenshinhan goes out into the light and is immediately killed by the demon Piccolo before he can make a wish. Tenshinhan watches in horror as his friend is murdered, and then as Shenron is destroyed after Piccolo is granted eternal youth. Tenshinhan buries Chaozu next to Giant Turtle and puts the bodies in ice capsules to preserve them after the demon leaves. After Goku’s victory over King Piccolo, Bulma revives Chaozu, Krillin and Giant Turtle with the help of Shenron at the end of the story.


After some time, the former Crane School student decided to continue his training with Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Krillin in Kamehouse until Awesome Turtle informed him that he still had to improve in order to be able to fight Goku. The small group then leaves to study under the instructions of Master Karin before training on their own.

Chaozu returns to participate in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, three years after the defeat of the demon Piccolo. It is at this time that he learns that Son Goku has grown up and is excited about the upcoming fights. Chaozu uses his abilities to prevent the Z Team members (Chaozu, Tenshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha and Son Goku) or Piccolo Jr. from colliding during the eliminations when the draw is made. The first fight goes well until Tenshinhan discovers Chaozu’s corpse, which is in a terrible state. He understands that Tao Pai Pai, who has been resurrected in the form of a half-human, half-cyborg monster, is the aggressor. To accomplish his personal revenge by eliminating the former disciples of Crane and Son Goku, he also enters the competition under the pseudonym “Tenshinhan”. Chaozu was hospitalized and joined the others after recovering some time after Son Goku defeated Piccolo Junior. He was finally transferred to the nearest hospital, where he joined the rest of his companions.



After five years, Piccolo Jr. is resurrected by Tsuru and trains at the sacred temple with Tenshinhan, Krillin and Yamcha. The Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa arrive one year before their invasion of Earth. After finishing his training with the Almighty, Chaozu continues to train with Tenshinhan for the remaining six months. When the Saiyans arrive on Earth, Tenshinhan asks Chaozu to stay behind, but Chaozu refuses and insists on fighting alongside his friend.

Following his devastation, the two Z Fighters join the rest of the Z Team fighters, but Chaozu won’t get to face a Saibaiman as part of their deal with Vegeta.


After Yamcha’s death and Krillin’s subjugation of all the Saibamen, Nappa decides to put his strength to the test by facing the entire Z team alone. Attempting to use his telekinesis against him, Chaozu is unable to do so because his opponent is far too powerful, making his powers ineffective. Nappa charges Tenshinhan after he is fully powered up, cutting off one of his arms as Chaozu and his friends look on in horror.

Nappa fires another jet of energy, which Krillin defies his injuries to dodge and narrowly avoids. After the attack, Krillin explores the area looking for a sign of Chaozu, knowing that if he doesn’t find him soon, Nappa will kill him. The ugly Saiyan tries to run away, but Chaozu destroys himself in a powerful explosion after telepathically saying goodbye to Tenshinhan. Interestingly enough, Chaozu mimicked the Saibaimen method to duplicate it and use it against his enemy with his mimicry ability. The surviving Z Team fighters are shocked to see that Nappa was completely unharmed by the explosion. Nappa was unharmed, and the remaining Earth troops are both saddened and angry that Chaozu’s sacrifice was in vain.


Chaozu’s sacrifice against Nappa was a total failure. At the end of the Saiyans saga and Vegeta’s defeat, Chaozu’s body was restored and he was allowed to train at King Kaio’s house with his deceased buddies (Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Yamcha). The small group will be able to get a training very similar to Son Goku’s one before in order to acquire a great power. After that, Goku and the other Saiyans go to King Kaio’s planet to train, where they learn about the plot on Namek. They discover the conflict between Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo and Gohan against the galactic emperor Freezer after completing their main objective.

The Ginyu commando appears on King Kaio’s planet at the end of the Freezer saga and, in an episode that appears only in the anime, challenges the Z-team fighters there. On this occasion, Chaozu defeats Guldo effortlessly. Following a prayer to the sacred dragon Porunga, Chaozu is resurrected for the second time. With his friend Tenshinhan, Chaozu goes to train in the mountains.


The dragon Porunga of Namek resurrects Chaozu.

The training of the two fighters is interrupted one year after the events of Namek when they detect the energy of two huge evil beings approaching the Earth. Chaozu and Tenshinhan go to the place where the kis are coming from to find Vegeta, Bulma and the other members of the Z Team. The two super-powered androids that will destroy the planet within three years: This is the story of two super-powered androids looking for Chi. Then, they quickly meet Meca Freezer and his father, the King of Cold, accompanied by a squad of fighters. To Chaozu and his buddies’ astonishment, all the attackers are effortlessly eliminated by an unknown man from the future named Trunks. The group soon discovers that within three years, two very powerful androids will be present on Earth and will wreak havoc.

Chaozu has been training with Tenshinhan for three years to be ready for the day of the invasion. The fighters of Team Z gathered at the place where the invaders were to appear, assuming that Chaozu would not be able to defend himself against them. Knowing that Chaozu would not be able to handle the situation, Tenshinhan managed to persuade him not to get involved. Goku quickly agreed, while Chaozu spent time at Kamehouse preparing meals for Genius Turtle, Feather and Oolong. It is also at this time that he meets Maron.


After the other members of Team Z are defeated by C17 and C18, Chaozu leaves with Tenshinhan when he is informed of the terrible situation.

After witnessing his brother’s release, Trunks and Vegeta are sent to Earth by Cell. When they arrive on Earth, they discover that Goku has already engaged in a fight with Cell. He appears some time later in the series, when the two Humans feel Cell’s energy together. It is possible that Tenshinhan asked for him, so Chaozu does not appear during the Cell Games with his buddies or against the Cell Juniors.

Later in the Buu saga, Chaozu appears when he is seen with Tenshinhan towards the end, just as Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3. He makes another appearance in the same story a little later with his companion, when both fighters narrowly escape death. Of course, Super Buu has killed a considerable number of people in a single assault, but Chaozu has survived. Chaozu then goes to examine the craters left by Super Buu’s terrible assault.

After the planet is destroyed by Kid Buu with a huge energy attack, Chaozu perishes with the rest of the population. He is resurrected almost immediately thanks to the sacred dragon, and he will give up his energy in order to form a powerful Genkidama, which will finally allow Goku to destroy Majin Buu completely. At the end of the story, we can see him at Bulma’s house celebrating.

Chaozu can be seen working in the fields at the end of the Buu saga and only in the anime, when he helps the farmers with his telekinetic abilities. He quickly gained a great reputation and was frequently hired for high fees, which allowed him to increase his wealth considerably.



After Thales plants a power tree seed and it grows, Chaozu, like the other Z Team warriors, is informed of the danger by King Kaio in Kamehouse. The group rushes to the tree and attacks with powerful beams of energy without effect.

The defenders of the Earth are then forced to confront Thales and Chaozu runs away from one of them, who is much too strong for him. He falls to the ground, surprised by a volley of explosives, but is minutes away from death when Son Gohan intervenes. Chaoz reappears towards the end of the movie, when Son Goku faces Thales. However, he is once again knocked down. After the conclusion of the tree cutting, Chaozu and the others go on a camping trip.


At the end of an interstellar competition, Chaozu and Oolong are in the audience as Tenshinhan takes on Gohan and Trunks from the future. After Bojack and his empire of galactic soldiers are defeated at the end of the film by Gohan and Trunks from the future, he appears one last time in a hospital visiting his injured companions.


Chaozu is a martial arts champion with extraordinary psychic abilities who belongs to the Crane School. Chaozu is a martial arts champion who is far superior to most of his rivals, thanks to his membership in the Crane School and the possession of supernatural powers. His power was demonstrated when he reached the quarter finals of the 22nd World Martial Arts Championship. In terms of power, Chaozu now equals Krillin. After being overpowered by the Demon King Piccolo with a single ki blow, Krillin lost the fight due to a distraction. His power, however, is completely overpowered by Demon King Piccolo, who kills him with a single blow using a basic energy technique.

After training with Master Karin in the presence of Tenshinhan, Krillin and Yamcha, Chaozu’s power improves. He participated in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, three years after the death of King Piccolo, but despite his ability to pass the elimination rounds, he was unable to defeat Tao Pai Pai in his cyborg form.


His power also increased tenfold after training with the Almighty, and he even managed to exceed the level of the previous one. He goes to train with King Kai and his team at the end of the Saiyans’ story and their fight against Nappa. His strength increases significantly, and he even has trouble fighting Piccolo. Later, after defeating Guldo, his new power allows him to defeat him.

Although we don’t know Chaozu’s exact power level, it is reasonable to assume that he became stronger after the Android saga. He is unable to keep up with others and becomes completely disoriented by events, abandoning his training out of desperation. 

It should be noted that without a request from Tenshinhan, Chaozu would almost certainly have entered the Cell Games to defend the planet.



Ki Sense: Mr. Popo taught him this ability. It allows Chaozu to sense the ki of his opponents from a distance, allowing him to track them. For the very first time, when the Saiyans appeared on Earth, he used this skill.

Drill Attack: This is an attack that only appears in anime. Chaozu spins around in a hurry and rushes at his opponent. Krillin was attacked with this technique during the 22nd World Martial Arts Championship, which was held in Thailand.

Dodompa: The user holds out his index finger and shoots a powerful energy beam at his opponent. This technique is more deadly than Kamehameha in its simplest form. Chaozu used this attack against Krillin for the first time after Master Shen ordered him to be finished.

Dodompa Barrage: The user can also fire rays at a fast rate, as with the previous technique.

Super Dodompa: Guandao is a Chinese version of Doga, which has a much more powerful and destructive Dodompa beam that must be charged before it can be used.

Mimicry: Chaozu, like Tenshinhan, can memorize an opponent’s technique and use it against them later. Chaozu was able to replicate Yamcha’s Kamehameha, while Tenshinhan copied the Saibaiman bomb.

Telepathy: People of his choice can communicate with him mentally.

Telekinesis: The user has the ability to move objects in his environment with his mind. It is used in world martial arts competitions to rearrange the ranks of candidates. It is very beneficial for Chaozu and Tenshinhan to know the fighting styles of their opponents.

Psychic Attack: The user of this move is able to control and manipulate his opponents by using his psychic abilities. The user positions both palms forward and can then use their occult powers to dominate and control their opponents. Chaozu can paralyze or damage the internal organs of his target. He also has the ability to generate a power ball around his opponent to inflict damage. To defeat Guldo, Chaozu uses this power, as well as the attempt to destroy the Tree of Power again.

Throwing Psychic Stones: He must be able to feel energy. This is why he can also metamorphose, allowing him to become a dragon and fly over vast distances of land or sea. Thanks to his psychic abilities, he can dig large stones out of the ground and throw them at his opponent.




– Chaozu’s name is also a pun, as are the names of most of the characters in Dragon Ball Z. Chiaotzu (餃子) is a turn of phrase in Japanese that refers to jiaozi, a Chinese dish. In English, it means “spicy pork” It comes from the term chao (= spicy).

– Although Chaozu does not frequently participate in Dragon Ball Z fights, he likes to watch movies and eat tenshindon. He prefers to travel by water scooter to any other mode of transportation.

– When Chaozu calls Tenshinhan “Ten-san”, he shows a certain level of intimacy and respect. This name is found in the Japanese version of the anime and in the manga, and it will remain in the British broadcast. However, it has been changed in the American version, where Chaozu calls his boyfriend “Tien”.

– Chaozu’s position as emperor is only shown and assumed in the Dragon Ball Mystical Adventure movie, despite the fact that he never appears in the manga or the anime series. In the English translation of “Goku’s Alive”, he is referred to as “young Chaozu”.

– In the 150th chapter of Naruto, Chaozu appears for a split second. This grin is fully justified because Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, is a fan of Akira Toriyama and it is his admiration for the work of the latter that pushed him to become a manga artist.



The Chaozu guide is now complete, and we hope you found it as enjoyable to read as it was to write. Chaozu is an important character in the Dragon Ball universe. He comes from an evil martial arts school, just like Tenshinhan, who was the first serious opponent of Goku and Krillin. The former disciple of the Crane is less important in the Dragon Ball Z sagas, but he is still very loyal to Goku and his friends. The most memorable moment in the Chaozu saga is when he sacrifices himself during the battle against the Saiyan Vegeta.

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