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Hello Dragon Ball Z fans! In this new ultimate guide, you will learn everything there is to know about Cooler, Freezer’s vicious brother. This comprehensive article will give you all the information you need.

Cooler makes his debut as the main opponent in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge, although he appears earlier in “Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge” He then returns in “Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge” as Freezer. King Cold is his father and Freezer is his brother. Like his brother, he can change shape and has a mechanical body.

In this article, we will introduce you to the character Cooler:

  • What makes him such a fascinating character?
  • Cooler’s biography.
  • His battle tactics

So, are you ready to meet Freezer’s brother again? Well, then… Let the party begin!

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Yes! Although Cooler is not a main character in Dragon Ball Z, Toriyamah designed him.

In his first form, Cooler looks like Freezer in his final form. This makes sense given their family ties. The main difference is his purple skin. It stands out quite a bit compared to his brother’s. Cooler is significantly taller than Freezer and wears several armor-like shells on his chest, shins, head and shoulders.

However, when he transforms, his body structure changes significantly. He becomes considerably larger and more muscular, much like Freezer’s second form. The color of his carapace changes as well as his shoulders, chest and height.

He becomes even colder and more aggressive in his behavior. His temperament is expressed by the temperature of his head. Cooler will be a turquoise blue with a metallic sheen in his industrial form. He is returning to his previous appearance.



The Cooler’s personality is comparable to that of his brother and father. However, there are several distinctions. Frozen and Cooler have a propensity to deal with any problem in an intellectual and thought-provoking manner, as evidenced by their names. He doesn’t take others lightly, but he has significantly less ego than his brother.

He is also more responsible. He considers it childish to harm the planet Vegeta, for example.

Cooler is also a team player. He does not execute people on a whim. So his followers are extremely loyal and devoted. On the other hand, Cooler can sometimes underestimate his opponent because he lets Goku’s space capsule escape rather than follow his subordinates’ advice to shoot him, which leads to his own downfall years later.

Despite these few admirable qualities, Cooler is above all a ruthless murderer. That’s how he sees himself. While he doesn’t seem to particularly enjoy inflicting pain on his enemies, he is capable of attacking children, ambushing them and inflicting damage in less than honorable ways.

In his ultimate state, Cooler has a similar state of mind to Freezer’s second transformation. His brutality soars, and he will do anything to kill Son Goku.

According to the annotations, there are several similarities between Freezer and this character. His confidence is another example, as well as a title of “supreme master of the universe.”

Cooler’s personality changes after his fusion with Big Gete Star. He becomes sadistic and underestimates his enemies a bit too much, which is rather unpleasant.




He is a member of Freezer’s army, like all his family. Although he doesn’t seem to work closely with the other members of his family, he leads a squadron of bloodthirsty soldiers. Together they enslave planets in the name of Freezer’s army. Cooler is believed to have at least 256 planets under his command. Dore, who serves as Cooler’s right-hand man, is from exactly 256 solar systems.

In 734, Freezer razed the planet Vegeta. It is the home of the Saiyans. Freezer watches with interest as Goku’s spacecraft enters the earth’s atmosphere. He then asks his assassins not to attack him.

As for his relationship with Freezer, there has always been a sort of sibling rivalry. He even declares that if Goku hadn’t killed Freezer, he would have taken care of him. Cooler discovered that he had an advantage over Freezer once before. It was a formidable transformation, far superior in every way to his younger brother’s power at the time.



Cooler’s first appearance is in the prologue of the movie. For the first time, he appears in all the prologues of the movie. He forbids Salza and his armored squadron to block Goku’s space shuttle. This segment intelligently introduces him.

After becoming Emperor of the Universe at the age of 31, Cooler learns that his brother Freezer has been murdered by a Saiyan fighter. At first doubtful, he finally believed the news and went to Earth to restore his family’s reputation. However, he makes it clear that he is not doing this for revenge.

When he gets there, Cooler discovers Son Goku and brings him to his henchmen. Our hero first believes that it is Freezer in a new form. In an explosion intended for Gohan, Cooler manages to hurt Goku. Goku disappears and runs away to find him.


Piccolo and Salza dispatch Dore and Neiz, while Piccolo and Salza are defeated by Dore. Finally, Cooler joins the fight, believing Freezer to be genuine again. The namek is wounded by Cooler, who orders Salza to pursue Gohan.

At this time, as well as in many other Dragonball episodes and movies, Goku is resurrected with the help of a senzu. He returns to confront Cooler. He then learns who he really is and how he is linked to Freezer. Cooler shows an apparent lack of compassion by destroying Piccolo. Goku becomes enraged and begins to fight. The two fighters were initially of comparable strength. Cooler understands better than before the strength of the opponent and why he was able to win against Freezer. Cooler explains that he intended to kill his brother and that Goku was next on his list. He concludes by transforming into his secondary form.

In any case, Goku easily surpasses Son Goku in this form. To wash away the affront to his family, he takes his time to torment him as much as possible. He absorbs considerable amounts of punishment before finally overcoming Cooler.

Freezer’s brother, in a final effort to destroy the planet, launches a supernova. Goku is able to deflect the attack with a Super Kamehameha and throws Freezer into the sun. This way, he will be destroyed.



Cooler’s ruins are floating in space. They end up combining with the star called Big Gete, a colossal machine. This one reactivates Cooler by merging with his brain. He is then transformed into Metal Cooler.

He draws all the energy of the planet according to the instructions of his master. He consumes it like fuel. Dende learns this terrible news, and he asks Goku and his companions to help him. This is how Freezer’s path crosses again with the earthlings. Freezer’s brother is stronger than ever, because he now knows that he has a chance to attack Goku and Vegeta.

The two super-saiyans have a hard time to defeat him. They will succeed after a long fight. A terrible news, however, arrives. It is about a remote-controlled clone that used to be a single Metal Cooler army and has turned into an entire Metal Cooler army.

Every few years, the Para-Frieza warriors gather to create a new Super Warrior. One of these gatherings takes place in orbit around the Earth, where Goku and Vegeta are trained inside the star. Thus ends the story of Freezer’s famous brother, also known as Cooler.




Cooler, unlike his brother Freezer, has never had power and has spent his life fighting for it. He explains in Xenoverse 2 that he plans to train to the death to become the most powerful individual in the universe. Unlike Freezer, who rested on his past accomplishments. It is possible that this is the reason why Cooler is calmer and less haughty than his brother.


In his simple form, we see that Freezer is just as powerful as Goku. Goku claims that he surpasses Freezer in strength in his second form. However, this does not prevent him from being outclassed by the Super Saiyan transformation.

Cooler, on the other hand, keeps his cool and does not give in to fear. He is confident that he can defeat Goku.

Cooler uses the supernova to defeat Goku and the humans, who are now on Namek. Unfortunately for him, the super kamehameha was too strong for him. Another interesting aspect is Cooler’s ability to control his energy so that he looks like nothing but smoke. Therefore, he is not discovered by Z Fighters in this way. Cooler can sneak around and move silently.



The brother of the Vendetta freezer is quite talented. His most effective technique is definitely Supernova… Here is a list of his five most recognizable martial skills!

The Cooler technique, also known as Cooler.

Energy Ball: The general idea is that it is a ball of energy.

Supernova: His most deadly attack. It has the potential to level a planet. When Freezer destroyed the planet Vegeta,

Darkness Eye Beam: Cooler’s eyes flash, and he shoots two beams of purple energy from them.

Particle Bomb: A shock-based attack with enormous destructive power.

Chaotic Stalemate: A combination of the deadly laser assault and the massive particle bomb.



The Freezer brother is not going to escape the ban! Let’s take a look at some facts about the character, as we do in every ultimate guide.

  • “In order to follow the lineage of Freezer and the Cold King, “Cold” is named to be cold.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, Freezer knows the instant transmission technique. He states that he has already met individuals who use it. Some fans think that this could be a hint to Cooler.
  • The movie Dragon Ball: Fusion Reborn does not feature a cooler. It does, however, appear on the cover of the movie.
  • Cooler’s ultimate form seems to be influenced by a well-known alien from the movies: the Predator.


This is the final installment of our comprehensive guide to Cooler! Despite the fact that he is not considered official, this character is immensely popular. His presence also causes many plot holes.

He owes his success to Freezer. Fans consider him to be a similar character with a successful design. We invite you to look at our articles related to the Freezer family, like the one below, if you are a fan of the Dragon Ball Z universe… This one, for example, is perfect to express your enthusiasm!

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