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Dabra is the demon king of the kingdom. Dabra is a demon king who was controlled by Babidi through a spell cast on him, becoming his right-hand man before Majin Boo arrived. You can learn more about this feared antagonist in our complete guide, including:

  • He has the appearance of Satan.
  • He has a complicated personality.
  • He appears in The Z Saga.

And much more! So if you’re a fan of this character or just want to learn more about Dabra, the demon king, don’t waste another second and read on quickly!

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Dabra’s appearance is very similar to the traditional representation of Satan, with his red skin, goatee, horns, large pointed ears and yellow eyes. However, Dabra has a light blue outfit that covers his entire body except for his muscular chest and a white spiked cape, a white circular belt and white boots.

His outfit, consisting of red tights with the symbol of the Black Demon Kingdom Army on his body and a belt around his waist with the same sign, was first seen in Dragon Ball Heroes when he was resurrected as a member of the Black Demon Kingdom Army. Also, his belt has the same sign.



Dabra is a quiet, sadistic being with a sophisticated personality and an intriguing voice. Even as he dismantles his enemies with his extremely effective fighting methods and eliminates them, Dabra comes across as a well-mannered and articulate character who praises the talents of his opponents. Dabra remains totally loyal to his master while under Babidi’s control, but he does not always agree with everything Babidi does. If his master’s actions seem wrong, he is not afraid to ask questions.

Thus, even though he initially underestimated Big Boo (Majin Boo), Satan informed Babidi that the original Boo was too strong to be controlled and had to be stopped before he could take revenge on him, guessing correctly. Dabra’s personality undergoes a drastic change when he reaches Heaven and sees that Videl is genuinely concerned about Gohan’s safety on Earth. He concludes that he wants to be loved in the same way and to make friends. He also goes so far as to become a pacifist when he is revived by Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and is reluctant to train with him.

Dabra has a good relationship with his younger sister Towa, as he showed that he cares for her in a brotherly manner in Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Dabra’s intentions to change the story were in the name of Towa’s revenge, reversing the roles of the original campaign from the DLC content of both Xenoverse games. Dabra seemed to strongly admire Fu before his betrayal of his brother, enough to declare him the rightful heir to the king of the demonic kingdom.




At the age of 474, Dabra is subjected to Babidi’s mental domination and one of his minions is sent to Earth to find out where Boo’s egg is. The minion discovers that none of the Earth warriors have a high level of power. Therefore, Dabra is ordered to recruit people into Babidi’s army.


Dabra is seen for the first time when Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin are taken to Babidi’s spaceship by Kibito and Shin to help them prevent Majin Boo from waking up. After killing Yamu and Spopovich and recovering the energy they stole from Gohan, Babidi and Dabra realize that the dragon team is hiding in the nearby mountains. Dabra finds that there are seven of them, noting that while they cannot absorb Shin or Kibito’s energy, three of the other warriors have exceptional power. To awaken Majin Boo, it takes a lot of energy. Dabra is instructed to eliminate all but the three strongest warriors and lure the others aboard the ship. Dabra is asked to spare the Supreme Kai, as the wizard wants to finish him off for murdering his father personally. The demon understands and approves this decision.


Kibito is allowed to leave when Dabra flies away. Afterwards, Kibito hits the Earth with his forehead and destroys the planet. In the anime only, Goku and Vegeta try to stop Dabra, but they underestimate him and don’t even turn into Super Saiyans because he easily resists their assaults. He then jumps in the air and spits on Piccolo and Krilin, turning them into stone; Shin explains that in order for them to become normal again, Dabra must die. Dabra then leaves on Babidi’s spaceship.

Babidi and Dabra go to conduct research on Majin Boo in the ship. After that, Babidi says that he intends to send Yakon to war. Dabra is taken aback when Babidi reminds him not to underestimate the Earthlings, who killed Pui Pui with ease. Goku then confronts Yakon, and Babidi sends them both into the Darkness. When Yakon is defeated, God reveals that the scouter detected his 10 million power level when he directed it at Goku.

Yakon’s explosion while Babidi wasn’t there infuriated Dabra and his partner, who thinks he was just stupid to use too much light energy. So Dabra volunteers to manage the Super Saiyan 3 himself and gather the energy needed to resurrect Majin Boo. Babidi is worried about Dabra’s disappearance and asks him if he has a strategy. Dabra reminds him that he is the king of the demon kingdom and that no one can challenge him. No one can stand up to you, says Dabra, as the king of the demon kingdom.

In Dragon Ball, Dabra enters a meditation chamber to prepare for battle. In the manga, however, he does not engage in any such activity. After the confrontation between Dabra, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan, a fight begins. At the beginning, it seems that Gohan and Dabra are equal, but Goku takes control and says that because of his use of magic, Dabra is maybe stronger than expected.


Finally, Dabra creates his black sword and tries to hit Gohan. However, Gohan is able to grab the sword by the hands and break it in half, making Dabra’s situation even worse. Dabra overhears Vegeta’s bad mood and his one-sided desire to settle things with Goku during his fight with Gohan, which opens the door for a plan. He finally goes to inform Babidi of Vegeta’s malice in his heart after Dabra is defeated. While this was, in fact, what Vegeta wanted all along, he was possessed by Babidi in order to increase his strength and finally defeat Goku.

Dabra then stands beside Babidi, who fights Shin and Gohan. However, before they can begin, the energy released from Vegeta and Goku’s fight is enough to free Majin Buu, as the two fighters clash in their Super Saiyan 2 forms, the form considered the pinnacle of Super Saiyan states at the time. Gohan and Shin face off against Dabra and Babidi, who wish to resurrect Boo once and for all.


In this story, Boo wakes up from his sleep and fights Dabra, who mocks him by calling him a useless ninny because of his strange personality and juvenile appearance. He then turns Dabra into a giant cookie and consumes it, freeing Piccolo and Krilin, who had been turned into stone.

Dabra is imprisoned in the underworld by ogres, since King Enma chose to punish him by transporting him to heaven because of his demon status, Dabra would have known hell. The last mention of Dabra in the manga is when he appears numerous times in the anime episodes where the punishment backfires, as he knows heaven anyway but at least regrets his past bad tendencies. When Dabra is in the king’s office, the M on Majin’s forehead has not disappeared; however, it does disappear after he judges him.

The conclusion of the story sees Dabra enjoying paradise, regretting his former misdeeds and looking back with shame. He accompanies Bulma, Chi-Chi and Videl on their quest to find Gohan in the Netherworld. He is consumed with joy and love, which upsets all those around him. Dabra is last seen in heaven wearing a crown of flowers on his head as he goes to pick flowers from a bouquet flying in the sky.




The Dabra illusion appears in the forest to challenge Goku and Krilin, who have been sent there to obtain a unique herb for Master Roshi. Dabra’s illusion is one of the four that terrify Krilin the most, remembering how he turned him into stone years before.


  • Magical Materialization: Dabra can conjure up weapons out of thin air to use against his enemies (like the sword of darkness).
  • Evil Flame: A jet of flame that comes out of the mouth. This attack is known as Evil Blast in the Budokai series.
  • Afterimage Strike : The ability to move at such a fast speed that an image of the user is left behind.
  • Evil Impulse : A single fist projects a vast sphere of energy.
  • Stone Spit: Dabra pours his saliva on an enemy, turning him into a lifeless stone.


  • The word itself comes from the last half of the famous incantation “Abracadabra.”
  • After King Enma judges him, Dabra loses his M on his forehead, as does Vegeta. After the fall of the Demon Kingdom, Dabra also loses his M on his forehead. This suggests that during his reign, Dabra may have been somewhat “friendly” with the demons. This would also explain why he seems to apologize for his actions in the anime. However, he must have had a terrible past to have been taken in by Babidi.
  • However, in the anime, this is strange because we know that Dabra became a good person after being sent to heaven, but his change for the better did not resurrect the Demon King as well as Majin Boo’s other victims since he was no longer evil when he made the wish in the anime. This potential gap in continuity only exists in the series, however, since Dabra’s redemption only takes place in the series.


Now you know everything there is to know about Dabra, the king of demons. If you think you’re up to it, join his army and wish your greatest desire to become a member of the Machiavellian Dabra!

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