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Don’t you want to know more about King Piccolo, the Demon King? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to look at King Piccolo, the main and most powerful antagonist of Dragon Ball. He is the demonic double of Kami, the guardian of the Earth.

The guardian of the Earth, King Piccolo, is a Namekian who started a world catastrophe by trying to kill many people with his army of monsters. After the Namek was dismissed as the guardian of the Earth due to his evil nature, he split into two beings: one good (Kami the Almighty), and the other truly evil (Piccolo the Demon King).

Piccolo is the main opponent of the Dragon Ball King Piccolo saga. He was later reborn as Piccolo, whom we all recognize from Dragon Ball Z.

In this guide to King Piccolo you will discover:

  • A detailed description of the protagonist’s life.
  • The events that occurred in the Dragon Ball saga before and during King Piccolo’s reign.
  • The assaults and abilities of the demon king.
  • Interesting anecdotes about the life of the character.
  • Piccolo’s offspring is discussed in this section.

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King Piccolo initially appears as an alien-looking creature. He has pointed ears, fangs and green skin like all Nameks, but he is rather tall and has a pointed nose. At this point he looks like the Almighty. One of the distinctions is the coat emblem. They have a distinct kanji character. He is the biggest villain in Dragon Ball Z, if you don’t count the movies and other sagas, with a height of over two meters. King Piccolo is the tallest Namekian besides Slugh. Even his own rebirth is smaller than him. Since he comes from hell, he may be a bit taller than the Almighty. It should be noted that Nameks can change their size at any time, even if only for a short time.

King Piccolo was originally an elderly, hunchbacked being who looked exactly like the Almighty of the planet. He wears a long black robe with the center of his emblem marked in red and a large purple cape. Piccolo also wears brown shoes under his long robe.Piccolo is dressed in a purple and blue martial arts outfit in his first appearance in Dragon Ball. The following scene also establishes that King Piccolo’s clothing was a standard Namekian garment topped with demonic emblems. In reality, the kanji written on his robe represent a sign opposite to that of the Almighty. Later in Freezer’s story, it is revealed that King Piccolo’s costume was a traditional Namekian robe with demonic symbols on top.

After making his promise to Shenron, King Piccolo’s appearance does not change, but his physical appearance changes when he regains his youth. The folds in his face disappear, and his features become narrower. His muscle contours are more defined and he now has piercing eyes.



The Demon King Piccolo is a being of absolute evil, unlike his counterpart, the Almighty. The character is characterized as evil, ruthless and above all power-hungry. He is sadistic and almost devoid of compassion, willing to do anything to achieve his goals, no matter how many people he has to sacrifice to get there. He has a dark and Machiavellian sense of humor, especially when he reveals to the rest of the world that he will destroy part of the earth every year to terrify people.

He is a cruel and sadistic ruler who aspires to absolute power, but has little desire to rule the planet. His goal is to gradually destroy humanity, but he encourages his subjects to commit as many crimes as possible in order to be rewarded. King Piccolo is also very selfish because he believes he is the most powerful being in the universe. Because he believes that no one can compare to him until Son Goku challenges him, King Piccolo is totally convinced that no one can match his power.

Despite his total belief in his skills, he is terrified of being confined in the self-cooker again. That’s why he decides to kill all the famous martial arts instructors, because they are the only ones who can confine him.

King Piccolo is a Namekian, which means that he comes from the original race of the planet. King Piccolo is proud of his lineage and origins. He believes that his sons are far superior to those of Earth. Due to the fact that God and King Piccolo do not know their origin as Nameks, King Piccolo considers himself a demon. It should be noted that the demon Piccolo in some video games, including Budokai Tenkaichi 3, understands his true origin in some cases.

Despite his many obvious flaws, King Piccolo is one of the most intellectually gifted villains in the Dragon Ball universe. He can see the events to come and learn from his mistakes. This is especially true after destroying the sacred dragon immediately after gaining immortality. This evil action ensures that no one will be able to use the Dragon Balls to destroy him in the future.

Piccolo remembers his defeat against Son Goku since he received a free arm. His rebirth will remind him of this information, and he will choose to break all four limbs of his enemy in order to take revenge.

After a devastating assault, many villains in the series frequently leave their opponent for dead. Piccolo, on the other hand, would check Goku’s pulse after killing him to make sure he was really dead.

King Piccolo makes good use of his body’s abilities when he absorbs two Dragon Balls and spits them out later after the threats have been dealt with. He also has a sneaky side, as he doesn’t hesitate to use third party characters like the Pilaf Gang to get rid of them once he has no use for them.

It is also worth noting that King Piccolo knows how to forgive, as he sometimes shows mercy to his opponents on many occasions. This is particularly visible when he decides to spare the students of Master Mutaito after killing the latter or when he lets Yajirobe live.

King Piccolo is the first antagonist to be able to sense others by feeling the released ki. We can see that King Piccolo cares about the fate of his children, because he is stunned when Son Goku kills his children.



Piccolo, the Demon King Piccolo was born about 300 years before the beginning of Dragon Ball. A nameless Namek sought to become the guardian of the Earth, but was denied the title because a part of him was evil. The Earth Guardian’s intentions and heart must be pure. After much inner reflection, the Namek is able to concentrate enough to expel the evil within him. The result is the creation of two opposing beings: one good and one evil. If one of them should die, it would automatically lead to the death of the other.

The opposing force is called the demon Piccolo, while the good being is referred to as Kami. The term Piccolo refers to a musical instrument that Mr. Popo tells us about in the series, although it originally meant “different world” in Namek.

During the time of King Enma, many children were born in order to terrorize the population and destroy the cities of the planet. These children died at the hands of Master Mutaito’s students, forcing Piccolo to intervene. After knocking Mutaito out, the demon Piccolo manages to defeat him and leave him for dead. After healing Master Roshi (Genie Turtle) and Master Shen, Enma reunited his two best students.


Master Mutaito is embarrassed to have lost the battle in front of his students, so he flees as soon as he recovers. Master Roshi keeps faith in his mentor, but Master Shen loses hope and leaves the area. Meanwhile, the demon Piccolo went on a rampage, destroying city after city and slaughtering as many people as possible.

A few years later, when most of the world has been destroyed, the three masters decide to work together again to confront the evil threat. They discover Piccolo hiding in the ruins of a decimated metropolis. Master Mutaito uses his suicidal Mafuba technique and traps Piccolo in an electric rice cooker. The malevolent spirit was locked up, but the martial arts master who was to be sacrificed perished as a result. Master Roshi throws the pressure cooker into the ocean to ensure that Piccolo is eliminated.

It was a time when the great cities of mankind were destroyed and its inhabitants driven out. The cities were rebuilt, and the population eventually repopulated over time. With the exception of Master Roshi, Master Shen and Almighty God, humanity forgot about the demon Piccolo over the years. Years later, people like Yajirobe and Tenshinhan heard about it but called it a fable or a myth.



Emperor Pilaf, a few centuries later, finally frees the Demon Piccolo after he locates the pressure cooker in Lake Isuri. The demon takes control and enslaves Pilaf and his gang. He fears being locked in the pressure cooker again and therefore intends to destroy all martial arts teachers on Earth who might know how to perform the mafuba maneuver. Tambourine’s mission is to find and kill the targets, and Piccolo spits out two eggs, giving birth to his first children, Tambourine and Piano. Their mission is to help Emperor Pilaf in his quest. Krillin, one of the students of Genius Turtle, is quickly killed by Tambourine, one of Pilaf’s henchmen.

After that, he was able to knock Son Goku out with his Supersonic Cloud and tear him to pieces. The young Saiyan is left for dead by the demon’s son, who is pursuing his father’s goal.

Pilaf’s airship houses Piccolo, his third son and commander of a Saiyan crew. At the same time, King Piccolo spits out another egg and gives birth to Cymbal, his third son in charge of gathering the Dragon Balls. Piccolo seeks to summon Shenron in order to gain eternal youth and rule the world. However, King Piccolo senses that his son has been killed after some time, prompting him to ask Tambourine to find out who murdered Cymbal.

Tambourine is able to find Yajirobe and Goku by using Pilaf’s Dragon Radar, with which he can reach his brother’s last known location.

Demon King Piccolo orders Tambourine to be captured and killed, but Tambourine manages to kill him before he can do so. Demon King Piccolo doesn’t want another child to die, so he takes personal responsibility for the murderer. Although he is older than Goku by several years, Piccolo is able to defeat him easily when they meet again. However, he notices the remarkable and unique power of his opponent.

At the end of the fight, King Piccolo inspects Goku’s pulse and finds that he is dead. The Makosen technique he used against him has indeed temporarily stopped Goku’s heart. Piccolo then takes the Dragon Ball of the Saiyan and continues his mission, leaving his young opponent for dead. Yajirobe, who killed Cymbal earlier and had been hiding during the confrontation with Piccolo, seizes the opportunity to save Goku.


Genius Turtle uses the remaining Dragon Balls as bait later that night to entice Piccolo to fight him. He pulls out the electric pressure cooker and decides to use the Mafuba method to keep him trapped for eternity. The technique works perfectly, but Turtle just misses the container at the last second. All his strength is sapped after this failure, and he dies instantly, swearing that the demon’s ambitions will never be realized.

Piccolo is able to raise the holy dragon after recovering from his emotions, having all the crystal balls in his possession. Chaozu tries to stop the process but is instantly killed by a Makosen thrown by Piccolo. The Demon King then fulfills his promise and receives eternal youth from Shenron. Piccolo doesn’t need Pilaf or his gang anymore, so he decides to throw them out of the airship.

Piccolo, having no more opponent to stop him, decides to continue his plot and try to conquer the world. He thinks that this is a better solution than eradicating humanity in one go as he did before.


The demon Piccolo attacks King Furry’s castle, killing one royal guard after another. The king refuses to give up his throne, which piques Piccolo’s interest and leads to the destruction of the city in order to pressure him. After making a speech to the people, Furry reluctantly gives up power to the devil.

King Piccolo decides to release all the criminals from prison and persuade the people to commit crimes in order to begin his reign of terror over the rest of the world. He then chooses to destroy the earth little by little by eroding a part of it every year. West City, Bulma’s hometown, is marked with the number 29.

Tensinghan arrives at the royal palace to fight the demon and try to save humanity. Piccolo and Piano, who were about to leave, are forced to stay longer in Choras village. The Demon King spits out another egg to give birth to another son: Drum.

The fight begins, and although Tenshinhan is severely beaten by Drum, Piccolo’s son fails to throw a punch. Piccolo’s descendant immediately knocks him out of the fight with a single blow. Goku steps in and enters the fight stronger than ever, instantly killing Drum with a powerful kick to the face.


The title characters of the series will return for a new confrontation, as King Piccolo and Son Goku meet for the second time. The young Saiyan has gained a lot of strength from the Ultra Divine Water, and is able to block and dominate his opponent to some extent. Piccolo is knocked down after receiving a punch from Goku, who kills Piano on impact.

The fight resumes and King Piccolo takes the opportunity to burn Son Goku’s knee with his eye lasers. The monster then follows up with an assault that makes Son Goku fly and destroys his magic staff, leaving him defenseless. After surviving another terrible blow, the Saiyan stuns Piccolo and forces him to use a unique approach. He grabs Tenshinhan’s head and uses it as a human shield, warning Son Goku that he will smash his skull if he makes any move.


Despite the hostage’s pleas, Goku submits to King Piccolo’s demands, learning at the same time that the Dragon Shenron has been destroyed and that the crystal balls have been destroyed. With a powerful blast, King Piccolo throws stones at Son Goku, breaking his left arm and his last leg. The Namek is pleased with himself and drops Tenshinhan to the ground before proceeding to finish Son Goku off.

Son Goku, on the other hand, discovers that he still has a functional arm and decides to use it to create a Kamehameha in order to hover over his opponent who is high above him. Despite Piccolo’s blocking move, Son Goku hits him with a powerful punch to the chest and flips him to the side. Knowing that he will soon perish, King Piccolo spits out one last egg to preserve his legacy. The demon is extinguished and reborn as his own child, allowing the Almighty to continue to exist

Piccolo Jr. has grown up and wants to fight Son Goku for the title of champion in order to take his revenge. The Dragon Ball saga ends at this point, when Dragon Ball Z begins.



Piccolo is the most powerful being on Earth, according to the story. Apart from God and Mr. Popo, he is probably the most powerful creature on Earth. Even when he was young, he was able to defeat Goku effortlessly and even took a Kamehameha without receiving a scratch. Genius Turtle understood that with Tenshinhan and Chaozu together, they would be unable to fight the demon Piccolo. Piccolo proved his strength by killing Chaozu with a single ki attack.

Piccolo, in search of eternal youth, transforms himself into a super being by absorbing the Dragon Balls and becomes invincible and immortal. He is able to kill the dragon Shenron with one blow, as well as raze an entire city without breaking a sweat. He has the ability to destroy a huge metropolis without lifting a finger.

However, after taking the ultra divine water at Karin Tower, Goku’s power surpasses that of King Piccolo. His strength is finally surpassed by Goku and his own reincarnation much later. Piccolo understands that he cannot kill the Almighty without killing himself as well, so he refrains from doing so during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

King Piccolo’s power after gaining eternity is between 260 and 500 units, according to several sources.




He is the first child of Piccolo and Tambourine, and the smallest of the litter. He has a pterodactyl head and is tiny. He wears a brown coat, a purple cape and matching shoes. A red jewel hangs from a necklace around his neck. Piano has great confidence in his father, who trusts him completely. He has never had any doubts about Piccolo’s abilities, and he is certain that he will take on Son Goku, despite the fact that Pilaf and his cronies had doubts about the outcome.

Piano, unlike his father and brothers, has 180 units of power according to our research. He advises his creator and has responsibilities in management, communication and organization. The Demon King appreciates Piano’s calm but manipulative nature.

It is he, in fact, who uses Pilaf’s tape to acquire a radar that could be used to find the crystal balls and then throws them overboard with a trap door. Piano witnesses his father’s revitalization and his coronation as king of the world. He dies soon after, when he is caught in the fight of Goku and Piccolo and crushed by the weight of his father.



He is the son of the demon Piccolo and an important secondary opponent in the Dragon Ball King Piccolo saga. He has a green scaly skin and a pair of wings on his back that allow him to move quickly. Compared to his brother Piano, he is rather tall. On the face, he probably looks the most like him. Namek has a distinct appearance with prominent features and a lizard-like crest on his forehead. Tambourine is solidly built and wears black pants and blue combat boots. He is a cruel, powerful and malevolent being who is completely confident in his abilities.

Dende tries to find Piccolo in the mountains of South America, but finds that he is already gone. When Dende explains what happened on Earth and why Goku is coming back, Piccolo sends him to train with Kami to prepare for the next threat. He is then asked to eliminate all the martial arts masters and specialists. To find a list of fighters who have already participated in championships, he refers to a list of fighters registered in previous competitions. His position as a hitman is comparable to that of Tao Pai Pai, although the two characters’ methods of assassination are very different.  

During his mission, he will temporarily get rid of Son Goku and assassinate Krillin in order to obtain the famous list of fighters. After failing to destroy Nam, Krillin decides that he must succeed. He then successfully pursues his quest by eliminating many martial arts experts, starting with Nam. Intriguingly, all of the targets in Tambourines are well known to readers of Dragon Ball manga. This allows you to revisit secondary villains who have previously competed in martial arts competitions.


Tambourin est probablement le plus célèbre des Tambourins, ayant tué au moins six combattants. Il a une forte capacité et aurait sans doute accompli son objectif si son père ne l’avait pas rappelé sur la route. Cymbal ayant été tué par Yajirobe et Piccolo, Tambourin reçoit l’ordre d’annuler sa mission pour venger son frère.

Le jeune démon localise la dernière position connue de Cymbal et se retrouve à nouveau face à Son Goku et Yajirobe. Le Saiyan a rapidement récupéré depuis leur précédente rencontre, et il est bien décidé à remporter le combat cette fois-ci. Son adversaire esquive tous ses assauts avec facilité. Goku décide de mettre fin au combat et tire sa célèbre technique Kamehameha sur Tambourin, qui est désintégré par l’attaque.


Cymbal is the third son of King Piccolo, who is also the tallest. He has a green scaly skin and looks like a pterosaur. Despite his bulk, Cymbal has huge wings on his back that help him move around. Since his brother Tambourine is busy handling martial arts masters, Cymbal was created to collect the Dragon Balls while Tambourine fought them. He is one of the many characters in the series who died on the day he was born, as he only lived for a few hours. It can also be concluded that he perished at the hands of Yajirobe, who is the only victim of this tragedy.

Piccolo’s eggs decrease his life expectancy, which Piano is worried about when Cymbal arrives.

During his mission, Cymbal discovers a Dragon Ball guarded by Son Goku and Yajirobe. Despite his great potential, he is relatively rebellious and is finally cut in two by Yajirobe’s blade. The earthling becomes Cymbal’s food after that.



The fourth and last son of King Piccolo is Drum. Although he is the weakest of all, because he was born later than Piccolo who has regained his youth, he has a tenfold power. He is therefore far superior to Tambourine and Cymbal in terms of size and volume. He has a green skin with a lot of scales and is rather tall. His hair is the same color as his father’s, but it is topped with a crest. His ears are shaped like those of the Nameks, and he has a similar style of dress to his brother Tambourine, except that his pants are purple. You can tell he doesn’t have wings on his back because he doesn’t have any.

Drum’s power allows him to defeat Tenshinhan quickly and easily. When Goku interferes, Piccolo is unaware of the energy boost given by the divine Ultra Water to the Saiyan, believing that his son will win the fight. It is almost certain that without this interference, Drum would have crushed Tenshinhan’s heart and ended his life.

In one powerful blow, Son Goku destroys Drum, whose assault will make the monster lose an eye. At this moment, one can observe that the blood emanating from the wound is purple, a specificity of the Namek race.

In the animated adaptation, Tenshinhan manages to string together a few blows with Drums before being defeated by him.



Vital Link: Because they are linked by a bond, the lives and fates of King Piccolo and the Almighty are linked. If one dies, the other is destroyed without fail, whether it is natural or not. However, one cannot kill the other and vice versa. This element allows King Piccolo to spread terror all over the Earth without needing the help of God. Piccolo’s survival to adulthood is a major twist. Piccolo created a duplicate of himself and transferred the necessary connection after being defeated by Goku, proving that he was still alive. However, this is a good thing because the Almighty was the only one who could restructure and resurrect Shenron. If Piccolo and the Almighty combine their names to form a Namek fusion, they can also destroy each other’s lifeline.

Eternal Youth: After making a vow to Shenron, King Piccolo is restored to his youthful appearance. His physical abilities are now at their peak, and he is at the height of his power. Piccolo is completely resistant to age, which allows him to be at his best for eternity. It should be noted, however, that the Almighty always ages on Piccolo’s side and can eventually lead to his death. Piccolo also inherited the ability of eternal youth from his father.

Explosive Demon Wave: King Piccolo unleashes a powerful destructive explosion with his open right palm facing his opponent. He stabilizes his right arm with his left hand during this assault. King Piccolo is able to reduce an entire city to dust in the blink of an eye using this technique. This ability, he claims, allows him to eliminate 1/43 of the planet’s surface.


Don’t Get Cocky Kid: The user spins around, propelled by a swirling wind that seems to come from the heavens. If he performs a swirling attack or spins his arm in the air, this is an example of this technique.

Explosive Wave: The powerful explosion that the violent Piccolo unleashes with a movement of his arm is known as “Mageot Blast”. This move was used by him at the Royal Castle, where he destroyed an entire city to show his strength. It is an arm movement that explodes the ground in its path.

Soumasen: The eyes are used to shoot laser beams from the eyes. This eye assault is specifically aimed at Goku to paralyze his legs.

Mouth Energy Wave: The first of these is the Genki-Dama (or, Good-Dama), which is a powerful jet of energy fired from the mouth. This devastating assault was used by King Piccolo to eliminate Shenron, shortly after he vowed to stay young forever.

Makosen: Piccolo fires two heavy beams of energy one after the other. The first one is used to divert the opponent, who will usually avoid the assault. The target is then hit with the full power of the second beam.

Egg Birth: King Piccolo, like all Nameks, has the ability to spit an egg into his child in order to conceive it. He can also pass on some or all of his skills and memories during the process.


Reincarnation: King Piccolo can now be resurrected using the previous technique, thanks to his ability to reincarnate. Despite the fact that Piccolo Jr. has inherited most of his father’s abilities, he will not be as bad as his father. This implies that only part of King Piccolo’s essence is passed on during the reincarnation technique.

Telekinesis: This power consists in using the mind to move objects or people in order to make them levitate. King Piccolo used this method to lift the five Dragon Balls that had been hidden by Genius Turtle.

Telepathy: Tambourine has no control over his thoughts and is therefore unable to communicate with others through his mind. He can use this power to contact his children at a distance, especially when he summons Tambourine to give him a task.

Regeneration: King Piccolo, like all Nameks, has the ability to grow new cells in order to recover from his injuries. He can regrow a whole arm that has been cut off, for example.



– The name “Piccolo” is based on the piccolo musical instrument.

– In the Namek language, Piccolo means “an extra world”.

– Piccolo is the first and only villain in the Dragon Ball manga and anime to have his request granted by Shenron. He is also the first to get rid of the Sacred Dragon.

– King Piccolo’s blood is shown in red at the beginning of the anime. Later, we learn that the Nameks’ blood is purple.

– King Piccolo was aware of his Namek lineage in the video game Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and he verified this origin when he was challenged by Nail or Slugh. In the same game, King Piccolo confirmed that his birth name was Frieza.

– Although the series suggests that Namekians only need water to survive and are not required to consume food, King Piccolo is seen eating at a banquet prepared for him in the closing credits of the anime. Although he doesn’t need to, Piccolo Jr.’s ability to eat solid food has been passed on to him. In one episode of the anime, Piccolo Jr. is seen consuming a fish cooked in the desert.

– The first character to seek revenge on Goku after his rebirth succeeded in killing him during the Saiyans saga is King Piccolo.

– In Dragon Ball Super, Vados and Champa question Piccolo’s legitimacy as the true Namek. The latter claims that he is the reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo, to which Vados replies, “That’s impossible.”

– In the video game Budokai Tenkaichi 3, King Piccolo can be fought for the first time. His son Tambourine is also accessible, as well as the Drums when his father attacks with him.



Now you know everything there is to know about King Piccolo, the most famous opponent in the Dragon Ball saga!

We hope you found this book as useful as we did. It is worth mentioning that the demonic character at the heart of it all was Son Goku’s greatest and most dangerous opponent. He was also responsible for the death of a number of characters in the series, including Krillin, Chaozu, Turtle Genius and even the dragon Shenron!

The legend of his rebirth has been passed down through the ages. In addition, he will be one of the most famous and important secondary characters in the history of Dragon Ball Z!

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