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Are you a Dragon Ball Super fan? Are you interested in Goku Black, the new villain? Are you looking for more information about the character? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this complete guide, you will discover everything there is to know about Goku Black!

Goku Black is a major opponent in the Dragon Ball Super franchise. Although he looks like Son Goku, it is actually Zamasu who controls this body, a Kaio apprentice from Universe 10. He is dressed in black and wears the ring of time, an item only available to Kaio Shin.

Find out what follows in this blog post:

  • The story of his creation, appearance and character.
  • The story of Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super.

His healing ability and his main offensive skills.

Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about Goku Black, the most famous opponent in Dragon Ball Super? Let’s get this party started!

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This time, things are different since Sangoku’s physical body is Goku Black. He is simply controlled by another mind this time. Unlike in the past, where he was a separate entity from Goku and Vegeta, this time he is really their physical body.


It’s hard to talk about Black Goku’s appearance without mentioning Zamasu, the Kaio apprentice of Universe 10. He is a student of Master Gowasu and has green skin and white hair with an Iroquois hairstyle. He wears two orange earrings called Potara.

It is this individual who will ask the Supreme Shenron to exchange their physical bodies. Thus, Black Goku was created, controlled by the malevolent spirit of Zamasu.

There are some minor changes to Goku’s normal appearance, such as:

  • His skin is slightly darker and his eyes are a bit more defined.
  • His hair is now even darker.
  • The personal being of the Old Kaioshin, he is often seen wearing a dark gray coat with a turtleneck, a crimson belt, black pants and white boots. He also wears a green Potara in his left ear. His counterpart from the future has entrusted him with the second one. Finally, he grabs the priceless ring of time, which allows him to go to the future.


Although he was initially the apprentice of Gowasu, the Kaio master of Universe 10, Zamasu is initially revealed as a thoughtful and patient student. He seems to have a genuine desire to learn and improve by adhering to his master’s teachings at first. Nevertheless, Zamasu seems to develop a radically different view of mortals than Gowasu. Instead of respecting his mentor’s position on Kaio masters, he challenges it. To begin with, I would like to point out that D.Va does not consider herself a hero. Rather, she thinks that the best way for humans to develop is to not interfere. In her opinion, suppressing people would be easier since they never learn anything and spend their time fighting each other. Zamasu has his own idea of what justice should look like. Although he wants to fight evil, he doesn’t see it because of his actions.

This is why he always finds a way to justify his behavior. Humans, according to him, exist because the gods refuse to accept their mistake of creating them.

After losing against Goku, he feels embarrassed. It’s the first time he is beaten by a human. Zamasu then uses the Super Dragon Balls to take control of his body, developing an obsession for the Saiyan and using the Ring of Time to kill Gowasu. This will allow him to access the future and assume the form of Black Goku, as well as meet his future counterpart. Therefore, they will create a powerful duo.

How to describe Goku Black’s personality without mentioning his human zero strategy? He makes many references to it throughout the series and the manga. This one is very basic, and it perfectly reflects Zamasu’s unhealthy mentality: Eliminate all mortal humans.

He too plans to exterminate these groups and dispense justice in the same way as a supreme God.


When Zamasu turns into Black Goku, his behavior changes dramatically. Although he is already vicious, he increases his sadism, his insensitivity and his bloodlust tenfold. He takes great pleasure in murdering Goku’s family before his eyes. By eliminating many people on Earth, he creates chaos and devastation. He is ruthless, bloodthirsty and cruel as he cruelly kills all those who stand in his way. He takes pleasure in breaking Trunks’ arm and bombarding him with ki blows while the latter is unable to defend himself any longer.

However, it should be noted that he retains Zamasu’s politeness. He keeps his manners from his first meeting with Goku (the real one). However, we can deduce that he is mentally unbalanced because during his fight, he bursts into laughter for no apparent reason and has frequent mood swings. He violently explains his strategy: to exterminate humanity.

Goku Black wants to fight strong opponents because it makes him stronger. He is extremely tenacious and never gives up on a goal he has set. When Trunks escapes into the past, Goku Black vows to find him.

He has a lot in common with Goku. He is independent, like the Saiyan who inspired him. He wants to improve his abilities and fighting techniques by himself. He does not take shortcuts. Unlike the Zamasw of the future, he does not care about immortality. He is interested in attaining complete power through personal experience rather than for his own sake. It is clear that this comes from Son Goku.

Black is also proud. When he transforms into his pink Super Saiyan form, he calls it beautiful, dominant, elegant and overwhelming.


In the anime, Goku Black keeps his calm and his composure. In the manga, on the other hand, he loses his head as soon as things don’t go his way. During his confrontation with Vegeta, we see how he is taken by excessive rage. This is a phenomenon that we see between him and Vegeta in the manga and the anime:

They also differ in their battle tactics. Black, in the anime, uses precision, delicacy and flamboyance to execute his moves. In the manga, he uses his enormous strength to crush his enemies rather than finesse, precision and flamboyance. He is also more aggressive in the manga than in the anime.

What is the difference between these two men? I’m not sure, but it’s probably because Black has never met Goku before in the manga. So he has no personal connection with Sangoku.

In the manga, Goku Black’s relationship with Zamasu from the future is also different. In the anime, Black and Zamasu see each other as allies. This is not the case in the manga; Goku Black sees his double as a pawn and not as an ally. The future Zamasu thinks the same of his buddy, finding it ridiculous that he abandons his divine form for a mortal shell.

Finally, the two clones comment on Trunks’ attitude towards his time travel. This is a mockery of the humans, and they should be punished for it.



The same individual as Zamasu is called Goku Black. Trunks of the Future, on the other hand, has modified the main narrative line. Also, because Beerus destroys Zamasu from this line, the future is modified by dividing it into two axes. Black Goku is essentially a different person from Zamasu in terms of importance. His death at the hands of Beerus had no effect on him thanks to his time ring.

Zamasu was originally a Kaio of the tenth universe. Master Gowasu took him on as a student so that he could become the supreme Kaio with his exceptional martial arts abilities.

Zamasu shows a true disdain for people and questions the function of the kaios, which is simply to watch over them without being able to destroy them if they act up. His soul becomes darker with time. During tea ceremonies, when the preparations become more bitter, we can see this very clearly. A successful tea is the result of a pure soul, according to Gowasu. He resists the teachings and ideas of his master and rebels. The Zero Death Project is his goal

The ultimate goal? Quite simply, to eliminate all humanity and the gods in a given period of time in order to establish an ideal universe. To achieve this, he must assassinate Gowasu in order to retrieve his time ring.

During the story of Dragon Ball Super, Zamasu is obsessed by the idea of taking Goku’s body. He sees Goku’s body as being very powerful, and believes that it would make an excellent vessel for his own existence. To realize this desire, he will use the Super Dragon Balls.


Goku then looks for another universe to carry out his plot. He finds one in the reality of the future Trunks, since Babidi and Dabra have assassinated the Supreme Kaio. As a result, Beerus dies because of their vital link.

Goku also meets Zamasu from the future, who immediately joins him after killing Gowasu. The infernal duo then gather the Super Dragon Balls to obtain Zamasu’s invincibility and immortality. They will then break the priceless crystal balls.

Following these events, Goku Black travels through the cosmos to many planets and destroys all life forms in the name of his divine justice. When he reaches Earth, the bloodbath begins. In no time, half of humanity is eliminated.

The remaining castaways regroup and form a resistance, led by Mai. As Black Goku is far too powerful for them, the fight is unsuccessful. Trunks of the Future fights against him but fails to injure him. He blinds Black with a flash grenade and escapes to the past to ask for help.

This brings us to the events of Dragon Ball Super in our main reality…


In Trunks’ future timeline, Goku Black is far too powerful, and no one can stop him.


Goku Black is angry and worried after Trunks disappeared in the future. However, the saiyan aura has completely disappeared. He commits himself to locate and destroy it, furious.

Trunks arrived unconscious in the past, during the main story. He wakes up later in his bed and becomes furious when he sees Son Goku, because he has an obvious physical resemblance with Black. He lashes out angrily at him, but Bulma manages to calm him down. Once he is calm, Trunks apologizes and tells his story.

The next day, Goku Black’s time ring vibrates and a temporal crack opens in front of him. He enters it and arrives at the present time. It is essential to note that when Goku Black goes through the time portal, he has no idea where he will end up.


In the opening of Dragon Ball Super, we see Piccolo fighting an opponent who looks like Son Goku. The situation is reversed: Black takes a few seconds to understand what happened. It is when he sees Vegeta, Beerus and Goku that he understands.

Trunks becomes furious when he sees him, and he is about to engage the fight. However, Vegeta gets in his way. Goku rushes to attack him first. Black attacks with an extremely powerful black and golden ki sphere. Goku blocks it and sends it flying on the side of a rocky plateau. He then transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and counterattacks. Sharing a punch in the face with Goku, Black is amazed by his strength and congratulates himself on his progress. Indeed, facing powerful opponents has allowed him to improve his skills considerably.

Afterwards, the two opponents have a great battle despite their restraint in terms of power. Goku has a tendency to not give his all at the beginning of a fight, as Vegeta points out. Black ends up throwing a powerful punch at him, sending him through a mountain.

Dende calls out to him: “Goku! You’re long gone”, as he happily tells how his new technique will revolutionize the universe. Suddenly, he feels a huge distortion in the Space-Time. A crack forms and starts to draw Black. Goku takes the opportunity to hit him in the stomach. The fight goes on for several minutes, with more and more twists and turns. As for the crack, it draws more and more Black Goku towards it. He is forced to suspend the hostilities because of this. As he contemplates the time machine, he decides to break it before being sucked through the time portal.

Beerus sees that he doesn’t have the same ki as Goku, which indicates that Black is a different person. It is clear to him that Black is a separate individual, as he grew up in his future and mocked Trunks for being stuck in the past. He assesses his new strength by attempting his golden black ki technique. He is pleased with himself after that and decides to go in search of resistant humans to kill.

Meanwhile, in Future Trunks’ timeline, our heroes manage to discover a way to travel in his reality thanks to Cell’s time machine. So, Goku, Vegeta and their son Trunks land together in the future to fight Black.

The opening ceremony is performed by the prince of Saiyans. The latter transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and plans to quickly crush his opponent. But something seems to be wrong. Black Goku doesn’t seem to be disturbed by this transformation. It doesn’t seem to intimidate or terrify him in any way. Trunks begins to realize that the conflict will be much more difficult than he had anticipated.

The conflict breaks out, and Vegeta is in a weak position against Black. He manages to push him back into his normal form. He congratulates Vegeta for his efforts and decides to show him something as a reward…



After transforming into a new form, Black Goku transforms into the equivalent of the Blue Super Saiyan. He calls it the Pink Super Saiyan. Because Zamasu was created from the design of a god, he is basically that color. Only one character, so far, has reached this state: Goku Black.

The Saiyan Prince describes his new appearance as beautiful, divine and remarkable. Vegeta loses his composure and the attack is launched. Black strikes a devastating blow with his energy sword, but to no avail. He pierces his stomach and throws him from the sky. The prince of the saiyans falls to the ground, defeated.
This encounter will force Goku to intervene. Our hero starts to fight. At the beginning, the fight seems balanced. Black takes the upper hand as the fight progresses, forcing Trunks to act. The son of Vegeta prepares a Kamehameha to help Goku. However, the Zamasu of the future enters the scene and stops him.

The two Goku’s continue to fight without assistance, while Trunks and Zamasu fight elsewhere. However, Black and his counterpart engage in seamless coordination. He attacks his enemies with a devastating Kamehameha that does significant damage. Vegeta deflects Black’s assault before collapsing once again.

The ordeal begins, and our three heroes can go back in time thanks to the time machine. Goku Black and Zamasu realize that they will come back soon, so they decide to wait for them.

Goku Black is a very difficult opponent in his Pink Super Saiyan form. His design has won the approval of many Dragon Ball Z fans and is visually fantastic.

The manga differs from the anime on one important point: Black Goku does not die. In fact, Vegeta was able to overpower Black Goku in this episode. Zamasu appears just as he is about to finish him off. After his recovery, Black becomes even stronger and regains his original form. He ends up matching Vegeta strength for strength. He reaches the pink super saiyan state after a second healing. The advantage goes to Black and he is knocked down by Vegeta. The story continues exactly as in the anime with the three heroes escaping into the past

Zamasu and Black Goku retreat to a house in the mountains, waiting for the three Saiyans to return. Zamasu explains that if Black kills Goku too soon, he will miss the opportunity to become stronger. Therefore, it is better to ask for immortality. Black refuses and settles for Goku’s body; he prefers to move on by himself.

Later, the three Saiyans come back for a second fight. Blue Vegeta and Black Goku begin their fight. The evil double tells Goku how he murdered Chichi and Goten in the hours after the body swap, during a break.

The battle rages on. The sinister duo takes over their opponents for the second time. God’s Slice pierces Sangoku again, this time by Black Goku. During a period of fury, Goku regains the advantage for a moment before being overwhelmed.


Zamasu and his counterpart criticize Trunks for a major time travel mistake, claiming that he is the worst of all people. Afterwards, Vegeta’s son becomes enraged and charges the duo. He manages to tie them up for several minutes before being overwhelmed. Trunks protects Goku and Vegeta’s new trip into the past by hiding it.

After thinking about it, our heroes decide to capture Zamasu with the Mafuba technique. The invincibility of this powerful opponent having been bypassed, this is a fantastic strategy. In order to push his abilities further, Vegeta trains in the chamber of mind and time.

When they return with Bulma, Gowasu and Kaio Shin, things are about to get serious. Gowasu and Shin try to synchronize the two, but without success. Goku Black says that his decision was made a long time ago, and that he will not be deterred from carrying out Human Zero’s plan.

Vegeta confronts Goku Black and manages to overpower him. The latter is really shocked by the improvement of the prince of the saiyans. Vegeta informs him that because Black’s body is not at the root, he will never reach his full power. If you’re a fan of Vegeta, be sure to check out our complete guide to him!


During this battle, Vegeta Blue wipes the ground with Black Goku Rosé.



Black recognizes that this strength comes from Vegeta’s furious condition. He reasons that, like him, he possesses a Saiyan body, and thus decides to perform the same action. He takes a large pink scythe in his hand and plunges his energy blade into it. Black cuts Vegeta, generating a huge rift in time. Goku comes to Vegeta’s rescue, as well as the two Saiyans, who have to face many copies of Black Goku.

Zamasu is trapped in an amphora by Trunks with the Mafuba technique. The seal, however, was not completely closed, allowing Black Goku to free him by quick teleportation. Zamasu escapes and becomes frightened; he understands that he should never take his enemies lightly. He offers Black a chance to use his ace in the hole.

The fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu occurs with the help of the Potara earrings. They become one being: a terrible warrior, Zamasu has been merged.

The Zamasu of the new series is a very strong individual who effortlessly defeats the three Saiyans. Trunks will be able to resist him, thanks to Vegeta. With an overloaded garic cannon, the father and son are able to resist Zamasu’s assault. This moment is not without reminding the one where Gohan and Goku faced Cell.

Zamasu is invulnerable and takes the advantage later. Vegeto is formed when Goku and Vegeta use Gowasu’s Potoras to become Vegito. Zamasu is effortlessly dominated by the strong combination of the two saiyans, but due to the excessive use of energy, this condition ends. Both saiyans are then on the sidelines, tired. Trunks is the last qualified opponent, and he embarks on an epic duel against Zamasu. He takes advantage of all the energy of the planet to create a powerful sword of light and cuts Zamasu’s body in two. His physical form disappears.

However, Zamasu’s spirit survives and tries to combine the universe, raining a fatal storm on the Earth and wiping out all humans. All seems to be lost. Goku calls on King Zeno and he decides to destroy Zamasu and the planet. Our heroes come back in time.

This is the conclusion of the story of Goku Black. This opponent has marked the history of Dragon Ball Super. The majority of the audience considers this opponent to be one of the most fascinating characters in the series. This is due to a visually stunning appearance, a captivating storyline and a fantastic pinksaiyan transformation, as well as an impressive finale.


Zamasu’s body decomposes at the end of the battle, following the loss of his invulnerability.


It is also interesting to note that before switching bodies with Son Goku, Zamasu was already a powerful fighter and perhaps one of the most powerful kaio in the universe. He was also able to move the Super Dragon Balls, which are the size of a planet.

Let’s take a look at Black Goku’s fighting abilities in the anime and manga separately. Let’s look at how dangerous Black Goku is in both media. Even though he takes the characteristics of Saiyans while keeping his own skills, he takes the characteristics of Saiyans after stealing Sangoku’s body. He becomes extremely strong when he transforms into Black Goku. He easily eliminates the real Son Goku who is trapped in Zamasu’s body.


Trunks Super Saiyan 2 is crushed by Goku Noir in his simplest form. According to Vegeta’s son, Black is equal to Son Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form. He will get stronger and stronger with each subsequent fight. He absorbs the skills of Goku and Vegeta. During the next encounter, the fact that he takes blows increases his strength tenfold. This is why he manages to surprise Vegeta at some point in the future.

He beat Vegeta effortlessly in his pinkish super saiyan form. One of his most devastating skills is the piercing blade. He pierces his enemies to render them unconscious. One of his best moves is the Super Black Kamehameha. It is one of the best techniques to destroy several opponents at once. It turns out that he cheated in their last fight against Vegeta, and this makes him stronger than ever

Finally, he discovers new methods by realizing the power of saiyans’ anger. He creates a very powerful pink energy scythe. He consumes this energy to create clones that appear endlessly. Although he claims that his strength exceeds his own, Black has reached the most powerful non-emerging form at this point, according to Gowasu.



From the very beginning, we are informed that Black has difficulties to use Goku’s abilities. He had to progress by himself by slaughtering many opponents, including gods. He also progressed by facing Trunks from the future. To do this, he was willing to use Zamasu’s regeneration power to constantly renew himself. In the end, in his basic form, Black is able to defeat SSJ2 Trunks without difficulty.

Vegeta almost killed Black when he was in his blue form. Zamasu saves his double from imminent death. This results in a dramatic resurgence, allowing him to reach the state of Pink Super Saiyan. He effortlessly defeats Vegeta and the other Saiyans in this form. However, when Vegeta returns for the final battle, the manga is consistent with the anime. The prince of saiyans defeats Black with his fury.



In anime and video games, Sasuke Uchiha has a wide range of fighting techniques. Here is a summary of the twelve most used techniques by this bloodthirsty character!

  • Energy blast: This is the energy type of a destruction attack. He uses it frequently to destroy human beings.
  • Time Battle : Super Buu’s energy ball attempt; Time Battle : Trunks’ energy ball attempt
  • Black Power Ball : The black energy core of the Black Power Ball attacks the opponent. When he throws it at his victim, he becomes completely golden, with a black halo around him.
  • Divine Retribution is a fusion of the Black Power Ball and the Blue Super Saiyan. He uses it in the form of the Pink Super Saiyan. It can be fired or used as a ki blade in hand to hand combat.
  • The opponent is attacked by many balls in a continuous black power ball: A faster version of the previous approach, several balls attack the opponent.
  • The final form of attack, in which a hailstorm-like barrage of aerial energy is unleashed.
  • Black Kamehameha: A malevolent counterpart to Son Goku’s legendary technique, in black tint.
  • Super Kamehameha is a more powerful version of the regular Kamehameha technique. It was used by Black Goku.
  • A Zamasu from the future, in Rose form, uses this. The two attacks combine to produce a devastating ball.
  • Goku’s instantaneous move is a teleportation technique that allows him to go somewhere instantly.
  • Temporal Rift: The Pink Super Saiyan’s temporal rift allows him to create a large number of duplicates. They are always resurrected in greater numbers after being killed.
  • Sudden Death Ray: A combination of instantaneous movement and divine punishment strike. This is a counterattack.


Again, as with our other Ultimate Guides, we have some anecdotes about the person we’re talking about here. Check out seven strange facts about Goku Black in the sections below!

  • In the anime, Goku and Black fought several times, but they didn’t face off in the manga.
  • Black is the second character to have swapped bodies with Son Goku, after Captain Ginyu.
  • Black is the second opponent, who looks like Goku but is actually in his body, that Thales creates.
  • Ironically, it is Trunks who is to blame for any calamity that may occur. If Trunks had not gone back in time in the main story, Goku and his friends would never have met Zamasu, just as Zamasu would never have met Goku. This incident prompted Whis and Beerus to discover Zamasu and propose a fight between him and Goku (thus establishing the list of events we know).
  • In a way, Black achieved his goal: Trunks’ dimension of the future of present-day Earth is now a chaotic planet without any humans.
  • In the video game Dragon Ball FighterZ, Freezer says that if Son Goku had been like Black, they could have been great buddies.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Super Tenkaichi, Black wants to be immortal after calling Shenron, and he establishes a link between him and Zamasu.


Congratulations! You’ve learned everything there is to know about Black Goku, the terrible adversary of Dragon Ball Super.

Thanks to his appearance, his past and his superhuman fighting abilities, he has left his mark on the series. Let’s remember that before he merged with Zamasu, he had never reached a level of fighting like we have never seen before. The pinkish super saiyan is extremely attractive aesthetically and is very powerful.

He is one of the few fighters who can defeat Goku, Vegeta and Trunks at the same time. In addition, his fighting style’s ability to perfectly synchronize his blows with Zamasu gives him immeasurable strength.

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