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Dodoria is one of the main antagonists in the Namek saga, and we’ll be reviewing her in this article. Her strength and sadism are qualities that Freezer greatly appreciates. This has earned her a special place at the side of the ruthless Emperor after serving as a member of the Cold King’s personal guard. If you’re ready to get started, let’s get started.

Dodoria (Dodoria) is a key member of the Freezer Force. He is a vicious and ruthless fighter who, along with Zarbon, is the main commander and trusted advisor to the Galactic Emperor. In many ways, he is his own right-hand man. Dodoria is a formidable opponent that Freezer can always count on, and is known for his extreme sadism.

In this guide to Dodoria you will find:

  • A complete description of the character.
  • The background of Dodoria during Dragon Ball Z and other sagas is covered in detail.
  • The most popular techniques of Dodoria.
  • Interesting stories about this ruthless warlord.

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Dodoria is a great and highly trained fighter. He is a pink skinned alien with a spiky skull and arms. His military battle gear is the same as Freezer’s, but he has a blue tint instead of white. Brown shoulder pads cover his shoulders and he wears a green energy sensor on his left arm. It is interesting to note that in the manga, Dodoria has only three fingers, while he has human hands in the anime.


Dodoria differs in many ways from its Zarbon brethren, especially in language and behavior. Indeed, he is much more rude and crude than the latter, who is considerably more noble and polite. Despite his crude appearance, Dodoria has a certain level of intelligence that helped him join the high command of Freezer’s army. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to get out of hand and his fury often gets the better of him, sometimes preventing him from thinking clearly. He has violent fits of rage that cause considerable damage. Only an order or a phrase from Freezer can calm him down and stop his fury in these cases.


Dodoria, like the rest of the soldiers in the galactic army, has a habit of underestimating his opponents, but he is still capable of feeling a deep sense of dread when confronted with an opponent much more formidable than himself. Perhaps his most important flaw is that he is not strict enough in the missions he is given. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that he failed to finish off Bardock by simply leaving the planet after making it look like the Saiyan was dead.

Dodoria is a sadist and one of the most sadistic freezer soldiers in the entire army. He seems to enjoy slaughtering hundreds of Nameks, many of them young and old. Dodoria was once violent and used to solve all his problems by force. He shares Zarbon’s hatred for the Saiyans, as well as a distorted sense of humor.


Dodoria is a courageous and competent leader of men. He is well liked and trusted by his troops, who even prefer him to Zarbon. Indeed, many of Freezer’s soldiers will have this preference for Dodoria because they feel that Zarbon is too much of a perfectionist and constantly worries about his appearance.

Dodoria does not care about his appearance and will get his hands dirty during operations if necessary. Even though he is less powerful than Zarbon, Dodoria seems to be vying for Freezer’s approval as his best advisor and commander.


Dodoria was once a member of the Cold Force and was King Cold’s partner. King Cold had previously worked with Zarbon and the Ginyu Commando before retiring. Dodoria began working for Freezer after King Cold handed over power to his son. The two warriors quickly rose to become advisors and generals to the Galactic Emperor. The Frieza Force was later renamed the Cold Force in English. Dodoria became Freezer’s henchman because of his power and brutality.

At the beginning of Freezer’s arc, Dodoria and Zarbon accompany the Emperor to the planet Ice to gather the Dragon Balls. Ice wants to remain master of the cosmos, that’s why he wants immortality. The Emperor orders Dodoria to kill many Nameks in order to get information about the location of the crystal balls. Vegeta soon arrives on Namek and wants to reach immortality. Kiwi is ordered to find the Saiyan prince. Dodoria’s sensor detects Vegeta’s power at about 24,000 and thinks it’s a failure of his equipment. Dodoria’s power is 22,000, which would imply that he is weaker than Vegeta.


Three Namek warriors show up later to help the survivors of Freezer’s previous attack. They are less powerful than the Emperor’s base soldiers, and Dodoria mocks them. The pink alien kills three of the three Nameks without compassion on Freezer’s orders, brutally and without mercy. Moori, the leader of a Namek village, then informs them that he can defeat ten of them in one go. He does this to avoid further bloodshed.

The narrator says that Freezer threatens to kill the Dragon Balls since they were created with his help. Freezer then demands to know the location of the old Dragon Ball, but Moori flatly refuses. Moori decides to confront Freezer’s men and orders Cargo and Dende (two Namek children) to flee. Dodoria kills Cargo as he runs away (the manga version depicts a different scene where Dodoria breaks Moori’s neck instead), then beats him badly.

Gohan flies away with Krillin in pursuit, and Son Gohan follows him soon after. The little Namek clings to a tree while watching his family leave on Dodoria’s spaceship. He then meets Piccolo and Kuririn in the Great Forest of Guran during the Dragon Ball saga.


In the manga, Freezer orders Dodoria to pursue the two humans. The pink alien quickly catches up with them, but Krillin uses his sun bite technique to blind him and escape.

Dodoria’s rage reaches its peak, and he unleashes his Maximum Buster on the surrounding areas. He was certain that his assault would have killed the humans, and he returned to report to Freezer. As he heads towards the Emperor, Dodoria is attacked by an unknown force from outside and discovers that it is none other than the Prince of Vegeta. Vegeta confesses that he killed Kiwi with his own hands and that he now intends to attack the Emperor’s other henchmen. Dodoria urges Vegeta to flee while he still can, but the Saiyan challenges him to battle.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai of Time has gathered a group of fighters from different Universes to help prevent damage to the Earth. The card transforms into Blue Goku Super Saiyan 3 and charges Vegeta in an attempt to crush him with a punch! However, this move is stopped by the kick of the prince of Saiyans. Vegeta then reaches his maximum power level, making his opponent tremble with fear. Dodoria decides to end the fight as soon as possible, releasing his Maximum Buster.

Freezer’s commander is unable to hurt Vegeta, who dodges all attacks with ease. Vegeta informs Dodoria’s leader of the Saiyans’ ability to quickly increase their strength after surviving imminent death. Dodoria is terrified of his opponent’s power and tries to bargain for his life by offering Freezer the secret of Vegeta’s destruction. The proud Saiyan accepts Dodoria’s offer, and the beastly commander explains to him that it was Freezer who destroyed the warrior planet. The pink alien takes the opportunity to try to flee, but Vegeta is not in a hurry and decides to finish off Freezer’s henchman. With a powerful energy blow, Vegeta eliminates Dodoria.



Dodoria appears in Dragon Ball GT during the saga of Super C17. With many other villains, he escaped from the underworld. His first mission on Earth is to destroy cities with Zarbon. The Z Team warriors quickly defeat Freezer’s former commanders, who then return to the Underworld.

Dodoria is seen in the movie Broly with Zarbon and the Ginyu Commando. When King Vegeta demands that the Saiyan people submit to him, Freezer and King Cold stand by his side.

We see him briefly when he attends the battle between Son Goku and Majin Buu during the Buu Saga. The largest crystal ball in the Underworld helps him visualize the battle with other evil beings.



In this movie, which takes place before the events of Dragon Ball Z (and concerns the story of Son Goku’s father), Dodoria is one of Freezer’s most powerful fighters, along with Zarbon. Dodoria learns that the power of the Saiyans is constantly increasing on Freezer’s ship, and Zarbon warns him of their danger. The two generals advise Emperor Freezer to eliminate the danger before it becomes a problem. Worried about losing his galactic empire, Freezer gives the green light and deploys an elite force to Meat in order to eradicate Bardock and his crew of fighters consisting of Tora, Borgos, Shugesh and Fasha.

Dodoria arrives on Planet Vegeta and kills the Bardock commando, revealing to Tora Freezer’s sinister plan to completely exterminate the Saiyan people. The pink alien makes a mocking gesture towards Tora, who was the best fighter of the detachment.


On the planet Vegeta, Bardock is informed of the death of his companions by a narrator. The fight begins, but the Saiyan is quickly knocked out by a powerful jet of energy from Dodoria. Bardock survives the attack but is unable to continue fighting due to his injuries. Dodoria leaves him for dead and goes to report to Freezer. The Galactic Emperor decides to finish the job once and for all and destroy planet Vegeta on the spot.

Unfortunately, he is killed in a battle with Freezer, not without controversy. After recovering from his wounds, Bardock goes to warn his people of the coming catastrophe, but nobody takes him seriously. Goku’s father then makes a plan to go through with it and ventures out alone to confront Freezer.

The emperor then destroys the planet Vegeta, killing all its inhabitants, including Bardock who is trapped in the explosion. Dodoria and Zarbon are the only two survivors of the destruction of the Saiyan world.


According to the author, Dodoria’s official strength is about 22,000 men. As Freezer’s commander, he is one of the most powerful soldiers in the galaxy. He can easily defeat Saiyan and Namek fighters and fight many of them at the same time without any difficulty.

During the Namek saga, Bardock was able to quickly defeat the Bardock commando and severely damage the Saiyan leader with a single energy shot. Bardock’s power was about 10,000 units at that time. However, Vegeta surpassed Dodoria by having a strength of 24,000 during the Namek saga.



Maximum Buster: Dodoria raises his hands in the air and generates a huge yellow-orange energy ball. He then extends his palms towards his opponent and produces a powerful wave of energy that will cause significant damage.

Dodoria’s Strike: This maneuver allows the user to disappear in front of his opponent and then reappear behind him, delivering a powerful punch to the back. This technique is quite similar to one of Raditz’s assaults. Because it impales a low-level opponent, this attack is deadly. 

Dodoria Head Breaker: Dodoria lunges at her opponent, grabs her by the neck and delivers several hard headbutts. Thanks to the many spikes on Dodoria’s skull, this attack is quite vicious.

Energy Cannon: The user shoots a powerful beam of energy from his mouth. This attack is comparable to Nappa’s ultimate attack.



  • The name Dodoria is derived from a Japanese pun on an unusual fruit, the durian.
  • In one of the episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta gets branches in his hair after fighting Zarbon and Dodoria. Two fruits emerge from the spikes: a pomelo, which is a reference, and a durian fruit to remind Dodoria. This little wink is well done since the two leaders of Freezer were both opponents of the prince of Saiyans during Dragon Ball Z
  • In the Hungarian and Greek dubbing, Doria is a woman with a powerful voice.
  • In the Portuguese translation, he plays an opera.


Dodoria’s guide is now finished, and we hope you enjoyed reading it! Dodoria will go down in history as one of the most crucial players in the Freezer saga. Keep in mind that apart from his extreme brutality and ruthless killing of all the Bardock soldiers, he is best known for being a heartless butcher.

If you enjoy Freezer and his army, we recommend you read about the other main antagonists in the Namek saga!

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