Chi-Chi (Chichi) – Dragon Ball Z


It is conceivable that you already know her. If you like the Dragon Ball series, she may be familiar to you.

Chi-Chi, the daughter of the Ox-King of Fire Mountain, is known for her strong personality. She is the offspring of Ox-King, better known as Gyumao, a former student of Genie Turtle who met Son Goku early in his adventures.

At the beginning of the series, she is presented as a nervous and shy young woman, but as the story progresses, she becomes more fierce and powerful, which makes her an extremely “tomboyish” character. Indeed, with her occasional outbursts of fury, this personality makes her stand out in each episode.

  • In this complete guide to Chichi, you’ll discover:
  • A detailed account of his life.
  • Chi-Chi’s rich history in Dragon Ball and other sagas is told.
  • Humorous stories about this pure-hearted fighter.

Chi-Chi has the legendary reputation of being one of the most attractive women in history. In terms of appearance, she is undoubtedly a standout. So, without further ado, let’s go through our complete guide to Chi-Chi, Sangoku’s wife!

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Chi-Chi’s appearance is no surprise to Dragon Ball fans. However, it is important to understand what she looks like from birth to adulthood in order to differentiate her from other Dragon Ball characters. The goal is to become familiar with her physical appearance and the clothes she has worn throughout the series.


Chi-Chi is a small woman. She has large dark eyes and long black hair with square bangs. She has an even complexion and looks attractive in most situations. Chi-Chi was once adorned in a blue bikini with pink boots, which she wore in her youth. Her pretty pink helmet, which she wears over a green cape, is also characteristic. Chi-Chi had already grown up and was no longer wearing her childhood clothes in the Piccolo Jr. saga, the last story of the original Dragon Ball anime. She was now wearing a blue Chinese garment known as “Cheongsam”.

Underneath her dress, she is wearing red pants. She also has a red armband draped over one arm, the same color as her shoes and belt. To complete her look, she is wearing long white socks. Throughout this drama, Chi-Chi had her hair in a ponytail. It should be noted that most of the clothes worn by this character were always Chinese costumes or martial arts outfits.


Chi-Chi will be wearing a light purple dress with an orange scarf with bows on top of her breasts during the first half of Dragon Ball Z. This is topped with a yellow belt.

Chi-Chi’s hair is also very long and is worn in a bun with a yellow ribbon, which does not prevent it from falling to the sides to reveal her adorable features.

Chi-Chi’s hair has always been pulled back in a bun throughout the Android saga, but at this point she donned a purple uniform with pink cuffs. She also wore pants that were the same color as her jacket. Chi-Chi had a dream in which Gohan saw her wearing a pink martial arts outfit with purple sleeves during this episode. Her belt was also yellow, and it complemented her purple pants. During this chapter, she left her hair loose.


Chi-Chi was wearing a light purple martial arts costume in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Saiyan, which indicated that Goku and Gohan had returned home. The sleeves of her clothing were sky blue. She was also wearing similar clothing that included a bright blue belt and blue martial arts shoes.

Chi-Chi was seen wearing a cheongsam dress and blue pants in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Space Mercenaries. She had a black belt and purple socks with blue shoes. During the saga, her uniform was yellow with bows on the back. Turquoise pants and blue martial arts shoes were also worn by Chi-Chi. In this episode, Chi-chi wore white earrings of Chinese origin that represented her face and her hair was tied up in a bun.

She had her hair pulled back in a bun throughout the party to commemorate Kid Boo’s passing. She always kept her hair tied back in a bun at the party, but she did it differently during the event. Her lips were painted pink and her face was framed by strands that looked like snowflakes. She wore high heels that were the same shade as her pants while attending the gathering.


Hello, Son Goku and his friends are back! Chi-Chi was dressed in a yellow martial arts costume with blue sleeves and white cuffs. She wore red pants with red fabric draped around her shoulders, and a red belt to finish off her ensemble. Green earrings completed her ensemble. Her combat art shoes are black.

At the dinner of the same saga, she sported a more casual look. A yellow Cheongsam topped with a turquoise scarf and a light purple Obi belt complete her outfit. Her outfit is completed by white pants and purple earrings. She is then seen wearing a pink Cheongsam over a white jacket and white bracelets at the party. She is still adorned with her green earrings.

ChiChi’s red cheongsam with a brown fabric pattern tied around her shoulders was worn in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. She also wore crimson pants that she paired with a red leather belt. She usually wore white socks and shoes. Blue bracelets and lipstick were used as accessories. ChiChi wears blue bracelets and lipstick throughout Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.


Chi-Chi’s appearance in Dragon Ball Super will be the same as in the Majin Boo saga, where she will wear a yellow martial arts outfit and a purple belt. For example, her clothes have changed gradually over time, from blue to pink and back again. Her pants are turquoise, and her shoes are blue. In addition, she frequently wears earrings and lipstick, both of which we think complement Goku’s husband beautifully!

Chi-Chi’s style has changed dramatically over the course of Dragon Ball. At the age of 10, after Kid Buu’s defeat, she was seen wearing a red dress with bows on the back that she had already worn during Dragon Ball Z. She wore a dark pink cheongsam and a black belt during and after the tournament. She also wore purple pants, gold earrings and black socks. Chi-Chi’s appearance has been changed significantly throughout the series.


Her hair was cut much shorter in Dragon Ball GT (especially around her shoulders and chin), and it was styled differently. She wore a pink martial arts outfit with light green sleeves. She also wore a turquoise belt, gold earrings and black shoes.



Chi-Chi was a shy girl when she was younger. She had plans for her future husband. As the daughter of the Ox Demon King, she was known to be a fierce girl like her father, but this is not the case. Moreover, by riding the Magic Cloud, Chi-Chi can be proven to have a good heart. When Chi-Chi fights her enemies while crying, her reputation as a scary kid is remarkable.
Chi-Chi’s character also changed considerably after she became an adult. After Goku married Chi-Chi and gave birth to Gohan, her character changed dramatically. She started to act differently from when she was a child. She turned into a tenacious, controlling and overprotective woman. She is frequently shown the personality of an assertive, authoritarian, and conventional Shōnen mother. However, her personality is considerably different from that of Bulma, the main female character in Dragon Ball and the Japanese anime community as a whole, who is consistently shown as cheerful and social.

Chi-Chi is a powerful woman, but she is far from being the weakest member of the Z-Fighters team. She is one of the toughest women in the world, and she also has a remarkable fighting ability that surpasses that of an ordinary person. Mentally, Chi-Chi seems to be a bit more foolish. For example, while searching for Goku, she hit Krilin in the head with a door, thinking he was him. Despite Chi-Chi’s frequent requests for Goku to fight or for Sangohan to do his homework, she always showed dedication to her family. At the conclusion of the Saga of Boo, when Son Goku and Chi-Chi kissed after being able to live as a family with Gohan and Goten, she started to cry because they can now do it together.


Chi-Chi was particularly worried about her husband, who fell ill with a heart infection during the Android saga. She spent a lot of time caring for him, sobbing at his bedside during these times. Chi-Chi approaches Goku and tells him that he got rid of the scar on his arm. When she learns that Goku has recovered well, she runs to the Kame house to hug her partner, which makes her cross the room. Chi-Chi’s gratitude is always apparent throughout the series. When Goku is back home safely, whether he is injured or dead, Chi-Chi is constantly crying.

Chi-Chi disagrees with Goku about Gohan’s combat training, but she and her son oppose it. However, when her husband and son are mocked for it, she becomes furious. Moreover, she is extremely hard with those who displease Son Goku and Gohan. Mr. Shû was expelled from school for calling his son Gohan an idiot without promise. We also learn in the Japanese version of the saga that she expelled Mr. Shu, claiming that he had beaten Gohan in front of his mother while calling him an idiot without potential.

In the DBZ episode “Family Photo,” Chi-Chi and the other characters reacted with surprise when Goku granted her request about Gohan’s education. Chi-Chi was so surprised that she started checking Gohan’s temperature to make sure he was safe. In Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge, Chi-Chi is concerned for Goku when he demands that their son Gohan finish his homework before going camping with him. This attitude indicates that even though Chi-Chi nags her husband to do something other than train with Gohan, she loves him as he is.


Chi-Chi’s most important goal is to ensure that her son Gohan achieves academic excellence, rather than martial accomplishment. She understands that Goku had bad tendencies that could put him in danger and does not want Gohan to acquire the same habits. Chi-Chi was not properly educated as a child, and she refuses to allow this to happen to her son. Yes, this view frequently puts her in anguish when Goku takes their child into battle. She was always ready to fight for her child, even if other characters in the show prevented her from doing so. So this mother’s anxiety is not mitigated just because she is close and concerned about her children’s happiness!

Chi-Chi is always proud of her Gohan in the Japanese anime series, especially when he fights. However, she doesn’t want to admit it in her heart. This statement is further emphasized when Gohan participates in the International Martial Arts Tournament and the Intergalactic World Tournament in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.

Gohan definitely has to work hard on both his academic abilities and his human personality. Chi-Chi doesn’t want Gohan to suffer the same fate as his father and be killed by Piccolo in the World Tournament after seeing Goku almost killed by him. Even when it comes to life and death situations, Chi-Chi sometimes acts preemptively. For example, she stopped her son from helping his father when he was being attacked by two assassins so that he could finish his homework.


Gohan, on the other hand, is transformed into a scholar in the latest installments of the Dragon Ball series. Gohan did not participate in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament as he had done before. His mother Chi-Chi began training him in martial arts, fearing that he would not be able to defend himself if needed. She taught him the same way Goku had taught her before, with great severity. Chi-Chi also allowed Gohan and Goten to participate in the 25th martial arts tournament. She did this because she was eager to see her husband Goku again after seven years. Chi-Chi also knew that if Gohan reached the finals, he would have enough money to pay for his college education.


The Super Saiyans were hated by Chi-Chi. Because of the color of her hair (yellow being a color worn by thugs in Japan at the time), she had an unpleasant view of Super Saiyans. This was evident when she met Gohan, who had just reached full Super Saiyan form moments before the Cell Games began. She thought that Goku and Gohan had dyed their hair without realizing that it was a consequence of the perils and characteristics of the transformation. She eventually recognized it as an indication of Saiyan transformation, but she still retained her initial notion of the Super Saiyan form. Indeed, when she saw Goten transform while he was in training, she would be agitated.

Chi-Chi tried hard to get along with Bulma, especially after her marriage to Vegeta. She knew that Bulma understood the difficulties of being a Saiyan’s wife and having half-Saiyan children, so she became her friend. Despite their friendship, they frequently fight. When their children participate in tournaments, as Bojack Unbond did, their disagreements become more serious.


Chi-Chi is frustrated by the fact that Goku devotes himself to martial arts training rather than supporting their family financially. Chi-Chi frequently has to dip into her father’s funds to help her family, who unfortunately, being the savior of the planet, does not provide a single penny, much to the chagrin of Sangoku’s relatives! Although his concern for his family’s financial situation is understandable, Goku is not particularly concerned about money. He only accepted the peace prize offered to him by Mr. Satan to thank him for helping him defeat Kid Boo after his son Gohan informed him that if he accepted the money, Gohan would be able to train with him and have his mother’s permission.


Chi-Chi, as the daughter of an Ox Demon King who grew up with her family’s wealth, was much more anxious when she found out that her wife could not provide the same financial stability for her family. She was also envious of Bulma’s wealth and changed her appreciation of Videl, the girl who lived in a 50-room mansion and encouraged Gohan to marry her. She was very eager to win one of the items in the bingo tournament held at Bulma’s birthday party in the Tournament of Gods and the God of Destruction Beerus Saga.

In the Dragon Ball Super saga, Chi-Chi informs Goku that his father’s treasure was buried because of a fire on the mountain and that he became a poor man. After the defeat of Kid Boo, Chi-Chi informs Goku that his father’s fortune was lost because of a fire on the mountain and that he became poor. It is at this point of the story that she starts to push Goku to work to earn money. After Mr. Satan paid the 100 million Zeni, which was the price of peace, she allowed Goku to go and train on King Kai’s planet without hesitation.


However, a few seconds later, she orders Goku to stop training because their family had to spend the 100 million zeni in a hurry after the saga of the God of Destruction Beerus. Chi-Chi will tell her that their household has fallen into poverty, making her realize how much he had hurt her. She was particularly concerned about Goku’s financial difficulties before he could train again. Chi-Chi wanted to keep her family out of debt before Goku could resume training (a false lie that she occasionally brings up to encourage him to work rather than train).

Later, Mr. Satan offers Goku a job as a security guard at the World Conference to make ends meet. Chi-Chi will pressure Goku to take the job, as she thinks it is easy for her husband, who is considerably strong and has many fighting skills. She will take advantage of the situation to appease her husband’s jealousy by dating him a lot.


Chi-Chi was born on November 5, 737 to the Ox King, who was also known as the Demon Ox King. His mother died shortly after giving birth. When a fire spirit appeared before Chi-Chi’s father, the Ox King, aka the Ox Demon King, at the age of two, he and his daughter were trapped outside their castle. This supernatural being caused the castle to burn down. Chi-Chi was trained in martial arts fighting throughout her childhood.




Chi-Chi is the first character we see running away from a purple dinosaur on the way to Roshi, the former mentor of the Ox-King. In order to reach her father’s castle on Fire Mountain, she must retrieve the Bansho fan, which was then under her father’s command. She manages to slice and then blow up the dinosaur with the blade of her helmet.

Following this, Chi-Chi met Yamcha, whom she assaulted with the laser of her helmet for fear of strangers.

After Chi-Chi knocked him out, Yamcha fought back and was able to overpower her. However, when he sees that she is the Ox-King’s daughter, Yamcha comes to her aid. When Chi-Chi regains consciousness, she stands before him as a threat. Yamcha makes Chi-Chi believe that he loves her and wants to stop her from hitting him by claiming that he witnessed the dinosaur’s fate. With Chi-Chi’s simplicity, she believes him without hesitation when he says he saw the dinosaur’s spell; but as soon as she turns around, Yamcha has disappeared.


In the Red Ribbon Army Saga, Chi-Chi’s father takes her to a village psychic so that he can inform her of Goku’s return. The psychic says that he is already on his way, and since Chi-Chi wants to marry him, the Ox-King has already arranged their wedding. This story takes place after Fire Mountain has been rebuilt and repopulated. Chi-Chi went to pick flowers outside the community while the wedding preparations were underway. Goku appeared in the area where it took place, and they talked for a while. They go to check next door when they notice smoke coming from the village. Colonel Silver and his soldiers were attacking the village.


Chi-Chi and Goku have to travel to the sky on the magic cloud to help the people after that. Chi-Chi is able to annihilate a large number of soldiers by sobbing and using the laser of his helmet. Goku, on the other hand, is forced to leave and continue his journey by the Red Ribbon Army. “What about the wedding, Dad?” Chi-Chi asks him as he prepares to leave. He will answer without hesitation, “I’ll go back and try again.” Goku assumed that a wedding was some sort of cooked meal. When he arrives at Korin Tower for his fight with Tao the mercenary, he notices a jar depicting what happened in the meadow where they were talking before.


Chi-Chi is mentioned several times in the Piccolo Demon King Saga, especially when Goku saved his father from the Fur King’s soldiers at the beginning of the story. On the orders of King Piccolo, they had to execute martial artists. It is said that she matured faster than Goku, which became a recurring gag for years. Chi-Chi and her father, Ox-King, are seen in his castle shortly after the defeat of King Piccolo, near the end of the tale.


In the sequel, Chi-Chi appears at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, three years later. She disguises her identity by renaming herself “Anonymous” In the preliminary qualifying rounds, she is ranked number 59. After that, Chi-Chi approaches Goku and greets him, but he does not recognize her. This irritates her and she calls him a moron. This is also exacerbated by the fact that Goku doesn’t remember her name. He would never have come back to keep his word, which he forgot by going straight to the gazebo after King Piccolo was defeated, if he hadn’t been provoked.


Chi-Chi reveals to him that if he wins their semi-final fight, she will explain to him why she is enraged and tell him her real name. Goku easily defeats Chichi by punching her once during the fight. Chichi is easily thrown out of the ring because of this punch. Finally, she revealed her true identity, which surprised everyone. Our hero was shocked to find out that the girl he met earlier was actually little Chichi! He couldn’t believe it when he found out that Chichi had grown up to be as big as him!

When Chi-Chi reminded him of his oath, he turned pale. He began to remember it, but added that he made the promise to her because he didn’t know what a “bride” was. Nevertheless, by asking Chichi to marry him in front of everyone who came to the tournament, he shows that he keeps his word. Chi-Chi announces her love for Goku in return. At this moment, Goku is confused because he doesn’t know what Chi-Chi means. Chi-Chi then kisses him on the cheek, to which the crowd responds with applause.




Chi-Chi became a widow in the Saiyan saga when Goku was murdered by his brother Raditz. She returned to House Kame with the Z-Warrior followers a year later to save her son Gohan, ignoring her husband’s pleas for help. Chi-Chi became furious with her husband for allowing their son to take part in the fight.

A black mist from Garlic Jr. spread over Earth during the interlude between Freezer Saga and Android Saga. Chi-Chi and others were infected by the mist, which afflicted them. She fought with her son because he was distracted when he met Maron and also left the house instead of studying. This is the only time we see her fighting with him. After Kami and Mr. Popo used the sacred water to protect all living things on Earth, Chi-Chi happily returned to normal life.

When Goku returned to Earth, he improved his power. Once, he hit Chi-Chi and made her fall from a considerable height without meaning to. In addition, she is overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done, she even goes so far as to force Gohan and Piccolo to get their driver’s licenses because of this. Chi-Chi and Goku’s second child, Goten, was also born during the Cell saga. She is widowed again in the same saga when Goku dies during the famous Cell Games.

She will appear for the last time in Dragon Ball Z when she is perplexed by the fact that Goku had to train Uub.



Chi-Chi was one of the most famous characters in the saga, but it was her appearance in the Golden Freezer saga that cemented her role in the new series. We see her traveling around town with Piccolo, who takes care of her. She brings a lot of food to Gohan, who has just become a father. Videl and Pan, Gohan’s wife and daughter Chi-Chi wanted to make sure they were well fed. Eventually, Piccolo and his friends drive a dump truck through town to unload it. In response to the free meals he ate at Chi-Chi’s house, he helps out by carrying food.

Chi-Chi is also noted for her views on education in the saga Survival of the Universe. Goten asks his father if he will train in an episode of this series. The latter answers that he was only going to go with Whis and asks her to accompany him. A suggestion that Chi-Chi will not fail to reject! Chichi encourages Goten to work his brain rather than his body so that he can become a scholar like Gohan, rather than focusing on physical education. Despite Chi-Chi’s protests, the boys are determined to carry out their plan and sneak out of the house. When she saw that he had finally succeeded in bringing their child while she was preoccupied, Chi-Chi unleashed an angry roar in Goku’s direction.

Elsewhere in the Universe 6 saga, Goku is fighting in the Tournament of Power. It is a surprise to Chi-Chi that Botamo’s attacks have little effect on Goku. Chichi is very worried when Frost throws Goku into the ring and starts using his poison needles to cause his poisoning. She runs to the ring to help her husband. After seeing that he is okay, she feels relieved, Chichi approaches him.



The Pacific World Saga, often referred to as the end of the “Z” saga, is an epilogue to Dragon Ball Z that takes place ten years after the conclusion of the Kid Boo story. Due to the timeline of the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball, this section has been labeled as a separate saga. Chi-Chi is not seen much in this drama.

She became Pan’s great-grandmother, the daughter of his daughter-in-law Videl, the wife of his first son Gohan. She appears in the same story as her family going to a competition to cheer them on. It was the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Chichi will be a grandmother only after Majin Boo’s defeat.



In this alternate history of GT, Chi-Chi discovers that Goku was changed into a child by the crystal balls of the Death Star. Emperor Pilaf made the wish. Chi-Chi ironically claims that Goku and the Emperor turned him into a child on purpose. As Chi-Chi grows up, he spends more time with Bulma and Videl. Chi-Chi has not changed. She is always there for her family in times of trouble, just as she was before. Chi-Chi’s relationship with her son Goten remains strict. Her love for Goku, who has become a child, remains the same. When a character asks her what it’s like to be the wife of a youngster, she replies, “It’s wonderful! I’m completely at ease, I feel young again”.


Chi-Chi has always been very maternal towards her two sons Gohan and Goten throughout the Baby saga, even though they were already married. For example, we see in the story that she does not want Goten to go out as frequently as his brothers. Chi-Chi is shown as a tough mother to Goten and Gohan when they are possessed by Baby, slapping them several times for all the rude things they can do and ordering them to fight outside rather than believing that they were really possessed. Chichi was not spared, with almost the entire population of Earth under Baby’s control. Chichi is found to be unharmed when she returns home with Pan. Goku thinks his wife is still mad at him for looking like a child at home. He had to push back his normal size and age with the help of the Death Star Dragon Balls, but he had forgotten about it. He had no idea that the entire human race was controlled by Baby. Also, when Goku returned, Chi-Chi asked his children to kill him. We know that this happened while she was still possessed, just like her sons, but she will be healed with the Sacred Water.

She was seen with a pot and a broom in her hand before leaving with Videl, Bra and Bulma to fight alongside Goku during the Super 17 conflict. Android 18 and Goku, on the other hand, had already accomplished their task.




Chi-Chi is an important character in most of Toriyama’s Japanese animated sagas, but she does not appear in some movies. In particular, the Dragon Ball movies known as Dragon Ball: Legend of Shenron and the other two. Her presence in the other films, however, is rather obvious. Here are Chi-Chi’s most notable film appearances (in order of appearance):


In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Chi-Chi makes his first appearance. His function is to attack Ginger. While they were walking quietly, Chi-Chi and his son Gohan were surprised by the henchmen of Garlic Jr. Sansho and Nicky who surrounded them. Chi-Chi knocked Ginger down with a one-handed blow that didn’t touch her at all. As for Gohan, he is captured by the other members of the gang. Goku rushes after them once he arrives on the scene.


We see Chi-Chi cleaning the house. At the same time, she has a conversation with Goku about Gohan’s education. Gohan fell asleep while studying and his mother is worried that he will become a lazy delinquent. Then, when Chi-Chi found out what happened to Dr. Kochin, she blamed Gohan for dating Piccolo. She was also seen at this time in this movie watching Goku leave in the Magic Cloud to go save Bulma and Master Roshi. When Gohan tries to run away, Chi-Chi keeps yelling at him.


After Gohan returns from his camping trip, Chi-Chi meets her new friend Icarus, a dragon. She was afraid of him because he was a dragon, and she didn’t want Gohan to approach him. Despite this, Goku and Gohan didn’t want to get rid of the dragon and took steps to hide it in a remote cave near their house. When everyone arrives at Goku’s house after the formation of the “Tree of Power” on Earth. Chi-Chi is furious with Gohan and Goku when Icarus appears, blaming them for not abandoning the dragon. Chi-Chi becomes furious with Gohan and Goku for not abandoning the dragon.

Everyone immediately decides to go and stop the intruders, with Gohan agreeing to accompany them. Chi-Chi, however, did not want Gohan to join the fight, as it was his job to protect her.



In this movie, Chi-Chi, Goku and Gohan go to the mall to be less stressed. Chi-Chi hands a big pile of boxes to her husband, indicating that it’s his turn to go get clothes, while Gohan and Goku fight a crowd of ladies to find clothes. After that, they go to a restaurant for lunch, where they meet Oolong, Master Roshi, Trunks and Krillin. C-14 and C-15 show up at the mall just as everyone is eating; this forces Goku to leave to defend everyone there.

Chi-Chi will be saved by Gohan, but she will prevent him from going to fight the androids so that he can continue his studies. Gohan, on the other hand, asks Chi-Chi if she wants Goku to fight alone and die, leaving her no choice. Chi-Chi was shocked when Gohan went ahead without her consent; she could not stop him. To save Chi-Chi, Gohan immediately flies to the battle. After the war, Chi-Chi appeared at Gohan’s bedside and informed him that once he recovered, he should return to his studies.



In this movie, Chi-Chi forces Goku to put on a costume for an interview in order to get Gohan into a good establishment. She also gives him instructions on what to say so that he can make a favorable impression on others. During the interview, King Kai telepathically contacts Goku about an emergency. After being challenged by his mother-in-law, Chi-Chi forces him to use his instant transmission to leave the room.

Chi-Chi was doing the laundry in her garden when Goku and Gohan arrived. They have just defeated Broly, the legendary super saiyan, and are immediately taken to the garden. Chi-Chi is furious with her husband for his previous absence. Goku responds by stating what his wife wanted him to say during the interview, causing Chi-Chi to faint before he could finish. Chi-Chi faints as soon as Goku says these words, causing her husband to lose points in their match against Bulma’s team later that night.



Chi-Chi gives Gohan permission to participate in the intergalactic martial arts tournament after studying hard in this DBZ movie. She attends the event and cheers on her son from the stands. Chi-Chi is sitting next to Bulma, who has come to support her son, Trunks. The two of them are talking when Chi-Chi discovers that Yamcha is no longer interested in fighting, which puzzles her. Bulma tells her that he already knows that no one can defeat Trunks.

Chi-Chi thinks that Gohan is the only viable opponent in the tournament who could beat Trunks. Chi-Chi then meets Gohan on the training island, who is preparing for battle, and confesses his love for him. Gohan is puzzled and embarrassed by his mother’s gesture. He triumphs over Bojack and his cronies at the end of the fight. In the evening, Chi-Chi goes to the hospital with Bulma, Trunks, Master Roshi Oolong and Chaozu, to check on Gohan’s treatment for his injuries and those of Krilin and Trunks.



  • Since Chi-Chi met Goku, several events have happened between them in the anime and the movies. Let’s consider their first meeting. The scene was somewhat vague and indeterminate in the anime, but Chi-Chi will give Gohan the details of his first meeting in a later episode.
  • Chi-Chi’s first meeting with Goku: In the episode “Gohan’s First Date” of the Great Saiyaman Saga, Chi-Chi tells Gohan, who is forced to go on a date with Angela, about her first real date with Goku. She tells of their first romantic encounter when they were still minors. Chi-Chi and Goku appeared as pre-teen children in this episode. Chi-Chi claims that she forced Goku to come and did not blackmail him. She asked Goku to think about his favorite hobby. Chi-Chi, naturally, immediately discovered the most pleasant activity for him: a fight. Hesitant at first, Chi-Chi proved to be surprisingly capable.
  • As the story goes, Chi-Chi says it was a fantastic first date.
    The date of Goku and Chi-Chi’s first date is unknown. It is beyond the scope of the episodes, according to the fan consensus. However, by analyzing the series, we know that it took place before Goku began his training under Master Roshi. In Chi-Chi’s memory, he was not yet wearing the distinctive uniform of the Turtle School. He was, however, wearing a blue outfit.



Chi-Chi is a major character in the Dragon Ball series and several Akira Toriyama movies. She portrays a unique image when it comes to the responsibility of motherhood.

She has a strict behavior throughout her appearances in the various sagas, but we only see her on screen and in the Dragon Ball manga to improve the daily life of her family, especially that of her sons’ education.

Despite Chi-Chi’s hatred towards her husband Goku who doesn’t spend enough time with his family, and her desire to train for her future fights, she loves him more than anything. Despite this, Chi-Chi remains a caring mother who will do her best to support her family in any situation.

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