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Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime based on the manga Dragon Ball by Akira TORIYAMA that follows the story of Son Goku, a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta who was sent to destroy the Earth (at least before Dragon Ball Super: Broly) but instead saves it with his supernatural abilities. In this world filled with aggressive energy assaults and frightening metamorphoses, there are hundreds of fighting techniques that warriors can learn to use to their advantage in battle. However, some of them do exactly the opposite. Therefore, we have created for you a list of the 5 most useful techniques in Dragon Ball Z fights!

Note*: This article will only cover the techniques used in Dragon Ball Z (including the movies and non-series episodes), as there are so many of them in the series. The methods used in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super will be examined soon, especially because most of the processes in the precursor to Dragon Ball Z might turn out to be a rather esoteric specialty… Let’s go!

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The most effective attacks in combat in Dragon Ball Z, in this descending order, are :

5) Body Change


Captain Ginyu’s Supermove is his signature, which he used against Goku on Namek. It allowed him to pretend to be a Saiyan warrior for a moment in order to deceive and confuse his allies.

This technique has several advantages, the main one being that it gives Ginyu the possibility to use the powers of those he swaps his body with. What makes this method so powerful is that he takes the strength of the person he clones, even if he is less powerful! Not to mention that his wounds are not transmitted from one body to another, so his regeneration is unlimited.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it forces him to shout “CHANGE” Therefore, trying to take an opponent by surprise with this technique is useless, especially if you play Xenoverse 2!

4) Destructo Disc


Krillin gets a lot of flak for his many defeats, but he deserves credit for developing one of the most versatile assaults in the series. Krillin’s Destructo Disc would have killed Nappa if Vegeta hadn’t warned him, and he would have sliced through Freezer’s tail like butter without Vegeta’s warning.

The Destructo disc has also been used by several characters in similar ways: Vegeta sliced Meta-Cooler’s arm with it, and Android 18 used the disc to separate Goten and Trunks when they were disguised as Mighty Mask. Goku also used this attack to cut Super Buu in half, preventing him from assassinating Gohan. Although it never ended a fight, the Destructo Disc gave skilled fighters a chance to fight against superior opponents.

3) Kaio-Ken


The Kaio-ken was one of Goku’s best weapons before his Super Saiyan abilities were awakened. The Kaio-ken was a force and sense multiplier, and Goku frequently used it in bursts against opponents who surpassed him. In their first fight, the Kaio-ken allowed Goku to destroy Vegeta’s Galick Gun with his Kamehameha, and gave him the speed to stop Nappa from hurting Krillin and Gohan while they were in mid-air. Check out our complete guide to Sangoku’s best techniques!

King Kai can teach this technique to anyone, even if it’s the first time someone has used it. The major drawback is that this art has a rapid impact on the user’s body, and some people believe that its use caused Goku’s heart disease.

2) Energy Shield


Android 17 used this technique in Dragon Ball Z, although the term varies depending on the user and their color. Android 17’s barrier protected him from Piccolo’s Hellzone grenade, and Future Gohan’s barrier protected the Saiyan from an Android ki assault.

In the episode “The End of Vegeta”, Prince Vegeta uses a barrier to defend himself from a military attack, and in the episode “The End of Buu”, Majin Buu generates one to protect himself from a martial assault. This technique can be used without putting pressure on the user, and the barrier is extremely resistant to energy-based missiles. No technology in the DBZ universe can break this barrier unless Goku is involved!

1) Teleportation


Several Dragon Ball Z characters, such as Cell, Meta-Cooler and Kid Buu, have added this amazing power to their arsenal. What makes it so useful is that all the user has to do is lock onto a wave of energy signature for a journey of several thousand miles in a matter of seconds. The instantaneous movement can be used to execute deadly and disorienting assaults, such as Goku’s teleportation Kamehameha.

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