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Do you like Dragon Ball Super? Want to know more about the enigmatic Jiren, such as his mysterious past and his complete backstory? We’ll explain it all in this complete guide dedicated to Jiren!

Jiren the Grey is the champion of Universe 11, a member of the Pride Troopers in Dragon Ball Super and a participant in the Universe Survival Tournament, where he will be facing off against Son Goku Ultra Instinct in particular. Jiren is an extremely strong creature who has overcome the power of his own god of destruction.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about him in this ultimate tutorial, including:

  • Its shape, appearance and personality
  • His long and strange history is both intriguing and frightening.
  • His strength and most powerful fighting techniques

Can’t wait to find out more? Then read this article carefully, because Jiren is full of twists and secrets!

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How was Jiren the Grey formed, and how did his personality develop? This is what we will see first. To begin with, the name Jiren could be derived from the Japanese word “renji”, which means a stove. It’s a play on words, as we often see in Dragon Ball Z.

Originally, Jiren was supposed to be much more vocal in the manga than in the anime. It was Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, who rejected this plan. He wanted to make an individual with a tragic story that was calm and relaxed. It is interesting to note that Jiren will appear in Xenoverse 2, corresponding to the first concept.

In Dragon Ball Super, Jiren the Grey makes his first appearance in episode 78. He is a scary and mysterious character. Toppo, the commander of the Pride Troopers, has already dubbed him the most powerful being in Universe 11.


Jiren is a tall and muscular human fighter. His musculature is terrifying when he is enraged. His head is similar in size to that of the little greys, who are supposedly aliens with large heads and slender bodies.

He is distinguished by his unusually small legs compared to the rest of his body. It is easy to think that he comes from another species. His skin is gray and he has two large round black eyes with large pupils. Its ears are flat and circular, with no discernible nose.

Jiren’s weapon of choice is the Pride Trooper uniform, which he wears like his fellow soldiers. This outfit consists of a red and black top, dark pants, white boots and white gloves.



Jiren is a champion of justice who refuses to act for selfish causes as a member of the Pride Troopers. He is entirely devoted to saving Universe 11. This is made clear in the series when he states that if his Universe 11 is attacked during the 48 minutes of the tournament, he will not hesitate to leave.

Jiren has principles, and he does not kill his enemies but rather takes them prisoner. Since the tournament involves the annihilation of other universes, he initially refuses to participate. He changes his mind when Toppo pleads for him. Jiren finds it absurd that someone would murder for pleasure. When he learns that Hit, a bounty hunter, has a moral code, he laughs out loud. It is beyond him.

Jiren, on the other hand, wants to ask for the ultimate Shenron through the super dragon ball. He is determined to succeed at all costs, even if he has to temporarily disregard his convictions. This character keeps a serious and emotionless behavior in all scenarios. For example, he does not join the rest of the Pride troops in group poses. By nature, he is quiet and rarely speaks; however, when necessary, he will. He is also a thinker, with qualities such as bravery, dedication, focus and observation. He invests a significant amount of time learning about the environment so that he is well equipped in case of an emergency.


It is both active and passive. He intervenes when he feels an incident is necessary. His conduct during the tournament demonstrates this perfectly. He remains emotionless and waits for the majority of the event. But when Kale goes crazy and unleashes all his power in the arena, he doesn’t hesitate to act and calm it down. Even against Son Goku Ultra Instinct, he never seems afraid. He knows no fear. If he is caught off guard, he can be scared. When Son Goku Ultra Instinct trapped him in the time cage, this was clearly demonstrated.

However, Jiren is not technically the leader of the Pride Troopers. He follows the orders of his superiors, unless they ask him to act in a violent and disrespectful manner. This makes sense since he is remembered as outperforming his god of destruction Belmod.

When enemies show a high level of fighting ability, Jiren is very courteous. This is how Vegeta and Goku illustrate it. He recognizes their skills and has no problem expressing his respect for them. On the other hand, if the opponent he faces is inferior to his power, he will not show any form of respect. Even after Toppo decided to abandon his ideals to become the God of Destruction, Jiren clearly has no regard for him. He derisively mocks his superior by calling him pathetic.


There is one thing that stands out about Jiren: he is very proud of his abilities. He refuses support from his allies, even when things go wrong. He shares with Goku the fact that he doesn’t want an opponent to do less than 100% of his abilities. Jiren wants others to use their full potential, he even encourages them to do so. This way, he will have no problem facing them. His behavior and his words are somewhat pretentious, most probably because of the way he treats his opponent. After defeating Son Goku and destroying Hit, he simply decides to retire to meditate, believing that Universe 11 will probably win in the long run.

How do you explain this person’s personality? Jiren is strongly influenced by his traumatic childhood experiences. This has led to a sense of vanity and selfless good judgment. As a reminder, Jiren has lost many loved ones and has been the victim of betrayals. Therefore, it is logically difficult for him to trust anyone. Frieza strongly believes in justice in the whole cosmos, and he thinks that only strength and power are effective. He has an idealistic temperament; when C17 attacks him after being caught off guard, he takes it rather hard. He does not hesitate to express his hatred for his colleagues once all his teammates have arrived in the ring.

Jiren’s character is due to his lonely existence. Despite his concerns about his past traumas, Jiren follows the path of the vigilante to pursue his own goals. As he decides to work for justice, he does not offer any form of trust to his companions because he believes that it will backfire on him sooner or later. When two people can trust each other in a moment of distress, he will finally understand the power of trust towards the end of the battle between Goku and Freezer.


Despite all this indifference, Jiren is occasionally able to feel some inner happiness. This can be seen especially when an opponent like Goku develops an unmatched fighting skill. He smiles and respects his opponents on several occasions. On this occasion, we realize that Jiren cannot accept defeat, it would be a terrible blow for him. Therefore, he loses his composure and turns into a fury, especially against Freezer who exasperates him when he is down.

Jiren’s character could be characterized as the polar opposite of Goku’s. Kakarot appreciates his companions and allies, and he even learns from Krilin, who is considerably inferior to him. His buddies are the source of real development for him. Jiren’s pride and honor cause him to recognize the power of friendship when he is technically defeated in battle.

Jiren has a strong sense of chivalry. When Goku is afflicted with the side effects of Ultra Instinct, he is really slow to finish him off. It is Belmod’s arguments that convince him to remove Goku from the match. He also tells Goku that even if Universe 7 is destroyed, it will remain in his memories forever. One can assume that Jiren considers him as an equal because Goku is most probably his toughest opponent.

After his meeting with Goku and Freezer, Jiren smiles when Kakarot asks him for a revenge in the future. This little action certainly changed Jiren’s personality. Toppo informs him that he was able to let go of his past and started to bond unconsciously during the resurrection of the universes. He even accepts Toppo’s friendship in order to get his revenge on Universe 7. What will be the fate of this new confrontation? The future will tell us…




Jiren’s childhood was tragic. When he was still a young boy, he discovered his own parents killed in their house. Gicchin, who would become his kendo teacher, came to the rescue and took him in to help him progress and improve his skills. Jiren was also hunted by his other students, all young learners.

A few months later, the same assassin was at the Gicchin school and carried out a real massacre. The teacher and several students were murdered. The few survivors choose to flee and lead a normal life, hiding. Jiren remained alone, cut off from the rest of his group. He continues to train to become stronger because he has lost all hope. This event broke his faith. The others abandoned him, leaving him alone. The only thing he cared about was power. For him, strength is synonymous with justice. He lived a rather lonely existence until he met the Pride Troopers. Belmod, the god of destruction in his world, became interested in this promising fighter.

In the manga, Gicchin strongly encouraged Jiren to join the Pride Troopers. After his death, Jiren continued to grow stronger on his own. He didn’t realize that his teacher wanted to discover the strength of cohesion and collaboration. Nevertheless, he will do an excellent job as a defender, working for justice across the cosmos. In truth, he refuses to kill anyone.

Jiren’s power increases every year, and he becomes more and more powerful. According to reports, this amazing being has surpassed the god of destruction Belmod in strength. He is not too worried about it, but Toppo is considered the main challenger. Jiren’s main goal is to bring back Gicchin, his murdered mentor. The idea that Jiren would choose to resurrect the destroyed universes seems strange, since he is a defender of justice. He could have chosen, like C17, to restore the exterminated universes as well.

Jiren’s strength is that he is spoken of as a myth throughout the multiverse. He is spoken of as the “human who destroyed” a deity of catastrophe.


Jiren developed this incredible power by himself since he was a child.



Jiren makes his debut in the saga of the survival of the universe in this episode. He is accompanied by other Pride Troopers, including Captain Toppo, who serves as his second in command. Before starting the competition, Jiren meditates.

Goku, Kuririn and Gohan meet Jiren and Toppo in the tournament dimension. They are very aware of the importance of this royal fight. When Goku approaches Jiren, the latter teleports instantly to his back and asks him to lose. Our hero was not expecting this.

When Jiren correctly positions himself to avoid the paving stones that rebuild the arena, he makes an exceptionally strong first impression. This fighter appears mysterious and scary.



Rabanra is Jiren’s first opponent. He is only terrified by Jiren’s icy look. The Universe 11 fighter is content to wait.

Later, when Kale is unleashed on the rest of the arena, Jiren decides to get involved in order to calm her down. He defeats her in a single attack. Toppo and Jiren then withdraw from the fight to save their strength, waiting away from the fury of the fight.
Later, when Ribrianne released her love light all over the field, Jiren reversed one of the attacks and was about to stop the technique in its tracks. However, Vegeta was faster.


Belmod, the god of destruction, urges Jiren to finish Goku off. This is something that the fighter will be able to accomplish with ease. Even in blue super saiyan kaioken x10, Goku’s assaults are ineffective. Jiren neutralizes Goku’s super kamehameha with his ki alone. The hand-to-hand fight begins, and Jiren wins quickly by making Goku leave the arena. He doesn’t notice that Goku catches up at the last second.

Goku charges forward in Kaiken x20. Jiren assaults him with invisible blows. Even Vegeta couldn’t see them because they are so fast. Goku bets everything on a last attempt of Genkidama, convinced that he can overcome the time constraint of the operation. All of Universe 7, except Vegeta, offer him energy to help him in his effort. The process takes some time, and Jiren agrees to wait as long as necessary. To everyone’s surprise, Jiren reaches out to stop Goku’s attack, which he does easily thanks to his great experience against similar opponents before this confrontation (Frieza vs Universe 6, Universe 6 Battle Royal). Goku sends his troops to try to impose the Genkidama on his opponent, but they are all repulsed. Jiren simply looks at Sangoku and deflects the assault effortlessly. The energy returns to Goku and he explodes

When the smoke clears, Goku is nowhere to be found and everyone thinks he has been destroyed. However, this extra energy allowed Goku to reach the Ultra Instinct. He takes the opportunity to face Jiren again. The two warriors exchange blows. Having no way to really hurt himself, Goku dodges all Jiren’s attacks. Goku has not yet fully mastered the Ultra Instinct. Also, if you want to understand this metamorphosis in its entirety, we have a dedicated Ultra Instinct guide for you. Goku’s power stops, and Jiren takes the opportunity to deliver a Power Impact, ending the fight prematurely


The fight between Jiren and Hit takes place a few minutes later. He finds himself facing Hit, the greatest fighter of the Universe 6. The assassin is at first in enormous difficulty in front of Jiren’s power, and he doesn’t manage to discover a solution. Jiren openly hates him, and his overconfidence will lead him to be exposed as a result of this overconfidence. Because Hit has an incredible skill, he has the ability to play with time. Hit traps Jiren in a time ball and prevents him from moving freely. In order to free himself, Jiren has to make many efforts. Hit tries to keep him trapped in the cage as long as possible in order to eliminate him from the game. However, Jiren manages to break free of the trap and defeat Hit in a matter of minutes.

The four Pride Troopers, Dyspo and Toppo, the other two most powerful Pride Troopers come to confront Jiren in an attempt to remove all three of them to a safe location. Hit is swept away by Jiren’s explosion, leaving Goku in a poor state. He considers the game over and decides to meditate for the rest of the battle, confident that his teammates will easily defeat the other universes. As he wants to protect himself, he surrounds himself with a defensive barrier. Unfortunately, at this point in the battle, Universe 11 has a significant advantage over all the others.

Kefla’s energy causes his arm to tremble slightly when he meditates. This is not enough to interfere, however. At the end of the conflict, he moves his right eye when Kefla and Goku are in super saiyan. He finishes his meditation when the Ultra Instinct resurfaces in Goku. In the background with Dyspo and Toppo, he watches Universe 7 eliminate 2, 3, 4 and 6 respectively after ending 0.

Jiren is sure that the victory will be simple when the final confrontation between Universe 7 and 11 takes place.




Thanks to the Blue Evolution transformation, Vegeta will be able to exceed his limits in the tournament. Universe 7 begins with a numerical advantage in the fight. Jiren fights Goku’s Blue Super Saiyan at full strength. Soon after, Vegeta joins the fight. Jiren lets him attack without hurting him; he only retaliates when Vegeta insults him by declaring that he will get the Dragon Ball. The conflict continues and Vegeta is determined to overcome his limits in order to stand up to this powerful opponent.

After knocking Vegeta out, Jiren tells him to stay down. The conflict resumes between Goku and Jiren, with the use of new fighting techniques like landmines and instant teleportation. In a last ditch effort to defeat the Proud Warrior Race member, Goku uses Krilin’s discs to destroy his platform and send him out of the ring; but he fails.

Jiren resumes his attack, ignoring the mines in his path. He fights Kakarot for a long time, until he is overwhelmed by Jiren’s power and has to revert to his basic form. Jiren takes the opportunity to hit him several times before Vegeta comes back to fight him. The ultimate form of the blue super saiyan is the result of these two elements. The hue becomes slightly darker, similar to that of a sapphire. Goku gets back in the saddle after pulling Vegeta with Kaioken x20. The fight develops into a 2vs1 as Jiren sees that his enemies’ attacks are much more effective than before. However, Whis points out that the two saiyans are not cooperating and are engaged in separate conflicts.

Kefla has effortlessly acquired the martial arts from Goku and Vegeta. Toppo’s metamorphosis into a god of destruction will shorten the conflict.



Later on, Vegeta will fight Toppo, who has acquired an unequalled power in his new form. The Pride Trooper captain has unprecedented strength. Later, Vegeta will try to create another huge explosion like the one he made against Big Boo during his self-sacrifice for the Earth. Jiren fires all his energy at Toppo, demolishing part of the arena and dragging the captain to his certain death. After his fall, Jiren scolds Toppo for being so pathetic. He is disappointed that his captain has abandoned all his beliefs and ideals to follow this path. Vegeta’s power awakens Jiraiya’s anger and he starts to challenge him.

The champion of Universe 11 unleashes his hidden potential and deploys a strength never seen before. He is determined to defeat Goku, Vegeta, C17 and Freezer, who are his four opponents. Jiren assaults them with extremely powerful blows. C17 manages to surprise him for a fraction of a second.

Jiren defeats one by one his enemies. Vegeta is not able to transform anymore, and he violently attacks Jiren, taking many hard blows at each attempt. To give him the energy to get up even more, Vegeta visualizes his family. Jiren launches a flurry of attacks, but the Saiyan prince still gets up. When Jiren sees Vegeta’s last fight, he respects him a lot. Jiren feels that Vegeta’s last fight is great in his eyes, and he chooses to give him the final blow by pushing him off the stage. However, there is still hope as, just before he falls from the arena, Vegeta gathers all the energy he has left and delivers it to Goku in order to give him the strength to get up again. Because let’s not forget that Kakarot has been knocked out for several minutes and that he is unable to stand up on his own.


As C17 and Freezer are absent for a while, the survival of the universe now relies on Goku. The Saiyan gets up thanks to Vegeta’s power. He regains his blue Super Saiyan form. Jiren questions himself and asks Goku why his comrades trust him so much, to which he has no answer. The fight resumes, Goku fighting to put Jiren in danger. After a blow of exceptional strength from the Universe 11 champion, Goku is forced to return to normal mode. Disappointed, disappointed, saddened – I’m very unhappy now.

Jiren decides to burst Goku, but at the moment of the attack, this last one dodges thanks to the third passage of the Ultra Instinct. Kakarot manages to avoid Jiren’s attacks and starts to fight back. The fight is fierce, the arena is even more shattered, storms are unleashed in response.

Jiren returns to the main stage, his tail caught between two rocks. He has suffered considerable damage during the battle and is exhausted. Belmod orders him not to waste any more time, as it is essential that Goku is defeated. Jiren changes his power level and sends Goku flying out of the main arena. He hits the ground with a thud in a small isolated area below. From his height, Jiren rains down a barrage of assaults on Vegeta. A storm of quick blows descends on him, but Goku deflects it with a shield and suffers. Kakarot is trapped on the edge of a cliff and can’t even teleport away from this bad circumstance. Universe 11 rejoices because victory is now assured. Jiren, however, sees small sparks fly in the middle of the rain of blows. This indicates that Goku has taken the offensive and is returning the blows. The shockwaves are extremely powerful, and Goku sends a punch through the flame in an instant. Jiren’s stomach is hit and he flees to the main arena. A spectacular blue energy spreads across the length of the arena, signifying Goku’s power.

The Saiyan’s heat reaches its peak. For the first time, a sneer appears on Jiren’s face because of this. He prepares to strike back with all his strength and launches a devastating attack to end the fight. However, when Jiren’s terrible energy ball hits Goku, he melts on impact, catching the attack and smashing it to smithereens at the speed of light. Goku has completed his Ultra Instinct mastery. Jiren is hit several times. The fight resumes, and Goku has a significant advantage over his opponent. Although Jiren’s power is superior to that of a god of destruction, Goku fights in the angelic state, which is far superior. It is the latter that will allow him to win most of the time.

Goku is about to pull the last Kamehameha when Jiren, on the verge of defeat, counters with a Full-Nelson hold. However, holding the Ultra Instinct is too difficult, so Goku falls to the ground and suffers horrible side effects. Jiren is extremely courteous as he prepares to finish him off.



An attack from behind surprises Jiren as he is about to finish Goku. Freezer resurfaces, determined to defeat him once again. C17 appears soon after. Jiren has taken a beating in his fight against Goku and will have to watch out for these two new enemies.

Despite his numerical disadvantage, Jiren maintains that he cannot be defeated. Freezer points out that he is not as strong as he used to be and mocks his past exploits. This enrages Jiren, and the powerful fighter returns with a barrage of attacks. C17 manages to trap Jiren in a sphere of energy before detonating a very powerful explosion on him. Jiren falls to his knees, clearly defeated. Freezer continues towards him to execute him… The champion’s spirit seems broken, and he accepts his defeat. To finish him off, Freezer fires a death ray from the freezer. Toppo encourages Jiren by giving him the power to stand up and extinguish his fury once and for all. It is true that anger will wake Jiren up. A tremendous eruption of rage and fury allows him to free himself and unleash a powerful destructive force around him. C17 and Freezer try to resist this outpouring of Force energy, but they can’t hold him at bay for long.

Goku gets up and overcomes himself to help his two buddies once again. The fact that the Saiyan still has the ability to fight Jiren amuses him. He boosts his energy in order to eliminate all three of them with a single sweep. The energy barrier bursts, signaling the beginning of the ultimate fight.

Jiren sees a pair of Goku – Freezer approaching him. He goes straight towards them to fight them. In turn, the three fighters take numerous blows. Jiren is overwhelmed by the perfectly coordinated assaults of Goku and Freezer. The trust between the two characters of universe 7 gives birth to a hellish combination difficult to stop. C17 sends bursts of energy to help them.

Freezer can only move by crawling while Goku helps him to propel himself as fast as possible. The Universe 11 champion is knocked down, his trajectory getting dangerously close to the edge of the ring. He manages to deflect Freezer onto a platform on the edge of oblivion. Goku rushes to Freezer’s aid and pulls them towards the exit rather than letting them fall into the void. Once in the void, Freezer and Goku discover their strength again and put it to good use by blasting their energy to end this nonsense once and for all. Before things get out of hand, Jiren understands that confidence can be used as a weapon.

C17 is the only fighter left in the ring after all three fighters are beaten out of the ring. Jiren joins his division on the bench. The high priest determines that the universe was completely destroyed at 11 o’clock. Toppo thanks Jiren for his efforts. Before his destruction, Goku arrives to meet him and asks for a rematch in the future. Jiren smiles as he understands that there will be no end; Shenron’s wish will most likely be to rebuild the defeated worlds. Then, with Jiren and the whole of Universe 11, everything disappears forever.


Jiren disappears, as does the entire Universe 11.


Kefla’s defeat is seen as a betrayal by the people of C17, who believe that she has broken her vow to restore the broken universes as Zeno wanted. This restores Jiren as well as the entire Universe 11.

During their conversation, Toppo informs him that a bond of friendship and trust was formed between the two fighters during the tournament. Jiren is happy about this and announces that Universe 11 will win in the future against Universe 7.

So, for now, Jiren’s story ends. If there is a sequel, we might see him again very soon.


Jiren is without a doubt one of the most powerful mortals in any universe. We don’t know what kind of fighter the universes that didn’t participate in the battle royale are selling at this point. However, as we’ve already seen, Jiren has clearly surpassed the god of destruction in his universe. In all honesty, this is an incredibly unique event.

Jiren gained his power almost single-handedly. This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating aspects of this character, as even Goku needed many teachers to get where he is now. Jiren never lost a fight that was not part of the survival tournament. In order to hold the position of god of destruction in his reality, he refused the nomination.

Jiren, on the other hand, prefers to take a more defensive approach to combat. He likes to spend time analyzing his opponents. However, when a fighter gains strength, as is the case with Kale or Goku Ultra Instinct, Jiren steps in. He is direct and fast when he goes on the offensive; he uses many punches. This is usually enough to take down any opponent.

Jiren doesn’t need to fight against minor opponents, because he just needs his eyes. Jiren’s eyes strike with significant speed when he starts fighting a little more aggressively. He can also produce a lot of shockwaves, as he did against Goku Ultra Instinct. Finally, like any other God of Destruction, he can certainly charge energy bombs of unbelievable force.

Jiren is far superior to a god of destruction like Belmod. You can compare Belmod to other gods to determine if Jiren is superior to Beerus or any other deity. Jiren does not have the level to fight against Ultra Instinct, which is comparable to the fighting ability of an angel. Therefore, everything else pales in comparison, as everything is based on instinct, feelings and impulses.



Now it’s time to show off Jiren’s most devastating skills. Here are Jiren’s top ten fighting moves! ????

Kiai: Aiming to repel many targets, this technique sends a burst of energy. When Jiren uses it against Goku Blue, he is able to stop it effortlessly.

Power Impact: This is one of Jiren’s most common tactics. He shoots a reddish orange ball, similar to a fireball, this way. On impact, it appears to be small at first, but it grows larger as it burns. This method of combat was used by Jiren to end Kale’s rampage.

Counter-Impact: Jiren’s counter-attack, which he calls the “Twin Tailed Dragon Strikes of Dragon God”, is to block his opponent. He generates a sphere of ki at the same time and electrifies the prey before it explodes.

Colossal Cut: Jiren’s hands become energetic, and he combines the energy into a huge sphere of ki. He lifts it up and throws it at his opponent.

Overheated Magnetron: Jiren throws a storm of punches at his enemy. He then delivers a powerful concussion.

Omega Heat Magnetron: This is his ultimate energy wave, which he releases at the end of the tournament when he is in rage mode. Jiren spits out a fierce fire that burns with great intensity.

Energy Punch: Jiren gathers a red ki in his hands and charges it. He then unleashes a barrage of blows. This move is used to demolish Goku’s Kamehameha.

Flaming Magnetron: Jiren unleashes a veritable volcanic eruption, then charges his fist with tremendous power. The resulting explosion is simply terrifying.

Energy Barrier: Jiren uses his energy as a defensive screen. This attack gains in power at the end of the tournament, repelling many attacks from Goku, Vegeta and C17.

Infinity Rush: Jiren unleashes a hail of powerful punches on his opponent. While doing this technique, which seems to be motionless, Jiren actually releases many formidable shockwaves.



Now it’s story time, after a wonderful story on our ultimate guide list! Jiren is no exception to the rule. Here are seven stories about Jiren that can help you get to know him better! ????

  • There is some discrepancy in Jiren’s height in the anime. He seems to be about the same size as Toppo at times, but he is always smaller.
  • In the anime, Jiren pushes the Genkidama away in the same way as Little Boo at the end of Dragon Ball Z. Jiren, on the other hand, is the first one who can send it back. As a result, he is the third character to survive this assault, after Vegeta and Freezer. He is also the only one who waited until the Genkidama was ready to be launched. Before that moment, they all tried to stop it.
  • The first fight of Jiren and Goku in the anime is inspired by the one in Namek with Freezer.
  • Jiren is stronger than Goku and can defeat him even when he is in Kaio-Ken x20. He can only be defeated by the release of Ultra-Instinct, which Goku is unable to activate on demand.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, there is a link between the fights of Jiren and Vegeta and Cell. Indeed, the prince of the saiyans shoots a Final Flash and pushes his opponent forward in order to take him. However, compared to reality, Jiren seems to be defeated when he is not.
  • Jiren is the only Universe 11 fighter to have defeated an opponent in the tournament.
  • Jiren is the only Universe 6 and 7 fighter to have defeated more than one opponent, with a total of three eliminations. Jiren is less brilliant than the awesome turtle!


The end of this Jiren guide is here! We hope you enjoyed it! Jiren, the main character of Dragon Ball Super, has given us many memorable moments throughout the survival of the universe saga. From the beginning to the end, Jiren has been a strong personality full of surprises!

Jiren is one of the most powerful beings in all of creation, and he pulls it off. His strength surpasses that of a god, and he would have won easily without the Ultra Instinct. In all honesty, Jiren was the most powerful warrior in the tournament.

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