Top 25 True Theories – Dragon Ball Z


Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z has been entertaining people for decades. It has captivated audiences and fans since its inception with its fast-paced adventures. There are many anime that have been on the air longer than Dragon Ball Z, but this series has managed to break through to the general public and is adored by fans.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime franchises of all time, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Other notable series have come and gone, but there seems to be a bottomless pit of enthusiasm for Dragon Ball Z and the other sagas. Dragon Ball Z has found a way to keep fans interested, whether it’s through animation, movies, or the long list of video games that continue to be released.

While many of these series have been on television for many years, fans are becoming increasingly obsessed with finding ideas to revive the series. They also want to have a say in the story by suggesting new events that could be adopted by the creators.

This type of fan engagement often results in thriving fan communities on the Internet, where discussion and speculation abound. It’s fascinating when fans are so familiar with a series that their own predictions and preconceptions come true in the official story. It’s always exciting when a creator can collaborate with their audience to produce something new in a shared work.

With that said, here are the 25 Dragon Ball Z fan theories (that have been verified)!

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25. The Saiyans never needed to train


The Saiyans have long been a strong race that loves to fight and dominate. Despite their power, there were stories of a Super Saiyan who would lift his people up and harness unheard of abilities. Stories about Super Saiyans began to spread, and although it takes a tremendous amount of strength to achieve it, it seems that it is not as difficult as expected.

The essence of this power would not be derived from training. Super Saiyans training only begins when Goku decides to improve himself in order to fight the many villains that attack the Earth.

24. The androids were conscious in the body of Cell


Android 17 gives his energy to Goku’s spirit bomb against Majin Buu in the final episode of the series, remarking, “I haven’t heard that voice in a long time. “Many fans assumed that this was a mistake in the story since Android 17 never meets Goku during this time. However, when Goku and 17 are reunited in Dragon Ball Super, this mistake is quickly corrected.

After being absorbed by Cell, Android 17 claims that he could still hear everything that was going on outside and apparently see through Cell’s eyes. This sheds new light on how Cell’s absorption process works.

23. Goku is the only entity that prevents the Earth from being conquered


Goku is undoubtedly the hero of Dragon Ball Z, and it is not surprising that he has saved the Earth several times. On the other hand, Goku plays a much more important role in the defense of the planet than most people realize. If Goku had not been there to intervene, the Red Ribbon Army would have taken over the planet. Find out exactly how old Goku is now!

Furthermore, if Goku had not teleported Cell during his self-destructive attack, the Earth would have been destroyed. Not to mention that Goku’s strength was needed to take down Majin Buu. In short, if Goku had never existed, Raditz would never have invaded the Earth and Dr Gero would have no motivation to take revenge!

22. Saiyans have incredible mimicry skills!


Saiyans are known for their tenacity in battle and their transformation into powerful apes. On the other hand, Saiyans possess a number of skills that are not as apparent as some of their abilities. Saiyans are great mimics and learners, for example. In episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Saiyans can mimic the attacks of others with little training or knowledge. 

This is evidenced in Dragon Ball Z by Goku or Gohan taking on Krillin’s Kamehameha technique and Destructo disk, as well as Goten and Trunks’ eagerness to incorporate their friends’ talents. Goten and Trunks have a similar desire to learn new skills from their comrades.

21. Hybrid Saiyans are stronger than Pure Saiyans


It may seem at first glance that a pure-blooded Saiyan is more powerful than a Saiyajin with diluted bloodlines, but this is not the case. When human DNA is included in the calculation, it appears that Saiyans become even more powerful over time, like Gohan and Trunks who become stronger and stronger characters. 

In fact, once diluted, the blood seems to become more powerful. The Dragon Ball Z manga finally confirmed that the half-Saiyans are stronger because of their mixed human and dragon bloodlines, which many fans have long assumed.

20. Freezer was defeated by Goku because of his laziness and lack of training


Frieza’s base power may have been so powerful that he never needed to go down and up to get stronger, according to many fans. Of course, Freezer is still strong enough, but he doesn’t need to fight for it.

According to Dragon Ball Super, Freezer would definitely be able to defeat Goku if he worked harder and trained more. According to Dragon Ball Super, this is what happens when Freezer trains for the first time. In addition to increasing his strength, he unlocks a new form – Golden Frieza – in the process.

19. Goku can't combine his Super Saiyan and Kaio-Ken


When Goku approaches the Super Saiyan level, his Kaio-Ken attack suddenly dissipates. Fans began to wonder why the two abilities could not be used simultaneously due to their different methods of depleting and testing the body.

Finally, when the Kaio-Ken attack was resurrected for the first time in a long time, when it was used with Super Saiyan Blue, a cure for this problem was found. Read on to find out more!

18. Saiyan and Human share common DNA


Saiyans and humans are genetically related, it is well known. Given the apparent physical resemblance between Saiyans and humans, it makes perfect sense. It may seem insignificant at first, but when Saiyans have children with humans, their children do not have the traditional Saiyan tail. This implies that there is a relationship between their DNA.

Saiyans are primates that can transform into apes, which are an important part of the Saiyan race. It is not surprising that Saiyans can transmigrate into chimpanzees, since they have ancient relatives.

17. The films are all supposed to be out of series


The place of the Dragon Ball Z movies in relation to the series’ timeline is the subject of much debate. Since there are several gaps and it is sometimes difficult to determine when the films were made, fans continue to discuss this issue. TOEI has stated that the films were always intended to be considered creative one-shots, which is why even the early Dragon Ball films take strange paths.

This concept is supported by Dragon Ball Super, which incorporates the last two Dragon Ball Z movies into its first two arcs. This was done to connect them to the main story.

16. Krilin is the strongest human


The debate over who is the best human in Dragon Ball Z continues, with fans favoring Great Turtle, Krillin and Ten Shin Han. As a police officer, Krillin leads a more typical training existence than Ten Shin Han.

Ten Shin Han was supposed to be superior to Krillin in the anime at one point, but by the time Dragon Ball Z comes to an end, Krillin is slightly more powerful. Being dubbed the greatest of all humans, this character gets even better in the Tournament of Power. This individual has also been the focus of several episodes as a major or secondary antagonist.

15. Android 16 was designed with Dr. Gero's son as a model


Android 16 is the most unusual version of Android to date. Unlike its bloodthirsty robot relatives, this peaceful device takes a more pacifist attitude. However, the circumstances surrounding the creation of Android 16 may be related to its passivity.

In an interview with The Verge, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama revealed that Dr. Gero had a son who died serving in the Red Ribbon Army. It is likely that Dr. Gero tried to give his child a second chance by creating Android 16. This also explains why Android 16 has a kinder and more peaceful behavior than other Androids.