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The Freezer (フリーザ Furīza) is one of the three main antagonists and characters in Dragon Ball Z. He is the galactic emperor of Universe 7, who ruled with his own imperial army and was known for his sadism and power throughout the saga.

Freezer is the driving force of the whole series, as it was his intervention that brought Goku to Earth. Since his battle with Sangoku on Namek, he has made several comebacks, including a number of attacks on Earth. In Dragon Ball Super, he was chosen to represent Universe 7 as the tenth member of Team 7 for the Tournament of Power, taking Buu’s place.

Frieza is one of the most common antagonists in the Dragon Ball franchise. Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this post:

  • Who is Freezer really?
  • What does he look like?
  • What is his relationship with the Saiyans?
  • His skills and transmutations.

Let’s get down to business and find out who Freezer, the notorious villain, is!

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Freezer is the main opponent in the Namek, Freezer, Trunks and Golden Freezer sagas. He is also the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – Goku’s father and Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of ‘F’ as well as a villain protagonist in the Survival of the Universe Saga. He was then a villain protagonist in Broly: The Movie and a secondary antagonist in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Chilled is his descendant, second child of King Cold, younger brother of Cooler, and father of Kuriza.


Freezer’s mother is a character mentioned several times in the Funimation version of Dragon Ball Z and in many video games. This woman of Freezer’s race is the mother of Freezer and Cooler. The story of how Freezer and Cooler’s children were raised is troubling. It seems that she died at some point, as Colder claims to be the only surviving member of her family.


We already know a lot about King Cold, who is known as “Great King Cold” (コルド大だい王おう, lit. “Great King Cold”). He was the king and former emperor of Universe 7 before becoming a shadowy member of his family organization, the Freezer Force. He fathered Cooler and Freezer, as well as Kuriza’s grandfather.



Freezer’s appearance is based on Akira Toriyama’s childhood dreams, according to him. Freezer was also influenced by Toriyama’s second editor, Yū Kondō. Toriyama also created Freezer because of the Japanese economic bubble that had occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Freezer being modeled after real estate speculators in particular.



The Dragon Ball Z movies have consistently featured a large number of transformations. The Freezer series is composed of distinct forms (such as Cell or Boo), each considerably different from the next. According to Vegeta and Freezer, Freezer’s fourth and most powerful form is actually his original state; the other three are states that restrict and preserve his enormous power. This was later confirmed by Freezer in a fight with the main protagonist, Goku. His varieties seem to be based on the ideas of Western and Japanese demons.

Freezer is usually seen wearing battle armor that has a purple plate on his chest in his first form. Freezer’s ultimate bio-suit, the Z battle suit, is worn by him in both his natural and “golden” forms.


When he is transformed into Mecha Freezer, his body is locked in a permanent cosmic suit. Due to his death in the Survival of the Universe story arc, he has a halo on his head, but it does not disappear after the tournament as Whis gives him back his life “for good behavior.”



The Freeze is a malevolent being who likes to cause suffering, death, desolation, anxiety and power. He has a contradictory personality in that he is civilized and elegant in his speech. In the Japanese versions, he also uses Keigo syntax, which uses very polite and formal words to convey respect.

With a methodical technique, he usually gets by in most circumstances. He makes twisted jokes and disgusting taunts to his enemies before slaughtering them, which he does frequently. Freezer is fully aware of his fearsome reputation as a violent man, and he does not seek to dispel it; instead, he embraces it, as evidenced by his encounter with the Namekians.

He was furious at the thought that his savage actions might be undone and all his victims resurrected. Freezer can be summarized as a brilliant, but sickly sadistic and heartless sociopath. In Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2, he displays unparalleled brutality in his final character description. Goku called him “the cruelest guy in the universe 7” (Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge). Freezer was described as “full of hate” by Goku when he described Cooler (Cooler’s Revenge).


Although they work together, Freezer and Cooler have a deep-seated animosity towards each other, and it has been implied that they will come into conflict at some point for control of the universe. He is seen to be somewhat irritated when his father affectionately pats him on the back while on Planet Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, demonstrating his aversion to even light physical contact with others.

Freezer is all about perfection, just as his soldiers are supposed to be. Any lapse on his part results in excruciating agony, if not death, as he has no qualms about killing his own troops if they get in his way.




Freezer’s dislike of Saiyans has been evident since the first day of his creation. Even before the Namek saga, he despised this alien race. To understand this, we must go back a generation. Bardock murdered his grandfather Chilled, and Chilled must have warned his relatives of the power of these Saiyans. Freezer was informed of this, and he will repeat the massacre to as many Saiyans as possible to make sure they are exterminated completely.

He sees them as rivals, and he understands how fierce and rotten they are, because it is in their nature. Even before the original Dragon Ball saga begins, this alien race is destined for destruction. They also have no regard for the individuals or species they help systematically exterminate.


On planet Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince (Vegeta, after the name of the planet) has faithfully served Freezer, as have his fellow Saiyans. Despite this, Freezer has always harbored a deep animosity towards Vegeta. And since he controlled his parents… So Vegeta was screwed, but he managed to outsmart him until the end.



The simplest explanation is that he was created like that by Toriyama. But to go further, it is because he was conditioned to be like that. As we have seen in the different sagas, his race (so far) has been ruthless and evil. However, Freezer’s father, King Cold, ruled the universe as a true tyrant, which inevitably shaped his mind in that direction. )



In the Dragon Ball Z universe, yes, Freezer is without a doubt the most evil of all the Dragon Ball sagas… Well, of all the universes in fact… Gohan tries to dominate him and goes to attack him, but it won’t do him much damage. Piccolo combines with Nail to reach an unprecedented level of power, but he won’t have any problem afterwards.

Freezer will be more powerful than Buu and Cell in Dragon Ball Z because of his incredible power and complex technique. He will also appear in the new Dragon Ball Super series later on.



This is a question that comes up a lot. In the 104th episode of the Dragon Ball Z series, the action takes place during the 30th episode of the Freezer saga. On Namek, Goku faces Freezer in a fierce fight. The villain’s retaliation is going to turn against him during an umpteenth assault. The disc he threw at Goku scalped most of his body.

When Goku is about to leave Namek, Freezer feels pain. Despite King Kai’s refusal, Goku will offer some of his energy to Freezer so that he can survive, thanks to the benevolent nature of our hero.




Freezer wraps himself in energy and flies straight towards his opponent to tackle him in an assault. It was used against Goku on Namek, as well as in the Tournament of Powers to eliminate Jiren.


Freezer built his own improved version, the Death Saucer, after seeing Krillin’s Disk Destructo. This is comparable to the Destructo Disc, although it is much faster and automatically fires at its target.


The Death Ball is Freezer’s most powerful attack and is frequently used as a last resort in battle or as a means to devastate a planet. The method is to charge a ball of energy on the finger and then throw it at the target, but after his resurrection, he introduces a more powerful variant charged with his whole hand.


The death beam is the most frequently used technique by Freezer. It is a piercing beam of energy shot from his finger. It generates a massive explosion the size of a metropolis if the process fails to pierce its target.


  • According to Toriyama, Freezer’s latest form was created with the intention of looking smaller and less scary: Toriyama wanted to challenge the idea that villains and monsters get bigger and fiercer as they get more powerful. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
  • His name is a rephrasing of “freezer,” as he was originally called.
  • The first character to survive a full power spirit bomb is Freezer, followed by Jiren.
  • The fight between Goku and Freezer was the longest in the Dragon Ball Z anime, with 19 episodes. It is also considered the longest fight ever filmed in anime, with about 3.5 hours of screen time.

Freezer in Dragon Ball Super

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Since the end of Dragon Ball Z, Freezer has been incarcerated in hell. He is buried in a cocoon and forced to watch adorable little animals dance in front of him. It’s been about 14 years since his death and he still resides in hell.

However, things are about to change as Sorbet, one of Freezer’s remaining henchmen, is doing everything he can to bring him back to life. He gathers the crystal balls in order to request his rebirth. Once finished, Freezer returns in the form he had when he died. That is to say… in several parts. To reconstitute Freezer’s body, Sorbet starts collecting them and placing them in a regeneration machine.

The galactic master then reappears in his first form. He is also devoid of technological implants. As soon as he wakes up, he plans to take revenge on Son Goku. Tagoma and Sorbet give him an update on the situation. The two henchmen confess that they hesitated to bring King Cold back. Freezer, on the other hand, explains that it is not a major problem for him at the moment. He just wants to get his revenge. Sorbet informs him that if Goku became very powerful, he could defeat Majin Buu.

The spaceship lands on Earth, and the protagonist is incredibly delighted. He then trains for four months to prepare his return to Earth.

Freezer can’t go home because he was frozen with a whole army chasing him. He is ecstatic at the imminence of the moment. As soon as he arrives, he fires a death ray at the northern city, eradicating it completely. To prevent him from achieving his goal, the Z-Fighters come to greet him. Goku and Vegeta are still on Beerus’ planet, and they must find their own way back.


The freezer, which is programmed to treat Krillin as if he was still alive, recognizes him. Not wanting to wait for Goku, he orders his 1000 soldiers to fight to kill his enemies.

With attention, the Freezer follows the fight. He recognizes Gohan’s martial skills. He is furious to learn that his army is incapable of being harmful by itself. The majority of his soldiers are ineffective against Genie Turtle, Krillin, Gohan, Piccolo, and Ten Shin Han.

Shisami and Tagoma are ordered to attack by Sorbet. Freezer promises the position of supreme commander of the army to the individual who kills the earthlings first. Gotenks appears and wounds Tagoma.

Goten and Trunks are the new saiyans who appeared in the freezer. Freezer is furious to discover that there are new saiyans. The latter has exchanged his body with Tagoma. He tells about his difficult journey as a frog for many years. As he does not remember the great Ginyu from before, Freezer is not sure of his abilities.

Ginyu is defeated, and Freezer becomes furious. The tyrant sends a flock of death rays on the son of Kakarot. He then kills the commander. Goku and Vegeta join the fight afterwards. To arrive as soon as possible, Kakarot used the instantaneous transmission. Some “friendly” exchanges of words follow between Freezer and the two saiyans. Only Sorbet survives in this scenario. ). After several attempts on other exchanges, Goku decides to attack Freezer.


Freezer and Goku start to fight, and soon Goku takes his blue form. Freezer is intrigued to see him, but he doesn’t seem to be afraid of him. He thinks he has a card up his sleeve. Yes, he does indeed have a backup plan.

Vegeta is no match for him in this form, which allows him to quickly deploy his ultimate form: the Golden Freezer. The battle continues to rage. For many minutes, the two fighters are almost equal in skill. Beerus and Whis are surprised to find Freezer in the house, asking to taste Bulma’s dessert. At first, Freezer was afraid to see Beerus in person. However, the latter refused to interfere in their affairs and preferred to remain neutral. He came only for the ice cream.

Goku’s freezing state becomes even more effective as he uses his inability to fight completely. The freeze has set in, and he is still in control. Sorbet comes out of his hiding place and fires a powerful blaster at Goku. Freezer takes over and prepares to destroy Goku.

The Saiyan prince, Vegeta, appears to confront Freezer, who is in great shape. He takes matters into his own hands and finishes him off. After their fight, Freezer decides to destroy the planet, whether he stays or not. He unleashes a devastating attack that destroys the planet. Goku, Whis, Beerus and Fighter Z are helpless as the planet collapses around them.

Whis makes one last attempt to preserve the Earth by going back in time seconds before Freezer destroys it. Goku charges the dictator and kills him in an instant after the time change. He emerges from his cocoon and re-enters the vortex seeing new small creatures full of life.



In the manga, Universe 7 prepares his team, but Buu falls asleep just before the start of the game. As a result, another player is needed and he doesn’t want to hear any more profiles. Thanks to the power of the seer, Goku suggests to bring Freezer back from the dead for 24 hours. At first it seems far-fetched, but Kakarot is convinced that he will be able to converse with Freezer.

He confronts him and tells him what’s wrong. If Universe 7 doesn’t win the tournament, he will be destroyed. A condition will be that he will be resurrected if he wins if he is confronted with this extreme emergency. n Universe 7’s team is made, and an agreement has been reached. The tournament will now begin, and Freezer will stay out of the spotlight for the first half. He will pretend to be on good terms with Frost from Universe 6 before betraying him and ejecting him from the competition.

After surviving the ill effects of his initial ultra instinct, Goku will be able to crawl out of the freezer. After that, he will have to face Dyspo, who will be able to put him in trouble long enough for Gohan to escape with him.

The last opponents are formidable, with one in particular, Toppo. The second in universe 11 seems almost defeated, but he changes his mind at the last moment and becomes a god of destruction. Golden Freezer’s skills prove useless against an attack that leaves him unconscious for some time. Freezer is eliminated without being defeated.

Throughout the story, Freezer is shown as a power-hungry sociopath who does not hesitate to harm others for his own benefit. He tries to force Goku to help him by threatening his family, but the hero refuses and attacks Freezer with one of his most powerful moves. Finally, as Goku is about to be destroyed by Jiren, Golden Freezer makes his return and attacks Jiren, who has just finished his fight against the ultra instinct. The champion of the universe 11 fights against the dictator Toppo in order to recover his pride. The former gets up and releases his power. Freezer and C17 don’t know how to deal with Jiren’s catastrophic wave, which threatens to destroy them both. Goku appears at the last minute, teleporting behind them and helping them to counter the assault.

After that, Freezer and Son Goku fight in tandem against Jiren. The power duo manages to eliminate Jiren from the arena, resulting in a joint elimination.

Following his victories on Earth, Freezer is allowed to return to Universe 7 and rebuilds an army. He already has plans on how he will take revenge next time.



Freezer’s henchmen go to rescue the legendary super saiyan Broly and his father Paragus. The tyrant realizes that Broly seems to be incredibly powerful, so he decides to test his strength on the battlefield. Fight Goku and Vegeta by spinning the Earth in one direction.

Broly proves to be stronger than Goku and Vegeta. He ends up surpassing his father Goku and Vegeta. Freezer kills his father Paragus to see how strong Broly can become. The latter goes into a tailspin, exploding with fury and attacking everyone, including Golden Freezer. During this confrontation, Vegeta and Goku discover the fusion technique and manage to transform into Gogeta.

After their long and hard journey back to Earth, Freezer is seriously injured. The fight is now between Gogeta and Broly. After this battle, Freezer decides to retire and promises to come back stronger next time, with Broly. We will have to wait for the sequel to know more about our beloved tyrant



This concludes our introduction to Freezer, the most popular and fascinating opponent in the entire Dragon Ball Z saga. Please let us know if you are a fan of this character or if you prefer another antagonist! Want to know more about the character?

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