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Dr. Gero (Android 20) is a secondary antagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise, making his debut in the Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT anime.

Dr. Gero is a genius scientist, renowned for creating the red-ribbon androids, including Cell, the famous bio-organic being. Dr. Gero is the main antagonist of the android saga.

In this guide about Dr. Gero you will discover in detail:

  • The complete biography of the character.
  • The story of his exploits in the Z sagas, as well as in others.
  • The most outrageous methods of Dr. Gero.
  • Here is a list of amusing stories about androids.

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Dr. Gero’s appearance is quite comical. He has a tan complexion, blue eyes, a big white bushy mustache and long bushy hair. You could even say that Mr. Satan had an influence on him! He also has a red ribbon army logo on his hat that hides his brain, which becomes visible when he turns into an android.

His mechanical body, however, lacks the eyebrows of his organic form. His clothes are black with orange sections on his upper arms and light yellow sleeves along his arms. His pants are dark brown, and his shoes are black and white.



Dr. Gero is an extreme character who never, ever goes back on his goals. He doesn’t allow anyone to get in the way of his goals and even kidnaps people to use them in his research. He also has a fierce hatred for Goku, as the leader of the Red Ribbon Army was defeated by Goku. He has complete confidence in his technological abilities and intelligence, believing that they will prevail against all odds, one way or another.

However, he is willing to put himself in their place and become the victim of his own creations. He also believes that since he has “improved” them, they will obey him as their master. Despite this, he states “it seems I have no alternative” just before releasing Androids 17 and 18, implying that he was aware of the extreme dangers their hatred for him posed.



Dr. Gero is the chief scientist of the Red Ribbon Army. He was the first leader of the organization and one of its founding members. He designed all of the army’s weapons, as well as the first androids that worked for it. Because mechas could be taken over by the enemy, he built androids to allow them to, among other things, think for themselves.

Dr. Flappe is credited as the creator of Android 8, but there are those who dispute this claim: one is Dr. Gero, the other is the son of Dr. Gero, who also bears his name (in Dragon Ball Z). The Red Ribbon Army is not the only factor that drives Dr. Gero to create androids and cyborgs, as he acknowledges in DBGT.

Gero’s son was a high-ranking Red Ribbon soldier, but died when he was hit by an enemy bullet. Gero later built Android 16 in honor of his deceased son, based on a doll he brought home as a trophy and used as inspiration to create Android 19. This child is the offspring of Dr. Gero with the woman who served as the inspiration for Android 21.


Dr. Gero takes refuge in his laboratory, which he has established in a remote mountain range north of North City. He is working to develop the largest fighting machine in the facility.

He has been watching Goku and the Z-Fighters for years, studying their battles with Tien Shinhan, King Piccolo, Piccolo, and the Saiyans Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta.

When Goku left for Namek, Dr. Gero interrupted his research and declared that he had enough data on the Saiyan. So, to accommodate Goku’s expected increase in strength, he simply changes the power levels of the androids to their original parameters.


Gero became obsessed with developing the ultimate fighting machines and completed his designs. He was created to be a soldier for Gero, who was grieving the loss of his son Gero, a high-ranking Red Ribbon member shot down long ago by an enemy bullet. In love with Gero, Android 16 was made strong without being destroyed in battle; he was also endowed with gentleness and kindness.

Dr. Gero stumbles upon two notorious hoodlums, a boy and a girl, while searching for new material for his studies. He then kidnaps them and turns them into Android 17 and Android 18. However, since they retained their human free will, Dr. Gero deactivated them as such. According to Android 18, Dr. Gero will eliminate all other androids until Android 15 is destroyed. 1-7 and 9-12 were made entirely by Gero, but he was unable to manage their personalities: too dark, too stupid, too nice, etc.


Android 19 was created from a doll that Gero captured as a war prize while fighting for the Red Ribbon Army. Dr. Gero used this particular android to transform him into C-20 in order to be immortal. His brain, which was transplanted into his android body by Android 19, is the only human part of the android he is today. Instead of an infinite power model, Dr. Gero’s brain was transferred into an energy-absorbing android model, giving him a much larger power reserve. During the development of the androids, Dr. Gero discovers a technique to mix the cells of the world’s most powerful fighters (Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Freezer and King Cold) and attempts to create a super fighting entity. Dr. Gero eventually grew tired of the project and decided to move on, leaving his supercomputer in his laboratory to complete the ultimate being, which he nicknamed Cell. Gero had created him to subdue the planet and destroy the entire universe.




Trunks of the Future informs the Z Fighters that in exactly three years, two extremely powerful androids developed by Gero will appear. C-19 and C-20, two androids, appear on an island 15 kilometers southwest of South City at 10:00 am on May 12, 767.


C-20 and C-21 attack Yajirobe in his hovercraft while he is distributing a bag of Senzu beans, then dive into the city. They go on a killing spree without remorse or regret, and together they kill everyone. C-20 then grabs a person in his vehicle and crushes his skull like a grape, never changing his impassive, emotionless gaze. The Z Fighters have a hard time finding them because the androids have no ki, but Yamcha manages to find them thanks to a woman’s scream.

After the chaos, Goku and his companions rush to the place where he was standing. They surprised him, Yamcha first thinking they were two civilians and trying to get them to leave. Android 20 was satisfied when he realized who they were: they were the robots he had been talking about all along.

Yamcha tries to stop Android 20 when Android 20 activates a deadly power: Dr. Gero’s latest creation for androids, which has an energy absorption function.


Using a tiny red jewel inserted in his hand, he grabs Yamcha by the jaw in one swift motion, punching a hole in his chest and draining all his life energy. Goku, Piccolo, Krilin and Ten Shin Han notice Yamcha’s weakened energy and determine that he has been killed by the C-20. With a Senzu bean from Krilin, Bulma resurrects him and delivers him to her. After 20 minutes, Android 20 is shocked that the Z Fighters knew that he and C-19 were androids. He also claims that the Z Fighters seemed to know in advance where he and 19 would be, gathering there in anticipation.

Android 20 analyzes all the Z-Warriors’ attacks. Goku, on the other hand, suggests to his teammates that they should change location because there are too many non-combatants in the area. Android 20 will then enter in conflict with Sangoku. After a minor fight during which his hat comes off and reveals an apparently biological brain underneath.

Goku reveals that he needs a new solution to find an uninhabited place to fight after Android 20 comments on how long it’s been since Piccolo and the others have seen each other. The Z Fighters will be unable to defeat them no matter where they fight, according to C-19. Android 20, however, retaliates to Goku and urges him to choose the place of his death. Piccolo then asks why C-20 knows Goku’s name, and Android 20 replies that he knows them all, naming Piccolo, Ten, and even himself.

Android 20 decides that they will fight on a desolate plain because it is a wonderful terrain. Goku doesn’t object, and the group goes there. Piccolo recognizes that the terrain is surrounded by rocky mountains, which suggests that if needed, the androids can hide there. C-20 begins to explain to Goku that since he defeated the Red Ribbon Army, they have been monitoring his battles with tiny surveillance drones to spot his vulnerability.


“Well, did you see my fights on Namek?” Goku asks. Android 20 replies that they had adequate data at the time, so it wasn’t necessary since the android power levels were adjusted to match Goku’s increased strength. Eventually, Goku tells Android 20 that he missed something. Piccolo, Android 20 and Android 19 are caught off guard by this news, to which Piccolo adds that not knowing the Super Saiyan form is a deadly blunder. Goku then powers up and transforms, the explosion of energy alerting Gohan, Krilin and Yamcha to the location of the battle.

After a few minutes of fighting, C-20 admits that Goku has exceeded his limits, but maintains that C-19 can still control him; however, Goku says that he will find out for himself. Before the fight begins, Goku completely crushes C-19 :


Android 20 is afraid that Android 19 will run out of energy before he can take over the Saiyan’s energy. However, at this minute, Son Goku’s heart disease appears and inhibits his performance. Goku, visibly tired, chooses to try to finish him off with a Kamehameha. C-19 and C-20 are delighted by the devastation they witness when they see him. C-19 takes the blast with his right hand. C-20 notices that his companion’s strength has increased while Goku’s has decreased significantly. Krilin gives Goku a Senzu bean, hoping that it will help him.

In the English version, after being resurrected as a ghost, Vegeta communicates with Android 20 about how he was able to discover that the bean was actually Senzu and Yamcha is once again optimistic about Goku’s chances. However, the Senzu bean was unable to cure Goku’s illness and he could no longer maintain his Super Saiyan form.

Android 20 activated his C-19 after absorbing Goku’s energy, landing on his chest and squeezing him by the neck to absorb his power. The rest of the Z Fighters fly towards him in an attempt to help the breathless Saiyan, but they are stopped by Android 20, who tells them that they will not get involved in the conflict and warns them that they will do so at their own risk if they do.


Trunks suggests that they form another group, which they do. They decide to confront Super Buu at his secret headquarters, which is on a planet called Sidora (which means “hope” in Czech). The Z Fighters fly into space on the Capsule Corporation’s ship to confront him. Trunks asks Goten to hurry, as he is afraid that Buu will kill everyone else before Goten finishes telling them about the fight against Majin Boo and Goku’s preparation. As Vegeta restores the earthlings’ faith in him by saving their bodies from destruction at the hands of C-19, 20 says that his actions were brave but stupid. Before Goku can be killed, Vegeta appears out of nowhere and punches C-19 in the face, proclaiming that only he can kill Goku. The Z Fighters and androids are shocked by Vegeta’s sudden appearance. Piccolo gets up after being knocked down. )

Gohan screams his rage. Meanwhile, Goku is carried by Piccolo, who tells him he’s been doing well for a long time and it’s time to get mad. “I’m not sure how I’m going to defeat you,” Android 18 remarks to Krillin.

Yamcha says he’ll take care of it because he seems to be the least useful in the fight (which isn’t entirely wrong). Piccolo advises Yamcha to take some of the medicine with him, as the virus could spread. Android 19 follows Yamcha as he flies off with Goku, preparing to chase him, but Android 20 dissuades him, suggesting that saving the best one (Goku) for last might be fun. Even though the Z-fighters are extremely powerful, C-20 tells them that he can take care of the others now and that things will get more interesting since Vegeta has joined the team. C-19 asks if he can kill Vegeta, and C-20 agrees, implying that in return, he will take care of the other four.

The Saiyan Prince says that the androids are not as powerful as they were made out to be, based on his observations. He informs C-19 that he is aware of their energy absorption through their palms, but C-19 replies that Vegeta’s skills are already known. He firmly asserts the indestructibility of the Saiyans and asks if the androids could possibly experience fear before transforming into SSJs. Krilin is confused by the transformation, and thinks that a Super Saiyan should have a good heart. The Z Fighters and androids are shocked, with Krilin adding that he thought a Super Saiyan should have a pure heart. Vegeta explains that his anger at himself caused him to endure an arduous training regimen before overcoming his own limitations and transforming into a Super Saiyan because of his rage at himself.


When Android 20 says that Vegeta is not up to the task yet, C-19 charges him. C-20 can only watch in awe as the Saiyan prince overtakes C-19 in terms of fighting power, rushing to overtake him. The android gets out of the crater and starts to run away, terrified. When C-20 verbally intervenes and asks him to stop, Vegeta rises into the air and prepares to destroy C-19. Vegeta says that he will watch over him later. Vegeta unleashes a Big Bang attack on the fleeing android, which generates a tremendous explosion that stuns the crowd. Only Android 19’s head remains after the smoke clears.

Vegeta lands near Android 20 and transforms back into his base form, informing C-20 that he has lost a lot of energy and that this is his chance to defeat him. Android 20 asks Vegeta what kind of trick he is up to. Android 20 tells Vegeta that despite his superior performance, he is more powerful than they had anticipated. Vegeta asks C-20 to demonstrate. Android 20 flees in terror towards the surrounding rocks, as Piccolo had predicted earlier, intimidated by Vegeta’s presence.


Vegeta Super Saiyan rejuvenated appears, which observes him from afar. Vegeta is tired of watching and decides to go and flush him out by demolishing a part of the area. Vegeta flies in the air and shoots a photon bomber. Krilin asks him to stop because the team could be trapped by the blast at rest. C-20 went after him, but the explosion was too fast for him to counterattack. As a result, C-20 passed the explosion and absorbed it with his palms. Seeing this, Vegeta immediately charged in his direction, after which C-20 quickly disappeared. Vegeta chased him for a while, but was furious when he discovered that the android had vanished.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Android 20 looks down on Vegeta, stating that he has become too dependent on ki-sensing and has lost his sense of movement. He admits, however, that he didn’t expect much power from Vegeta. Although he thinks the most likely answer is to return to his laboratory, he doesn’t want to go there if that’s possible. He then noticed that Gohan, Ten, Piccolo and Krilin were looking for him and decided to steal their energy to gain enough strength to defeat Vegeta.

Goku, on the other hand, thinks that Piccolo is the best after Vegeta and attacks him first. He sneaks up behind Piccolo to absorb his energy before covering his mouth to prevent him from calling for help. Gohan feels a sharp drop in Piccolo’s ki and flies to help him telepathically. Gohan arrives and gives a powerful kick to Android 20 from behind, knocking him down (his cap is also knocked off). When Krilin, Tien Shin Han and Vegeta reach the area, they feel Gohan’s ki and surround Android 20.

Android 20 was caught off guard by the arrival of the extra fighters, but decided to stall and absorb more energy from the others before fighting Vegeta. Gohan gave Krilin a Senzu bean, which he quickly provided to Piccolo. Piccolo then faced C-20 again, removing his weighted clothes. He informed Vegeta that he wanted to face Android 20 one-on-one rather than let him interfere.

Vegeta says that he doesn’t care if Piccolo is destroyed, but that he won’t give Android 20 any more energy. The android scientist thinks this is another opportunity for him to absorb more of Piccolo’s power, but the Namekian quickly disappears from his sight before returning in a fury. He tries to face Piccolo head on, but thanks to three years of intense training with Goku (and his fusion with Nail), Piccolo is far superior.


Android 20 arrives and mercilessly cuts off the android’s right arm, but is distracted by the arrival of the future Trunks. Android 20 thinks he’s made too much of a mistake and decides to retreat to his lab to activate androids 17 and 18, though he wants to fly away unnoticed. Bulma arrives by plane with Yajirobe, bringing the current child version of Trunks as well as Trunks from the past. C-20 sees his chance to escape, and he warns C-17 and 18 that he will take revenge on them after their defeat. Android 20 fires a huge Ki blast at Bulma’s plane before disappearing into the rocky mountains in a cloud of smoke and dust.

Bulma recognizes Dr. Gero and informs the Z-warriors of the location of his laboratory, which is in a mountain range near North City. Vegeta, with his newfound Super Saiyan strength, goes off on his own to fight the androids, so the rest of the group wants to locate Gero or his lab before Vegeta does.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gero observes Vegeta and Trunks of the Future flying over his laboratory, hiding among the rocks. At first, he thinks it’s a coincidence because only a few scientists are aware of his location. He realizes that Bulma, Goku’s close friend, is the heir to the Capsule Corporation after hearing her father’s name, Dr. Brief, in retrospect.

Piccolo, Krilin and Tien are flying in the same direction when his attention is drawn to them. He immediately notices that Piccolo, Krilin and Tien are heading to his laboratory to destroy his two androids before they can be used. In the anime, as he gets closer to his lab, Gero senses Krilin nearby and attacks him. Gero saves Piccolo by giving up any chance to activate his androids. Dr. Gero quickly makes his way to his lab, where he enters the cave and closes the door behind him. But as he approaches, his sensors detect something, forcing him to face Krilin once more. Gero thinks that Krilin won’t be able to do anything more and allows himself to enter his laboratory. He then informs Krilin that even if he summons the others, it will be too late.


Gero says he didn’t want to turn on C-17 and 18, but he had no choice now that they were on. He then turns on Android 17 while holding down his shutdown remote. Android 17 greets Dr. Gero after waking up. When Gero comments on his courtesy, Android 17 replies that he is Gero’s architect. Although he is concerned about the remote control. Gero is relieved that Android 17 seems to be working properly (in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Gero thinks he has successfully reprogrammed 17’s personality), and that’s when he activates Android 18. Android 18 is also courteous to Gero, although she also looks at the remote. She remarks on the fact that Gero has become an android, and that it has been stated that he wants eternal life.

Frieza expresses himself thus: “He explains that because of my negligence, I let them build up energy for too long and that he spent too much time on their infinite energy reactors (in DBZ Kai, Dr. Gero explains that in order to get their infinite energy reactors to work, he had to disable the behavioral limiters built into their firmware). He then tells them that the Z-fighters are on their way and asks the twin androids to kill them all, which they agree to do.

Gero then informs the Z Fighters that they will not be put to sleep again. The Z Fighters soon arrive and begin trying to break into the lab. Gero is momentarily distracted, allowing C-17 to steal his remote. Gero’s despair deepens when he discovers that he has destroyed the remote and promises that he will not send them to sleep again.


The Androids are surrounded by the Z Fighters as Vegeta bursts through the door. Dr. Gero tells Android 18 and Android 17 to kill the Z Fighters, noting that they have already destroyed Android 19 and almost killed him. C-17 asks if C-19 was an energy absorption pattern that converted him to an android, and Gero says yes. C-18 asks if Gero went back to using the old energy absorption technique on a newer Android because infinite energy models like her and Android 17 were too powerful to handle.

Dr. Gero informs the Z-Fighters that it is no longer important and orders them to assassinate the Z-Fighters, but C-17 explains that they will only fight when they are ready. When C-18 begins to examine a room labeled “16,” Dr. Gero becomes even more furious.


Android 18 sees that C-16 is an infinite energy model, and she asks what distinguishes the android inside them, but Gero sends her away. Android 17 tells Android 18 to turn on Android 16, but Gero stops them because “C-16 is a failure that would put the whole world in danger.” In episode 15 of Dragon Ball Super, Android 18 asks why he kept it. Gero explains that he plans to fix it later when Android 18 asks why he kept it. Android 17 says that the power on it is much higher than Android 16 and asks for Google to be turned on. Gero replies that he will turn them all off for good. Android 17 reminds him that the remote is broken, but Gero says he could make another one.


He yells at Android 18 not to activate Android 16 again, but C-17 tramples Dr. Gero from behind, impales him on his arm, decapitates him with a swift kick, then steps on his still-living head. When Trunks from the future fires a Buster Cannon in an attempt to eradicate Android 17 and Android 18, Dr. Gero’s remains are destroyed along with what appears to be the rest of his laboratory during Trunks’ time travel sequence when he fires a Buster Cannon in an attempt to destroy Android 17 and Android 18.


Dr. Gero is allowed by King Enma to keep his android body, even though he has gone to hell, when he participates in the fight between Goku and Kid Boo. Dr. Gero is one of the few people to encourage Kid Boo during the final fight between Goku and Kid Boo.





Dr. Gero is seen for the first time in Dragon Ball GT in Hell, where he welcomes Dr. Myuu after the destruction of Myuu by Baby. There, the two scientists work on a strategy to create the ideal android capable of destroying Goku.

They developed a strategy to combine their two technologies and create the ideal android by merging Hell Fighter 17 and C-17, which they nicknamed Super 17. They then built a dimensional hole to allow the two androids to coexist in the same place on Earth.


As Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Majuub fight Super 17 on Earth, Pan sneakily grabs Dr. Gero from behind to stop Super 17 from harming Vegeta.

The doctor follows orders, but Super 17 transforms on him. Dr. Myuu had modified Super 17 to obey only him, so Dr. Gero once again met his death at the hands of C-17.




Dr. Gero’s death at the hands of Androids 17 and 18 is shown at the beginning of the film. His bitterness was passed on to his computer, which completed Androids 14, 15 and 13 after his death. He is also mentioned several times in the movie, especially about Androids 13, 14 and 15 and their vendetta against Goku.

Dr. Gero’s supercomputer, in the Funimation translation, speaks with his voice, but the Japanese version simply states that it acts on Gero’s behalf.



Dr. Gero has amassed some of the greatest intelligence on Earth, surpassing even Capsule Corporation President Dr. Brief, and Dr. Gero possesses combat skills by grafting his own brain into an energy-absorbing android form. Here are his most powerful techniques:

  • Energy Absorption – Android 20 is able to grab the life energy of its victims by gripping them with life draining pads on its palms.
  • Merciless Strike – Dr. Gero pierces his chest with his hand after or during Yamcha’s energy absorption.
  • Eye Laser – Disguised as a battery, he is able to pierce the skin and give you a skin flap.
  • Bionic Punisher – A concentrated beam of light emanating from both eyes, powerful enough to destroy a metropolis.


  • According to Akira Toriyama, Android 20 and Android 19 were originally intended to be androids that Trunks of the Future had already planned. However, his previous editor, Kazuhiko Torishima, thought that they seemed outdated and ridiculous. So, in order to move the story forward before Android 17 and Android 18 (and we’re grateful for that!), Toriyama decided not to make them the final androids (and we’re relieved!).
  • Despite the fact that he developed a superhuman android technology with unlimited energy, the reason why he didn’t rebuild himself in this model is unknown, since Bulma claims that he wanted to live forever. However, C-18 slyly insinuated that it was because such technology was too difficult for him to handle.
  • It is still unclear why he chose to retain his original appearance as an older man rather than obtain a younger body.
  • Gero’s name is not derived from a color, unlike the other members of the Red Ribbon.
  • In the episode “Double Trouble for Goku”, Master Roshi refers to Dr. Gero as the leader of the Red Ribbon Army, whereas he previously referred to him simply as “the leader”. Apart from his most recent creations, he is currently the highest-ranking member of the organization.
  • Kame Senin also states in the FUNimation dubbing that Dr. Gero was the leader of the Red Ribbon Army at the time Goku destroyed it, and it is implied that all of the Red Commander’s flashbacks were in fact the young Dr. Gero.
  • The dialogue before C-17’s death in Dragon Ball Z: Cyborg Offensive is different from that in the anime.
  • In the “Basement Laboratory”, discovered in Gero’s laboratory, Trunks from the future notes that Gero was also working on a gas toaster.
  • Dr. Gero, like Freezer, was killed by his android body rather than his human body.



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